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What computer did you start with

Tell us about your first computer.
Only if you tell me about yours Wink


My first computer would have been a Zenith2000, Orange and Black Screen accepting the 5 1/2 inch Hard Disks.

I could play FractionMaster and text RPG's, Poker, and a few other very simple things.

As well as type.. and a big old keyboard that went CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK.

Ahh good times.
My first computer was a Commodore C64 with Floppy1541 *g
I will never forget how hard it was finding out what "formatting a floppy-disc" is and how to do that Very Happy
Two years ago I drove by a bunch of bulky waste and from the eyes corner I spotted a unique grey plastic-housing.
I stopped immediatly and now I'm a proud owner of a Commodore C128 with two Floppies1542.
It's still working and I enjoy a blue screen:
My first computer was a IBM PS/2 with a 486 DX2 running at 50mhz. I couldn't find a picture of it on the internet so your just have to guess what it looks like.
My first computer was a Pentium 120 MHz computer with 1 GB hard disk and 16 MB RAM, running Windows 95! Got a 14" colour CRT monitor too, along with an Epson dot matrix printer. Got it in 1997.

Upgraded to 8 GB after a couple of years, and in 2002, bought a new computer, Pentium IV 2 GHz, with 256 MB RAM and 40 GB hard disk. The hard disk conked out after a couple of years, and was replaced with another 40 GB hard disk.

That was when I was in India, and was bought with my parents' money.

The first computer I got with my own salary was a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop with a 1.73 GHz Pentium M processor, 1 GB RAM and 60 GB hard disk. That was in October 2005, when I was close to wrapping up my Masters.

After shifting to a full time job, I bought a desktop computer too, in February 2006. A Pentium IV HT enabled 3 GHz, 1 GB RAM and 160 GB hard disk. Now, got a bit too many computers in my bedroom Very Happy
I've evolved into around 3 "Main" machines that I would use all the time for my daily computing.

The first computer that I started out with was a really old Dell Latitude CP laptop, running on a Pentium 166MHz processor that had Windows 2000 Professional loaded on the hard drive (I'm sure it had a CD-ROM drive too). This was around the year 1999. I got this from my uncle and I have no idea to this day on how the system was able to perform on that setup since Windows 2000 loads godly slow on a Pentium 2 computer, from what I learned. I somehow found my way into the "System", "System 32", and "Windows" files and started to delete the files that I thought were "junk", thinking I was "taking out the trash". After turning it off that night, and starting the computer up the next morning, it was dead. Windows wouldn't start up. Not knowing anything about computers at the time, I gave it to someone who had PC knowledge and reformatted the hard drive, and kept it. Oh well. It had a modem with it but the dongle cable was tore up, so I was never able to get online with it.

After learning my big mistake with that laptop, I got a Dell OptiPlex GX110 machine around the year 2000 (when it was almost new, although I got it used) that had a Pentium 3 @ 667MHz processor, 128MB of RAM, a 7GB hard drive, and with a cable internet connection. This is my first internet PC and used it until the year 2003, where I finally declared that I needed a new PC since I was running out of room fast, since I was running a website at the time. I got the PC that's listed below.

For Christmas in 2003, my dad gave me this PC that I'm working on right now, a Dell OptiPlex GX240. I've done numerous upgrades to it, I think I spent more money in upgrades than what the PC was worth when it was new. I've upgraded most everything inside the PC - the specs were very low before - now it's a Pentium 4 @ 2.4GHz CPU, it has 768MB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, and a DVD burner.

