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Did You Know? Wii60

Wii60, you in?
Yeah - Down with Sony!
 50%  [ 1 ]
No - Let's all just be at peace with one another
 50%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 2

I was watching a lot of E3/Console Wars videos on YouTube and I ran into this Wii60 thing a lot of times and it was just plain confusing because I didn't know what it was. I watched more videos and found out that the Wii60 is sort of like a gamers party which uses the fact that you can buy both a Wii and an Xbox 360 for the price of a single PS3. This group seems to be pretty big. Is anyone for this Wii60 thing? I thought if anything people would've sided with Nintendo and Sony against Microsoft, but go figure.
Well, in an odd sense you can still get a wii60 for the price of a ps3. If you got a crippled 360 + wii and compared it to a non-crippled ps3. But that wouldn't make much sense. As far as prices/systems go, my decision to buy them is based on what they can do for me personally. Games being the most important. Extras being about the last 15 percent of the decision. I have no problem paying 250 (for what I believe to be overpriced) for the Wii if it has the games. At this very second, I'm very interested in Zelda and am waiting on Smash Bros and the future games. I also have no problem paying 600 for a ps3 (for what I believe to be a crap load of money for a console) if it has the games. Right now I'm interested in both Final Fantasies, Devil May Cry 4, and Virtua Tennis 3. I already have a 360... so yeah Razz
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