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Looking for anyone living in Pakistan

Hi Frihosters,
I am from Pakistani origin and living in Belgium.
A big problem for our youngsters is that we don't get any news from "local" Pakistan.
What I want to say is news like:
- A new sportsclub opened in Lahore
- Pictures taken in the main streets of Karachi
- People telling their story about a new restaurant they went to in Islamabad
You get the picture I think. Not the national or international news but just personal findings.

I am looking for such persons who can send me such stories, pictures,... so I can post them on our forum.
BTW my site is about our cricket club in Belgium (Crescent Cricket Club) plus much more info in our forum.
Are their any people who are willing to share their city stories and pictures with us ? All credits will be given on our site.

Please PM me if you are interested. Any other advise is most welcome.

I was long searching for a person from pakistan dude, and finally found one. Well, I live in Dubai, so wont be able to give u pics bout restaurants in Islamabad, but cricket info is in what i may help.

So... hows ur club going. Yaar cricketing in Belgium would be nothing compared to people in Karachi or even here in dubai. Man you ppl would treat a person bowling at 60mph as a good fast bowler I think Wink , but yaar here we have so many of them, its difficult to choose the best.

Nyways, what do u do in cricket, bat, ball or and A/Rounder ? Saw the PakEng match series, how did u feel about it ?
Temme yaar I need to chat with ppl from pakistan.

Hoping to hear from you.
Warm Regards,

P.S- Did you check out the amount of rain in Hyderabad, ppl oer there are literally crying. Its been 9 days that they are bearing 2 foot water at their homes and roads. All Water Related Diseases spreading, dunno wats gonna happen to them.
Salaam Basit,
Well we had a tough season as we promoted to the first division winning all our league matches in second.
BUT this year was true horror. We lost all our matches and are relegating.
So 2007 we are back in second division.
But we have one strong advantage. We are the youngest team in Belgium so we have to mature and gain more experience and inshallah we will play in first div soon.
I am the captain of the side and play at a one down position.
What about yourself ?
I hear you love cricket so hey why don't you share some with me.
All credits will be given to you.
If you want you can introduce yourself on our forum and we can start from there.

Nice meeting you and I hope we can build up a long term relationship


I play 2 down and a middle over Medium Pacer. Its my habit of telling the Upmire as Left Arm Over, Slow Fast.

So what type of info do u need on cricket. Lemme know n i will try ma best to let u know.
What do u actually think about yesterday's India Aus ODI, do u think India really is a "BAKWAS" team, or is it that once again the rain spoilt the day, and the pitch along with it ? Wink .

Warm Regards,
Well all posts about cricket are welcome.
I am looking for someone who can post regularly on our forum or maybe share video (latest matches) with us.
But frankly everything is welcome.

About the India v Australia game Laughing India really was saved by the weather.
I really don't like the Indian team. I like teams with a really fast bowler in it. Like Australia and Pakistan and the old West Indies team (with Ambrose and Walsh)
I am a big fan of real quicks: Marshall, Ambrose, Waqar, Akram, Shoaib,Brett Lee,...

Hey tell me how you are planning to share cricket info with us on our site
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