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Need to do something sniffy -Use internet through bluetooth.

Just a question that occured...

If a person has a bluetooth enabled laptop, and has cable internet connection at home, so can that person, by any means, get a Bluetooth USB stick for PCs, hook it up into his Desktop PC, and use a software that u ppl know to share that connection on Bluetooth. THen use the Laptop to surf on that connection.

A Nifty thought, but would be cool if it works. If you know how to, please let me know ASAP.

Warm Regards,
I do not think it would work.

Just get a wireless router or get a wireless card for your computer and create an ad-hoc with the laptop's wireless.
I know that the first thought would be a no, but any tech GEEK please look into this matter and tell me that why cant we broadcast an internet connection through or on Bluetooth. I just dont understand that when bluetooth is able to transfer energy, just like Infrared, but a bit too powerfully than IR, then if we have phones that allow u to connect to the internet and share that connection on ur pc via IR, then y cant the same be through Bluetooth.

Dunno but seems that there is a possibility, hidden somewhere in someones brain, but needs some force to get itself intiatiated. Wink

Warm Regards,
Hey you!

I'm maybe a little geeky... but it IS possible... you just have to establish a ppp connection from the mobile user to the desktop, and then use the desktops lan connection to the internet.

What operating system are you using? Maybe it's the easiest way using linux, but you should also be able to do this using microshit software...
Thanx Marioflory
Well, I just wanna know if I have a laptop with just a Bluetooth capability, running the Micro"Shit"'s Xp SP2, and a desktop PC running the same OS with a Bluetooth stick at its USB, then how can I connect them up successfully to ensure that I get full speed.

I am a novice in making wireless connections from laptop to PCS, and have no idea how to share the LAN connection I have at home.

Detail and step by step instructions would really be helpfull..

Anticipating a prompt reponse regarding this matter.

Warm Regards,
Abdul Basit
plug everything in, restart (for LAN).
for bluetooth: speed sux bawls, don't even think about using internet.
I have never heard of an internet connection running through bluetooth. I am assuming because even if you could, you probably wouldn't want to because BT has low speed and very limited range by design.
I can guarantee that it is possible to configure a bluetooth connection that way, but I can also guarantee you that you would be VERY disappointed with the results.

Bluetooth operates on very slow speeds, and not a very stable connection.. it would crawl because of the speed and having to resend packets, etc. it would just be unusable.

It's fairly cheap these days to set up a wifi connection.. you could get a wireless wouter and network adapter for less than $50 total and have MUCH better results.

Good luck!
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