- Mike.
My first ever was a spectrum... my first ever proper pc was a 333 mhz with a voodoo 1 and 128mb of ram... it was considered a good pc back then Smile

Not bad also is that I built it myself without any pc knowledge atall to begin with, I just bought all the bits from my friend and figured the rest out by trial and error.... lots of error Smile

Without that pc I would not be where I am today.
In order oldest 2 current.
Spectrum 48k (rubber key) with no tape drive Razz
then an atari ST 1024K
Amiga 1200
Packard Bell 486SX cant remeber the speed long time ago
Advent 333MHZ PII/Compaq laptop 233 P1 i think it was
833 P3 coppermine 256 MB 20 Gig Drive (my first coustom)
P4 2Ghz 512MB 200 Gig storage DVD-r Best Graphics card i ever owned(Gefroce 460MX 64MB i used it for 3 years.. i could play doom 3 with it which was unbelivable for the fact it was 3 years old didnt support DX9 and wasnt DDR memory on it)
AMD Sempron 2600+ soc A 1024 MB mem, 200 gig Storage SOny 16xDVD+-rw geforce fx 5500 256 ddr(its a lame card)
AMD sempron 3000+ 64Bit Soc 939 1024MB DDR Same GFX as previous same sony dvd

What the Future Holds
AMD x2 Soc=AM2 5000+
2048MB ddr-2 800Mhz
2 Sata-2 Drives @ 250 Gigs
Dual 7600GT Nvidia Cards Running in SLI mode 256 MB DDR
Dual 17" TFT moniters
a New soundblaster card undecided.
(i hope 2 have this monster in the next months (I LOVE STUDENT LOANS Razz Very Happy )
I started out on the old macs going way back. My first System, that was mine and that I paid for myself, was my PIII 800 with 512MB(Max)DDR133, Sound Blaster Live, GeForce 2, and than an GeForce4200Ti. Had a Envision 19" CRT, Creative 2.1 Speaker system and basic mouse & keyboard. With a older 20 Gb or so Hard Drive. Boy did I love that system, I pasted it down to my younger brother, and he still uses it for gaming.
my first computer arrived in 1998 it was something like this

p2 200 mhz
64 mb ram
8 gb hdd Razz
14" monitor

came preloaded with win 95 Razz i still miss my first computer Sad
Atari 130XE, I don't even remember that much about it except that I could waste hours playing Silent Service.
Mine was the Commodore Amiga 500
I had a 3.25 disk reader and a power supply unite the size of a brick
You want to know something ?
I still have it and I still play the games.
I think the amiga 500 and later the 2000 will always be the best game computer around;
Ahh, like 7 years ago! Really old Macintosh, really big monitor with built in stuffs. Still had dial-up back then!
Good times, good times Razz
RT Cunningham
Okay, I'll show my age.

The first computer I played with (but did not own) was a Radio Shack TRS-80. Betcha can't guess what year that was?

The first computer I owned was a Commodore 64C. I got the 1541 drive with it along with a Commodore-compatible printer -- the MPS1250 I believe. It's too bad that most of the word processing software was horrible, akin to Wordstar for the IBM 286.

I "upgraded" to a Commodore 128D and gave away the 64C and the 1541 because the 128D had a built in 1571. I eventually used the computer (along with some 3rd party peripherals) as a BBS for a period of about 6 years.

While the 128D was dedicated to the BBS world, I bought a Packard Bell Pentium 60. What a piece of garbage! Two years later, I replaced it with an IBM P200+ (can't remember the speed or the processor).

Many PC's built and replaced later... until this year when I bought my first notebook (laptop) computer: An HP Pavilion Widescreen. This one has absolutely everything I need. I imagine I will have it until it dies completely.
Cyrix 266 MHz

Feeling too much nostalgic.

Good topic.

Mine was an IBM Aptiva machine.

P2 233, ATI gc, 128MB or RAM i think. Oh man that was a long time ago. I purchased it in '97. 4K $, icluding epson color printer. I wish that was FRIH$ dollars Wink. Today, I'd never buy completely built box from Dell, Ibm etc. I do it myself like most of you that hang here.
my first computer was a Zenith laptop 8088 with dual 3.5 inch floppy drives and NO harddrive at all.. you had to insert your program disc into one drive and your data disc into the other.. I paid $100 for it, used back in 1992

I didn't personally own another computer after that (I always had access to work equipment) until I bought my 1GHz Powerbook about 3 years ago
First computer I ever played much with was an old Commodore PET with a built in tape drive and a green n black monochrome screen.

