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Home made baby food is very good for babies

I am giving all kind of cooked fruits to my 8 months baby. Home made baby food is very good for your baby. My baby never reject home made food. But some times he don’t like packed baby food.

When can I start puree raw fruits.
i made our sons baby food too and always cooked it 1st, untill he started chewing(he had 2 teeth 1 top 1 bottom) cooked is smoother
My baby is 8 months too and I am still cooking the fruits and veggies. The foods are really thick (mixed with cereal, or meats with veggies) but is still cooked. Baby has no teeth yet.

I love making homemade baby food and still havent bought any baby jar food. She just loves it all.
when it starts growing teeth give him uncooked to chew on, growing teeth can be unpleseant and having something to chew on is quite helpfull
Mrs Lycos
My baby is 10mo and she likes yoghurt, and cooked vegetables. She loves banana, and she's eating some bread now that she has 4 teeth and needs to chew something. Some boiled chicken. She doesn't like pre-prepared baby food very much, but I want to give some of it to include some cereals in her diet. Any ideas about this?
jharsika in grains? Perhaps cooled, cooked pasta, or oatmeal and cream of wheat if there are no teeth.
my sister feeds one type of food then tries another just to make sure that her son isn't allergic. my nephew loves meat and will eat just about anyhting.
Well when I was kid our family lived in a small village where they did not sell canned food. So all my frends and I grew up on home made food. I remember when my younger brother was borned my mother used to feed him some medicinal food which she prepared by rubbing some nut-like items on a plate made of stones and mixing some milk in it. It was considered healthy supliment and it was very common then.
I think your baby likes your home cooking because it actually tastes like food!

With homemade baby food you can be sure of what your baby is eating and know that they have whole foods and you can control the amount of sugar/salt they consume and know that he's not having refined food with little or no nutritional value.

What a lucky baby you have!
WHO standard is 1.Exclussive breast feeding upto 4-6 month. This means u can add some water or milk to the regular breast feeding if u find easy, between 4 to 6 months of age. 2. add smashed fruits. liquids like fruit juice, soupe of serials and fresh vesitables and milk to the breast feeding upto 9 months. 3. Salted foods taken in the family after messing or over cooking it up to one year. 4. Baby can eat from your plate !!
I like to make it a special note that breast feeding for any duration of time can never harm the baby or the mother, if supported by the feeding schedule!
My baby is 9 months, doesnt have any teeth and you dont have to pure and cook all fruits. Per example: melons and grapes, I just cut them in small pieces and let her eat it. Apples, you dont have too cook them for like 30 minutes, cook them for 15 and give it to you baby. Let her chew.
A baby doesnt have to have teeth in order to chew something. Put a finger in your baby's mouth and see how strong her/his gums are.

You mentioned fruits... do you give your baby veggies, meat and legumes? My baby just turned 9 months and she eats everything.

I only give her homemade food and she never tried any jar food.

Have a great day.
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