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me and writing

Well my teacher at school said I have a way with words and could get good at writing. one time I got bored at night and wrote about a game of CTF I played with my friends a few nights ago. I was wondering if I can get some feedback on it. Here it is:

So I got together with a few friends, filled a building with smoke and played some wicked sick CTF, Ill give you the 3 biggest highlights:

some quick background: here is the floorplan of the building done in paint

the 2 messed up lines - are the dividers between sides
FFA zone - anyone can capture anyone in that zone
Also the building is filled with fog for good measure and there is a team called the Assasians which can grab anyone and send them to jail

Pre-game - I get excited as the tention is finally rising. But then as soon as the locations of each teams base is, horror strikens my face. I look as the commander for the yellow team is behind me, sitting in the same section as I am. I hope for a miracle, mainly due to the poor design of the rear base. As the teams are being split, the ref looks at each side to see how evenly the teams are divided. I look and see that the red team is full of girls, I get a smile. As he states for all the men of each team to raise there hands, there are about 4 on our opponents side. He calls for my group to join in conquest with the Red team. I gladly stand up and walk over to the other side, and shunned by the yellow team. Little did the yellow team realize, I was going to be one of there biggest problem.

1st round - As I start the match, I get 2 teams of 4 people to help me in a conquest to get the flag. we take a somewhat easy plan and it gets all messed up. As my team starts to move down the right side of the FFA zone, my friend on the other team charges out at us and we all get split up. I make it back safely to my teams side on the second floor lower side. As I do, a group of girls from the other side start to camp me on the line, as they start to head to the FFA zone I dart right behind there back, hoping not to get stoped by anyone ahead. I make it past and into the red spot marked 'Very Important'. As I tuck in that little corner, I wait for my time to strike. Shortly after I rest there to catch my breath, one of my teammates who ggot lost in the scatter found me. we wait. Soon after I hear voices. next thing I know I find the same group of girls after me again. as they go to grab my armband flag thing, I jerk it aside and run down that set of stairs. Waiting for me at the bottom is the other teams flag. When I grab it, I hear "Hey give that back!" with not knowing what is iin front of me I make a charge! He attempts to rip off my armband but only part of it falls off. as I dash through the fog down the lower hall I think, should I run faster to not get caught or slow down so I dont run somebody over from the opponents team and kill myself. I take the chance and run faster. As I narrowly cross the line back onto my side, I raise there flag high in the air and yell, "Enemy Flag Captured!" My friend, that was after me earlier, looked at me from the bridge that our jail is on and said "Come On!" I was victorious! I prevaled. but that was just round 1.

Round 4 - Skipping ahead a little, not much happened in the other 2 rounds. Its 2-1 with us having 1 (From me). I decide to stay back and help with the defence. at this point we have swapped sides and are about halfway through the round. I decide to take a post upstairs (see 'Also important' for spot). I see 3 people coming, the girl I used to like, her friend and her little brother. as I get tied up in a crisis of the girls running off and her brother trying to battle it out with me. I let him off the hook as he darts back towards his side. as they come back my way again, my attention suddenly turns to the sound over the intercom. The sound coming from the intercom said "Red flag taken!" I realized that my flag has been taken and I am going to be stuck getting it back. Suddenly from behind me I hear the noise of a door opening. As I turn around I see my friend from earlier that scattered my group. But this time its diffrent, hes holding our flag. As I jump to the left to dodge him, I grab hold of him and rip off his armband and grab the flag from his hand. As Im running back with my flag and its almost sucessful capturer by my side, a sigh of relif falls amongst my team and the defence. In the end, our team ends up winning round 4 forcing a round 5.

Pre Round 5 Meeting and Recap - As our team leader gives us a little a little pep-talk, one of the refs comes to tell us that due to a shortage of players on the opposing team, we (me and my squadren) are called over there to help them in our final conquest. I look back at him with a crazed look and reluctently say yes (like we really had a choice). As we move our group over to the other side, a loud eruption of cheering pours out from the side, greatful for our re-joining to their group.

Round 5 - It was the final hour, it was either Do or Die. I look to my friends with a look of triumph. I felt anxious as the voice over the intercom started the countdown. 5, I feel my heart racing. 4, I start walking. 3, I am ready to go. 2, I start to sprint. 1, I start off. GO, I get in a full on sprint down the hall. A large group of us just storm down the hallway, not caring where they are. I hear "yellow flag taken" over the intercom. I dont care, im after that red flag. As we make it to the back, a friend grabs the flag. As we are headed back down the long hallway, I see our flag go by. I just keep running, guarding our flag bearer. As we are dashing down the large hallway, 2 players from the other team leap out at the flag bearer in our territory, ripping off his armband. As he makes it back with their flag in hand to our flag area, the ref asks "where is your armband?" the 8 of us there say back there about 10 feet. We were victorious! We had triumphed over my former team mates and showed the flaws in there plans!

After the game - I talked with my leader for the final round about the first round. I ask, "There were only 4 people on me when I captured your flag, what's up with that?" He tells me about how his defence was penetrated by the assasians, who reduced his defence of 12 people down to 2. I say with sarcazim in my voice "so thats why it was so hard to get the flag."

And that was my night in a nutshell
wow, amazing, u create your own games,
thats nice!
keep it up
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