First computer I ever owned was a Vic-20 (the model that came out before the C-64). It had 4K RAM (yes thats right 4K!) which was expandable to either 16k or 32k I dont remember which. For a monitor, you hooked it up to your TV. No hard drives were available, so you used a tape drive. Though when the C-64 was released they came out with a 5.25" floppy drive.

For a modem, the fastest was 300 bps, which you could lag out by typing too quickly Wink Anyway, the modem was actually a big white rotary dial telephone with a wire attached to a cartridge that you had to plug into the cartridge port. You would dial the phone number of the service you wanted to connect to (I think only Compuserve and Delphi were available at the time) and when you heard the carrier signal screech in your ear, you would push a button on the phone to connect, and then you could hang up and do your thing. This would have been about 1982.
Check out the Vic-20 Here

To RT Cunningham: The TRS-80? Was it a color computer? I had a coco 1 and a coco 3 Smile great computers in their day...If it was a coco, then I would guess the year to be about hmm 1981-1984 in that range.
My first computer was a TI something or other where the data was stored on casset tapes (which by the way was interesting to listen to on my dads hi fi sterio). my next computer was an earley apple clone.

then i move up through the clones till I got a Apple 2e with the extended memory and the 2 5 1/4 inch floppies!! i thought I was big stuff playing dig dug and load runner on a green and black monitor. come to think of it I think that was the first computer that I ever took apart.

yes yes it was.

anyway after that I moved to an apple 2c. then I made the jump to a 386 sx running at 25MHz man I was big stuff then! that lasted a while till we got a 386 Dx with the onboard math co processor. from there we moved up to a 33mhz 486dx with a turbo button that woud clock it up to 66 mhz i believe.

since then I've had to many to count computers up till my current computer wich is about 2 years old now. athalon 64 with 1 gig ram, 1 TB of hdds, dual layer DVD burner CD burner, 4 monitors ranging from 19 inch lcd to a 36 in CRT.

with many more to come I dought this will be the end of my computer buying spree.

I must first say as an computer maniac i loved your comments, i do agree weith some of you that newer games sucks and those oldones were making you think, what i loved.
My first computer that i came in contact with was comodore, but my first own computer was IBM with pentium procesor of 166 mhz if i remember corectly, the thing that i remeber is that it had 16 mb of ram and 1.5gb hard drive windows 95. 16 bit color monitor that could accept onli 640x480 resolution or lower Very Happy. it was ATX Desktop, and hell was it hard to upgrade with you have to tak out the driver holders and power supply to add memory or change the CPU. I do not own it anymore but I own one similar to that, hand made by myself win95 on it, I installed thousends of games like tetris, puzzles,chess, checkers, and i do not remember which more games does it has, it is sitting in my basement and i sometimes go down, sound of it fans sounds great!
My family's first computer was an XPS with a Pentium processor and 16MB of RAM. I forget all the specs, but it was pretty good at the time.
My first computer was a Pentium 100 MHz computer with 1,5 GB hard disk and 16 MB RAM, running Windows 98! Got a CD RW too, along with an SCANNER. Got it in 1998.
My first computer was an Epson 386sx, 640kB of RAM, hard disk 20 MB, DOS 3.x (I don't remember) operating system.

My first was an AMD 586, with a 1gb hard, a 14" color monitor, and win 3.11

Btw. i still use the monitor and the speakers from that computer today (as i am writing this Smile )
My first was a 486 and i don't remember if its hard disk was 200 mb or something like that. and ran the Dos. Played a few games at that time . They were Play and Bike and Warlords and yes Wolf 3d and that was a real joy to play . Now adays the most advance games don't provide that much of entertainment . And yes i really liked to play body blow with that.
My first one was a VIC 20. After that, a Tandy 1000 (8088 processor). After that had all the x86 (286-386-486-486dx-2)
Agreed, most new video games are just the same old crap that has been done and done and done again. Just with new graphics laid over the top.
They really need to get some innovation going.
First comp: (cant recall xact specs/model number

66mhz CPU, 4mb ram, 100mb hdd, floppy, 80watt psu, 13" crt, generic mouse n kboard

2nd comp:
300mhz pentium 1, 32mb ram, 6gb hdd, 150watt psu, 4x cdrom, floppy, 15"crt, 8mb video card, creative sound blaster

