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Page generation time?

I run a wordpress blog hosted on frihost, on my own domain. Lately I've been concerned with the page generation time my institute has 2.5kBps internet access, so it's slow. The php page generation time for me pins it at 125 seconds. But someone else with broadband claims it's 20 seconds. Can someone tell me if it's speed dependent or host dependant. Because if it takes 125 seconds to generate at peak hours, then it'll be bit of a problem.

If someone with a high speed connection can check it out, the page generation time is set to be printed at the bottom.

the url is:
It takes ~10 seconds for me.

"32 queries. 1.5386 seconds." <-- That's the time the server takes to generate it.

The page and all its contents are 300-400KB and that's why the loading takes so long. You should make it much less and try to keep it under 100KB.

It's mostly the images and the javascript files like prototype.php (55KB) taking much space.
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