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Logo redesign - $300 frih!

Heres the deal, I currently have a logo.

if the above image doesn't work, you can see the image here:

But I feel that its time for a change. Im offering $200 frih to the redesign that I like. Please stay with the same style; I still want a general volcano over text. Be creative. Please read the rules.


1 - The entry should be completely original
2 - The entry has to be submitted as a jpg or png
3 - If there is no entry that catches my eye, I reserve the right to not choose a winning selection
4 - All decisions by me are final.

If you win....
1 - If you win, you have to submit the logo as a psd or xcf document before receiving payment
2 - By accepting payment and transferring the source file to me, you will be transferring your copyright to me.
3 - In the final psd, please have the background as white on a seperate layer from the logo itself.

This contest will last until I have chosen an entry or I decide to end it.

If you submit a winning entry by 9-19-06, I will add a bonus of $100 to the payment.

It's a quick and easy way to earn a lot of frih$
Good luck!
Does the background of the banner has to be white or I can change it to any other colour?
Please tell me as soon as possible I might give it a try
white would be best. I just need a logo not a graphics banner. Thanks.

I'll give you 20$ just for trying.

First person to submit a logo gets $20
the next 4 will get an automatic $10
I would like to give it a try but i get a broken link! Exclamation
Is is just me Question
I would definitely do this if I could see the original image. There is in fact a broken link but if you fixed that then I'd be happy to create a great logo in vector within Photoshop for only 25 frih dollars. If you don't know having it in vector means it can be scaled to any size and things like colors gradients etcetera can easily be changing layer blending options. I may have found a picture of the logo actually on your sites home page and was wondering if that was the logo you want redesigned.

Does anyone else know if this tade is done, I don't want to check here for nothing.
I will be home and design one in a few hours. Please do not decide on a winner until then Smile

Edit: Just checked and this is like 2 weeks old. Still in need of a logo or no?

I imagine that this is the logo that he wants redesigning, as the links to a site with this logo.

So, I suppose let the games begin Very Happy
yep I still need a logo.

And the offer of
First person to submit a logo gets $20
the next 4 will get an automatic $10
still stands.

And thanks Manofgames, that is the old logo, I'm not sure why it's broken in the first post, but I'll try to fix it. But the link on the bottom still works.
Here is a quick logo that I put together. Hope you like it. I also live in Columbus OH. It is nice to see some local Frihosters.

Alright, finished with my entry Smile

A few notes:
  1. It is of the same deminsions as your previous logo.
  2. It is of a much lesser file size then your previous logo.
  3. It uses the same exact fade used in your own logo, and will blend in seamlessly.
  4. I rarely use photoshop, but I can give you the RealDRAW project file for the graphic.
  5. It is PNG, I will gladly convert it into JPG if it would better suit you for whatever reason.
  6. It is 24 bit, not lame 256 colors.
Hope you enjoy Smile
edit: cant do this now
Thanks for the submissions

Handyman - I'm sending you the $20 for being the first to enter right now
ArthurBenevicci - I'm sending you the $10 for being the first of the next four to enter.

This is contest is still in progress.
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