3rd comp:
1.6ghz p4 overclcoekd to 1.7, pc 133 256mb ram, jlms dvdrom, teac cd-rw burner, aopen 250watt psu, acer 17" crt, kboard n mouse, 64mb geforce mx200, 40gig seagate, panasonic floppy,

4th comp in the build...
First machine was a PC Junior manufactured by IBM, it had 256K of RAM and 2 floppy drives. Don't remember a whole lot about it, other than I still have it, it's in my basement in a box, and as of a few years ago, I'm pretty sure it still works...just needs a monitor.
I didnt have a computer.
I start with a Texas Instrumen TI-55 programming math calculator
With a 55 step of programming one step equal to a push a key and a
two or tre special commands like goto gosub
somethink like
1 RCL 1
2 *
3 2
4 =

Total of steps 6
Can you imagine !!! Even I was very happy and interesting .
after that I could get a Apple II uffff what a great machine with 8KB of RAM and 5 1/4 diskettes then Comodore 16 or Commodore 64 and this last a very very great machine with only 64MB of Ram Youy could use Pascal, Spread sheet, Word Processing , math 3-d function graph even.
Well tha was a long history
My first computer was Commodore 128D...

It was a complicated version of Commodore 64 and Commodore 128. I mean;

Commodore 128D = Commodore 64 + Commodore 128

I could change my computer system to Commodore 64 and Commodore 128. It was very useful because some programs couldn't work on one, so I need the another computer, and I used to change it to the other system, and it used to work!

By the way, sure there wer not many programs to use Laughing The bests were the games and the best game was Volfied! Smile

I miss that days as nostalgia.... Wouw...
Truely my own personal, was no one elses first ever computer - was a Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 (notebook), The hard drive finally died on it last Thursday but it was an excellent workhourse, used intensively for 3 years, it managed to cope with games designed for more powerful machines and run video and audio editing applications side by side with antivirus and software firewalls and scans, it also held up to 2D animation although never quite coped with 3D.

I think it was a 2Ghz intel processor, 128MB graphics card, 40GB hard-drive, cd/rw, pcmcia slots and a suprisingly good sound card, so good I could play music from it though my stereo amplifier with mp3s creating a similar sound quality to a CD. I miss it already.

My first computer which I used was a 386 I think, we had a ribbon printer attached to it. I was only young so can't remember any specifics although I know that at school we had 1 BBC computer, and having a computer at home was a big deal then.
I've used SEGA systems which are totally weird but I do remember using regular tape drives to run a program and running a game i had to wait for the tape what a pain

but my first personal PC i actually used has 286 chip without HD and just 640k of RAM (or maybe less) well i didn't use that much and got upgrade to actual usable 386DX with 8MB RAM (wohoo) i think it was 40MHz in Turbo running PC DOS 6(not MS DOS) & Windows 3.1! this was actually used to do something like word processing, played better games Very Happy (I count this as my real first PC)
My first computer was a Texas instrument laptop (I forgot the model).

It's was based on the 486DX, has 16MB (?) RAM, 12" monochrome screen, dropped it a lot of times but works, with no damage except some slight scratches.

I then got a Pentium II 350MHz running at 500MHz, 384MB RAM, 6GB Western Digital Hard Drive, TV tuner, CD-RW, CD-ROM, and a 17" LG Studio Works monitor.

That was on 1998/1999.

Used the PC until 2003.

I got rid of it and have not touched any PC untill 2005.

Now i have a very sweet rig.
I started with this:

Sometimes I feel old...but sometimes I think of all the games that some people have missed out on (my younger brothers for example).

i remember i worked on PC-AT PC-XT and 286 when i was in 6th or 7th grade.

The first PC which i brought home was Pentium I
Now i work on PIV :d

i've seen and worked on quite a range ..i feel
My first computer was IBM PS/2 model 30.

