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MSN files - where are they stored?

OK, I've looked a number of times and I just can't find out where MSN stores files such as emoticons and people's display pictures. I use Windows Live Messenger BETA, so that's specifically what I'm talking about.

I've found this folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Temp\MessengerCache
But all it contains is random and useless files, they don't even seem to be any particular type of file.

There is also:
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Messenger
But this doesn't contain anything useful either.

Anyone know?
Get a free app, like display picture stealer or something, google em. Messenger Plus should have those features. Mess patch ( is great tool for removing ads//links and other annoying freatures of the new msn.
Cheers, hope I helped a bit
I think the emoticons are hard-coded into the .exe file or the .dlls, so there's no way for you to use them but to hack the exe.

For the people's display pictures, I think they're stored in the MessengerCache folder, but encrypted, and not acessible... But there a lot of tools that you can use to save them in your computer, as Jaan said.
Hi guys,

Thanks for the info so far, I've downloaded Messenger Plus, but it doesn't have a "save display picture" option anywhere - although it is very good, and I love it's extra features. I'd like to download a display pic stealer, however the 1 I first tried had a virus so I never ran it fully. Got a link to a safe, working one?

@ Ikthar: I thought as much, the odd files in there had referrences to image file types just after the very start (or the ones I looked in did). And I thought they might be to do with display pictures.

Also, the custom emoticons can't be hardcoded, though. So they must be stored somewhere. Musn't they?
I figured out your problem (I think Wink)
Norton Antivirus has classified this addon as a Trojan and if you have NAV installed you will get a virus alert. We do however have all reason to believe this is not the case. Sherv, the programmer himself told us: 'There is 200% no trojan in CE/DP Stealer 1.4.5, there is no msbb.exe or any DLL by that name, there is no adware, absolutely NOTHING but the program'.

Possible 'explanations' for Norton's classification:
- Exploitation of privcay: its a tool that can steal private images of anyone (and his or her contacts) using a particular computer for MSN Messenger.
- Malicious: It reads information cached by MSN Messenger and allows you to save that data which might be against Microsoft Terms of Use.
- Copyright violation: a display picture is created by an individual. Stealing it might breach the copyright.


Is this the one that you tried? I would try it again, disabling Norton Antivirus if you have it. If you haven't, I reckon it's safe, as I trust, never gotten a virus from them.
Homepage of DP stealer:
Cheers, hope its fixed now.
ninjakannon wrote:
Also, the custom emoticons can't be hardcoded, though. So they must be stored somewhere. Musn't they?

Yes, they can. Small image files can be stored inside exes or dlls, so they're not avaliable to copy. You can use this software to see the contents of a exe file.
The ability to 'steal' display pics of contacts was actually a feature in the first beta version of Live Messenger..not sure why it was removed as I really liked it.
Maybe it is against copyright :X

If you use trillian it saves the other guy's display picture, just FYI.
sceptileex wrote:
Maybe it is against copyright :X

Why would it be against copyright copy an friend's image? Did he create a patent on it?
Ikthar wrote:
sceptileex wrote:
Maybe it is against copyright :X

Why would it be against copyright copy an friend's image? Did he create a patent on it?

It wouldn't be for a reason of copyrighting. Think about it, they have the file sharing options.. which people do use to break the law by sharing illegal files / copyrighted files to each other.

Thanks for your help guys, as I said I downloaded Messenger Plus! Live. But I said that it didn't work. Well, I've downloaded a script that lets me save people's display pictures. Which was the main goal of this. There are also a load of other things you can do. Messenger Plus! Live is pretty darn good actually Razz.
there's a script for this? does it save the display picture at hi resolution?
sbel wrote:
there's a script for this? does it save the display picture at hi resolution?

yeah there is, I type in "/dpget email[at]" and it downloads the display picture into the folder that I've set. I can't remember what script this is but you'll soon find it in the scripts database.
Unfortunatly you get the display picture at merly the same size as the display picture in the msn conversation window, but it's not a bad feature.
Try this tool :
It lets you see what is in your messenger cache , you can also see files from other profiles if you have access to them.

hmmm you know i never really thought about where the MSN files, were stored.
Thanks or the tip Cool
I think i have found the thing....
first all files are stored in %Temp%\MessengerCache

They appear like this: +Wx2FC1j3F0LLhSMnX48NLpUjy8E=

What you gotta do is add a .png at the end of each file.
if there are like 1000 this could take a time
So you could open CMD in that folder (Shift + right click -> Open command window here)
And type
Rename *= *.png
notice that there could be .gifs and winks for opening gifs change their extension from .png to .gif
And for winks change the extension from .png to .rar open it with WinRar (Wizip doesnt work)
And extract the SWF (The swf is the wink)

For the BETA Msn the images are in the %temp% folder as .tmp files.... it is hard to find where are them (sometimes)

BTw the default smileys, winks, themes, badges, THEY Are not in the EXE, thay can be found at
%homepath*\Appdata\local\microsoft\messenger\<-uhhh your email here\objectstore

They are stored as .png .DT2 and .ID2 Files.....

I have no idea how to open id2 files lol... it must be hard anyway, if you want to extract em
open .DT2 files with an image viewer and will work
(for winks open .dt2 files with winrar)

Good luck i guess

im trying to add a wink to the damn msn but I dont understand those ID2 Files i need the secret! (and dt2 files too )

PD: i love rio Very Happy
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