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Must have websoftware

For the people who are new in site making i reccommend :

HtmlEditor : FrontPage
Flash : SwishMax
Graphics: there are too many photoshop and so,
Browser : Flock (as in u can get very many images from internet in a click)
ImageHost: PhotoBucket (the same for flash,avi,jpg and more)
Ftp Client: Smart Ftp (very easy to use)
This is just a short list there much more things u need like a MySql software to make it mysql editing much better and if u wanna make your site look wonderfull google "dynamic html codes"
And for internet security try :antiVir small cheap and very effective tested mcafee,norton and av and they all failed!
And for great logo's google : "Graphic Text" or "Animated Text" or a mix of both hope i get those points so i can start making sites again Mad Sad Mad
Macromedia Dreamweaver is a good software too for web editor.
If u ask me macromedia sucks tried it before =[ frontpage rlly does it work!

i was working first with coffeecup but i wanted to make almost all my serious programming apllication microsoft only and since then it has been going perfect VB6 is doing its thing and frontpage is workingwonders hope i can get those credits fast so i can show u what frontpage and swish can.
Btw do u like flash?
I use frontpage when i have to make things quick, and dreamweaver when i have to make things good. when i have to make things quick and good, I don't do it Very Happy

For the IDE, it's always been EditPlus 2 for me, however I have now switched to Komodo.. that's one of the best IDEs out there Very Happy

Ftp client, has always been filezilla for me.. it's fast, light and works !!!
not heard of flock.. i'm an opera maniac (earlier, a mozilla maniac and a firefox hater 4evr)
Dreamweaver is way better than frontpage! And for ftp, filezilla is my choice! smartftp isn't that easy to use.
Dreamweaver suck?!... NO!./.. this is the best WYSIWYG editor... front page is not that goo... anyway it depends on how creative your mind really are there are no good software n creating a website its all in your mind
My list is Differnt than the list above

Editor - Dreamveawer [Front page is no match for this]
Browser - Firefox , IE [you need both if you are into web design]
FTP - FileZilla
AntiVirus - AVG
spyware guard - Spybot , Ewido , Ad-aware
Web Graphics - Photoshop [there are no alternatives for this]
Imagehost - imageshack
Messengers - yahoo , Skype
flie cleaner - Ccleaner
media - DivX player , K-lite Codec set
i use CoreFTP light. it is really light on the system and is quick. i would recommend it. for web editors, nvu is quite gud. on the windows platform, dreamweaver rulez...frontpage makes sites only suitable for IE.
Antivirus:- Avast Home
Spyware:- Avast, Ad-Aware, Spybot, Zone Alarm combination
Web Graphics:- Photoshop and GIMP
ImageHost:- Photobucket (they give free video hosting too)
Messengers:- Skype and GTalk
FileCleaner:- Eraser
Media Player:- VLC Media Player
Browser:- Opera (i love it...)
Ok here goes my list:

HTML Editor: Dreamweaver 8 (not good at hand coding and much prefer it to even Microsoft Frontpage 2003. One thing I have noticed even for someone who hates coding is that the amount of code produced by Dreamweaver is much less than that which comes out of Frontpage so that can't be a bad thing) or NVU is working in linux testing server.
FTP: Filezilla
Antivirus:- Norton SystemWork Pro 2006
Firewall: Norton Firewall 2006
Spyware:- Ad-Aware, Spybot, cwshredder, hijackthis
Web Graphics:- Photoshop
Messengers:- Skype, Yahoo, MSN Messenger
FileCleaner:- Eraser
Media Player:- VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player 11 beta, Divx Pro, BS Player
Browser:- Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 RC1, Opera, Netscape
glitch wrote:
For the people who are new in site making i reccommend :

HtmlEditor : FrontPage

Which version of Frontpage? I used Frontpage when I started making webpages years ago but I found it wanting. As a WYSIWYG it is good for making frames. Other than that, I'd prefer to use a text editor for designing.
I used Frontpage which comes with Microsoft Office XP(donno the version) to design my website along with help from text editing and image editing using photoshop. It came out to be a decent one. Can have a look at

If you want a simple texteditor for html can try textpad just google for it and u will get it.
I bought Frontage once but will never do it again.
Nvu does just fine as an html editor for me.
{name here}
Using frontpage is like using Ubuntu, but with the problems of SCO Openserver creeping up into the back. As for HTML entirely in Notepad(or Vim, or anything for that matter), that's ****** to me.
For me:
Editor: Textmate (coz I can use this editor for alomst all the programming languages I know and learning).
FTP: Fetch (I may use Speed Download FTP cuz it comes bundled with the downloader.)
Browser: Safari, Firefox (fav), Opera 9.

I tried Dreamweaver but it works slow on my G3 machine. Otherwise its good software.
yeah! Hurray for SwishMax. You can make an amazing animations and other interactive flash content in a less time...
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