Procesor: Intel 8080
FDD: 720 Kb
Graphic card: CGA (320x200 - 256 colors, 640x480 - 2 colors)
Color monitor
my furst real computer (not counting the crap ones that you used to be able to get at toys'R'us with the little caclutor screens) was a tandy1000. one of the oldest pieces of crap i've ever had. it had no hard drive nor did it have 3.5 floppy. it ran 3 three colors, green, white and red (on black of course) and it had a version of DOS that was so premative that you could not believe.

since it had no real harddrive, it ran completely off of 5.25 floppys, but this was no ghetto comp, IT HAD TWO 5.25 FLOPPY drives (lol) and i remember it having only a three channel beeper for sound.

the damn processor was clocking at a whopping 5mhz or like 7mhz or something like that

there was no such thing as a mouse port or anything and CD-rom or some sort of graphical OS interface was nowhere to be found.

never the less, it was my furst love, and like all furst loves... its gone out of my life and i've moved on. now i run about 7 rigs in my house, 4 are hand built, two are laptops and one is a mac. too bad no1 else in my family is computer literate. eheheh.
HAHAHAHA this topic is really corny man..FIRST COMPUTER i think was sm com tt was 12 years old wth n i forgot all the specs but it was those times when DOS was a common sight
My first was too with an IBM, it has an Intel Pentium MMX cpu with 32MB of ram and 2 GB of HDD. Funnily enough it's still working, but no way can I still use it so I gave it to my dad and he's using it to play solitaire/listen to music/read the news on the internet.
a refurbished packard bell x386 with Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
it had a 9600 baud modem Very Happy
it also froze a lot.
I started with handmade ZX Spectrum. After a year i have bought pc with 8086 processor. I still have it. And it is working Smile
Hmmm It was evry long time ago...
A P2 300Mhz
64 MB Mem
2MB Video

And i still got it running as server Smile
Well it seems that names people mention here. I have never seen any of the models. I bought a pc with P 4 and Windows XP on it. Now I have an iBook. And everyone knows these machines.
The first computer that I owned myself was an IBM PC I got in 1998:

300MHz running Windows NT4.0 Workstation
3GB hard-drive
SoundBlaster Live! sound-card
Logitech keyboard and mouse
Pacbell monitor

However, the first computer that my family got was an old IBM PC in 1992, I think these are the correct specs... I'm not really sure...:

33MHz running Windows 3.0!
5.25 inch floppy drive
20MB hard-drive
IBM 386


40MB harddisk

no cd-rom

i used this computer 4 years

40mb harddisk was very big in 1991

i couldn't fill it one year.
after one year , i saw "there is not enough space in your hard drive"

with this computer

i bought a very fine star dot-matrix printer.

i used to love "banner" program .
The first computer we ever had I bought for my husband, actually, was a Texas Instruments doo-hickey that plugged into a TV screen and used audio tapes. I don't remember what it was exactly but I think we still have it stored in the garage!
RT Cunningham wrote:
Okay, I'll show my age.

The first computer I played with (but did not own) was a Radio Shack TRS-80. Betcha can't guess what year that was?

I can come close the year was around 1983 or a little before I first started on that machine and the apple II. The first machine that I owned was an apple knock off that was like a suit case and could only be used with a VGA monitor that was amber and black. I then had a commodore 64 and soon upgraded to the commodore 128 and thought that was the cutting edge of tech.
I was in college and bought a Commodore Vic 20 that only had 5K of RAM. I also bought a Commodore cassette recorder to save my programs. It only had 5K of RAM and I soon learned to program in machine code and was writing to the ram under the ROM to get more memory. Ah.. The good old days! LOL

Commodore VIC-20
Introduced: June 1980
Released: January 1981
Price: US $299
CPU: MOS 6502, 1MHz
RAM: 5K (3.5K for the user)
Display: 22 X 23 text
176 X 184, 16 colors max
Ports: composite video
joystick, cartridge, user port
serial peripheral port
Peripherals: cassette recorder
printer, modem
external floppy drive
My first Pc was a compaq with a 200MHz Cpu and 16 MB ram. My mum still uses it for solitare.
My first computer was a Commodore VIC 20 with a cassette tape drive, serial printer, and an 8MB memory cartridge.

