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Web Design Contract

Does anyone know how does a web design contract look like? I need an example. Does anyone know where can I find one?

Thank you.
i don't know how it looks like but google some keywords like web template and find the companies that design and ask for a special made template or design and the contract will be given to you if there's any.
I think I saw some in a while back, perhaps try there.
Hey there,

When I write up a contract I make sure that it covers a few things....but the design can be whatever you'd like.

Just make sure it covers.

An estimated cost of the site design
What the estimate covers
The payment due date
What happens if the site doesn't work
Penalties for nonperformance
Performance Milestones

Hope this helps.....I haven't defined any of this, but if you want to know....just add to the post or message me.

Before designing any sort of contract, you sohuld definatly meet with your client atleast three times. You'll want to get a feel for:
  • What the client needs, does he need a phot gallery? How about a web cam?
  • Make sure that you discuss color combinations. it is a death wish to assume that you know what they need, and if they portray sometihng like "Well, we'll go with what you think" as their personality, don't let it happen. They're acting like that now, but 20 hours later, and they see their bill... that attitude will change. TRUST ME.
  • Gather all the information you possably can about the business/person, most people will try to tell you everytihng about their trade or company, but truth be told, most people forget a few crucial points.
  • Check in as things are progressing, don't work for a month and then as to see your client, get their e-mail and phone, and call them every week, and show them how your advancing.

Assuming you know this, let me get into how I price and represent my freelance contracts.

I enjoy spelling out my contracts to the clients, because they might think they're getting jipped... webdesign costs a bundle to do, and anytihng done on a showstring generally looks like crap. When I publish a layout for a client, my hours range from 35-40 hours spent ont he project total. So, I charge 23 dollars per hour, and I show them the low side (30 hours) and then the high side (50 hours) and say, "this is the possable fluctuation for my time sheet." Their eyes generally bulge to see the 700-1,100 dollar be the first thing on the list, so I usually save that one for last Wink

I also want to estimate what the cost of my materials is going to be... am I going to need to buy a book to increase my knowldge of a language? if so, I need to add in the likly price of that book. Do I need to comission another artist to create a logo for me, if I cannot handle the work load? Things like this cause massive fluctuation for any freelance client, so consider these carefully, and remember- it is better to overestimat,e and be able to take 200 dollars off the price at the end, then to under estimate, and end up comming out short.

I also like to give my clients a small packet of web hosts who offer various services, for various prices. We go over the pros and cons of each host, and choose one. Make sure to include the price of hosting, and domain registration, and any other odd fees into your final price. Hosting ain't free. (Or, good hosting. And Frihost is definatly close to free, but posting on the forums is kind of like paying them I think, because I get really good performance on the server, generally).

After all of these calculations are compiled into the calculation, things can get a bit crazy, so always ask for 1/2 of the total comission BEFORE WORK BEGINS. my average website costs 4,000 dollars, and NO ONE is going to pull out when they've already spent 2 grand on you. no one. Unless they do, but hey, that's fine for you, your 2 grand richer, and you didn't even ahve to make a website! Woo!

Also, try your best to increase the price slightly at the beginning, notihng pleases a client more than to hear "well, I've gone over the costs and fees, and it looks like we can lower your final price by a couple hundred dollars!"

Also, depending on if you use Dreamweaver or not, I find wordpad and such to be just a horrid way to work, if I didn't have Dreamweaver 8, I would charge a hightened hourly rate for each hour i spent coding and not designing, etc. Code is my nemesis >Neutral

Hope that helps!

PS: Apologies for the typos, I had to go fast!, Yikes![/list]
This is basically what you need
- estimated cost of the site design
- estimate particulars
- The payment due date (very important you may choose to use installments, thats what i do.)
- Penalties for any breach of contracts
- Ownership details

and your details of course
I have no idea... but I'm wondering why you need one...
Thanks for all the information about how u guys go about it. You guys manage your stuffs so much better than i do. I love to work but i am a bad manager. My estimates are usually not accurate and the worst thing i come on the worse part of it all the time. The problem is developing websites is not well paid in my part of the world. This is because some jerks did the development work for shit price and obviously their work was poor.
Now the clients demand better work with the same price. Anyways, the way i do my work is i get the requirements from them on what they want. This will basically consist of my idea on how the client wants the side. The level of graphics involved, the number of static pages, how much programming is required and all those stuff and i charge them on lumpsum. This is because people in my place wont understand if i break up the cost and tell them about all the technical stuffs.
I get my money at the end which is a bad thing i know.
If you're looking for a good example of a web design contract I would check this one out at Wilson Web. It pretty much covers everything and he also has some worksheets you might want to look at.

Hope this helps!

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