I later upgraded to a Commodore 128 with a 5 1/4" disk drive.
My first computer was an Atari ST. Was so much better than the IBM PCs then Smile
My first computer was 286 16Mhz

16MB ram
40GB hard disk
5.25 floppy drive
A VGA Screen

The motherboard still here, it should work if there is a power supply .
My first computer:
mobo: EUPA (don't remembor model)
Celeron 433
S3 Savage 4 16mb
64 mb ram
8 gb hdd
52x lg cdrom
integrated sound card
a4tech mouse
some keyboard Smile
15' monitor - hyundai
I started with an Apple IIe, went to PC XT 10mhz... to PC AT 33mhz... to Cyrix 166mhz, then on to Celeron 300A, after which I went to Pentium II 333mhz, followed by Duron 800mhz, upgraded to Athlon 2000+ and finally a Sempron 3000+ laptop. Reckon next year I'll get a Intel Core 2 Duo laptop.
My first was (not too long ago) an expensive Pentium-III @ 550 Mhz with 64MB of SDRAM@100Mhz, a 52X Creative CD-ROM (Remember the ones with the remote!!!), onboard graphics on the Intel i810e mobo, an 8.4GB Samsung hard disk, and a power supply whose rating I'm unsure of. This was bought around April 2000. The monitor was a Samsung 15" CRT which is still the one I use.

The next computer was my father's laptop, an HP-Compaq Presario M2000 with Intel Centrino @ 1.5Ghz, 256MB DDR-233 RAM, a fancy 15.4" TFT and a fancy DVD+CD-RW Combo.

After several years I managed to upgrade the first into an Athlon 64 3000+ with an MSI RS480M2-IL motherboard with onboard VGA. The RAM is a gig of DDR400 and I have NO optical drive and 40gigs of storage.
Ok so consider I'm 15 now so it isn't really retro I guess. I had the luxury of GUI.
Cyrix 266 MHz

Feeling too much nostalgic.
My first system was a pentium 1 intel processor,
2 gb hd space
Ahh yes... I remember when I built my first 486 with my good friend Gary, who taught me about computers. It wasn't much of a performance monster, and it took a long time just to load windows 98. The harddrive was around 800 mb and it was supported on the inside of the PC by a pencil. There wasn't much room to store anything on that computer, and just about the only thing I could play on it was Pong, but it was my first computer and I made love with it - Embarassed - I mean I LOVED IT.

my first pc was;

Intel Celeron 300 Mhz
10' monitor
CD ROM Drive
20 GB Hard Drive
Windows 98 SE
Normal Keyboard
No Sound Card
Scroll Mouse

thats what i will definately call a cousin of a typewriter. :p: Laughing
My first computer was pathetic, coz at that time I did not know anything about computers yet, hence, sort of got cheated into buying a comp with pathetic specifications.

Intel Pentium 133 Mhz
15' monitor
CD ROM Drive
2 GB Hard Drive
Windows 95
Normal Keyboard
My first computer:

Custom built by myself.

133 Mhz
1 Gig HD
32 MB Ram.
Nice seeing some old timers here Laughing

My first program was written for a main frame, I think it was an 1140, when I was 14. I snuck into a high schools computer room at night to study the manuals and run a few quick progs.

My first personal computer was a Motorloa Evaluation kit. I think I got it in 76, but I could be off a year. CPU was the Motorola 6800. Hex key entry and readouts with a cassette interface for program storage. It had a whopping 256 bytes. Yeah, that was not a typo. Not megabytes. Not Kilobytes. 256 bytes. I finally ditched it last year in a frenzy of cleaning.

First "real" puter was a Radio Shack Color Computer. Lots of mods to it and in it's finally configuration had dual monitors, 4 floppys and was running a UNIX clone called OS9.
My first Computer : Compaq Presario s3210in and i am still using it!!

Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.9 GHz 845 GL Chipset
Intel Original Mobo
WinXP Home Edition with SP2
hmm my first computer

Compaq 333mhz Pentium processor. 32mb system ram, 8mb shared video memory, and like a 2.4gb harddrive.
I had a sweet Apple IIE and got to play games like Gold Miner, number munchers and Oregon Trail. My mom is a teacher so we got some wicked discounts on Macs.
After that it was a Performa 6300 I believe (not sure on the model number, been too long). A-10 Attack!, Hexen, War Craft 1 and 2, Diablo 1, ahh, the good old days...
My first computer was a Casio 9000P.

It had a 16 line display and a massive 4K RAM. No tape drive so if you wanted software you had to write it yourself.
Pentium 90, how god like did i feel when i opened it just before xmas.....

included a colour printer and a massive 15" monitor, also came with Doom and Wolfinstein.

and only cost a cool 1299.99, bargin?
All I remmber is that it was DOS and mono-tone monitor. It wasn't really my computer, more like the families.. At that time all I did on the computer was play small DOS games from a floppy diskette (the proper old BIG floppes)..
I think the harddrive was sommin like 16mb..
I also remember a time when we got Win 3.1 Program Manager..

The first specs computer I remember, was a pentium 1 166mhz PC and when we got it, it was one of the latest pentiums on offer.. I remember boasting to a friend who had a 120mhz that I was jealous about.. I also got DOOM 1 on 2 floppy discs with the computer... lol Wink

Its crazy how technology is just cruising ahead, at that time who would have though you can get the computers you can get today, and its an obvious thing the technology available to the public now is not really the level of technology... they just draining us of cash!!
P3 1.3GHz, 128 MB ram, CD RW, Intel 810 Original *sucks* Wink
Mine was a 386/33MHz, and I was 11 years old, got confused by all the cables and plugs inside.

My first "computer" was a zx spectrum, if you can qualify that as one.

After that I had a XT with 2 floppy drives, booting into dos.

The sight of the tech savvy AMBER screen still haunts me at night.
mine was a pentuim 166 with edo ram and a creative cd-rom drive package (comes with speakers and a cd-rom drive) i think. can't remember much of it though.
Commodore 64 in 1988
I started off with a 'BULL' -remember those PC that had an 8086 processor that ran at about 10Mhz or something and had about 512k of ram, a 5.25" floppy. I later aquired a 10mb hard disk, which was state of the art then, it had a green screen monitor and an AT keyboard.
A Cyrix P166-compatable computer with around 16 (or was it 32) megs of RAM and no more than a handful of Gigs in late 1996/early 1997.
an amd k3 333mhz. 4 gb hard drive. 32mb ati graphics card. dude that thing was sweet. it played a-10 tank killer like no other machine. Windows ran like a dream...i guess. Oh such good times. i loved that computer, i think i eventuallyscraped it and used the parts for other htings. it's funny becasue i now have 2 time sthe computing power in my pocket pc. Sad no? Oh well, that computer did it'd duty. Remmber the old mac computers? th apple 2 and the mac project. Oh joy, thatssome fun stuff right there.
First Computer a AMD 200MHZ + 32EDO RAM + 4.3GO + Matrox Millenium + SB32 + 15'DIAMOND VGA
My first computer was a:
Intel Pentium 233Mhz Processor
8Mg of edo ram
a voodoo video card and a,
15inch CRT monitor
I started with a MSX 1 computer. After a commodore 64, amiga 500, amiga 2000, amiga 1200. Since 2000 I have used different PCs.
My first computer was Commodore 64 with datasette bought in 1986 Smile
an amd duron lol
i started with a pentium I 133mhz cpu and i think 32mb of ram, don't remember anything about gpu. floppy drive , etc. it was really good and i learned a lot of things with it and played lots of dos games with it.
A Dragon 32 Laughing were either loaded by tapes (30 minutes to over an hour), or manually typing code from a book for hours, usually followed by a long read through to discover the missed semi-colon or whatever the 'syntax error' was.
While games were loading you wouldn't dare touch the lead connecting the tape player to the machine for fear it froze up, and even when you thought it was loading there was often disappointment when the tape finished and nothing happened - repeat process until it worked!
All this and you couldn't save anything when it was switched off - just more typing and anxious waiting the next day!

In it's day it was amazing to me and I wish I still had my old Dragon just to play with once in a while Smile
My first PC was a 486DX4-100.
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