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one night stand...

wat do u think about one night stand?? izzit ok to have it??
if you're female, definitely not - you might get pregnant XD

if you're male, still no - my respect for a guy would die a horrible painful death if i knew they had a one night stand. even if nobody would no, it's not ethically right Very Happy
one night stand - i think it really depends on the person. if you can handle it, be responsible about consequences... it's your choice.
Nothing wrong with one night stand, as long as it is a one night stand for both of you. Make sure you are practising safe sex...
I have to ask the question to those who says its wrong.
Why is it wrong if both parts have a good experince?
greenux wrote:
wat do u think about one night stand?? izzit ok to have it??

Everyone has and is entitled to their own opinions on the subject. It's really your prefrence whether you are having one night stands to satisfy a need/urge or are you leading the other on? In my opinion they are fine as long as both parties know and accept that it is but one night. If both are willing/consenting then sure whats the harm, being safe is always a smart move....
caroline wrote:
if you're male, still no - my respect for a guy would die a horrible painful death if i knew they had a one night stand. even if nobody would no, it's not ethically right Very Happy

'ethically' there is nothing wrong with it. and ethically your putting moral judgements on people is wrong. Who does it hurt if consenting adults would rather have fun instead of being alone for the night?
Subsonic Sound
If both people are consenting adults, I see no problem with it. For me, something can't be ethically wrong if it doesn't hurt anybody.

Now, I personally wouldn't want to have a one-night stand. But I wouldn't have any problems with anyone who did.
Personally, I don't think it's acceptable. Socially, the generation above me seems to be very okay with it......I mean, just read Cosmopolitan! hah.
Overall....noooo! If it was good, then you probably want more right? Isn't sex worth the agonies of a relationship?! Maybe....
one night stand is awesome. what is more awesome a casual sex buddy. aka, friends with benefits.
absolutely nothing wrong with one night stands imo!

its a matter of opinion, but i can already see that some people in this topic are judging those who do have one night stands, like it makes them a bad person.

If someone seeks thrills from jumping out a plane, is that wrong?

If both parties involved know exactly what the score is, and neither is misled, and both want it, and both enjoy it, theres absolutely no harm in it. If there are adverse consequences, then its a matter of both parties being responsible for their actions.
Well, I'm not really sure if what i'll do if I was put in a situation that will make me commit a one night stand. All I can say is its better if you know someone before you engage sex with them. Imo, there is more pleasure having sex with someone that is truly important to you. I guess. Smile
To me...I agree with some above, if BOTH parties realise it is a one night stand, there is nothing wrong. Actually it is amazing!! But if one does not realize it is a one night stand, it could turn out pretty painfully.

Ok, I never had it myself..but I think I would not turn the opportunity down if it came up to me...I think it is pretty exciting, and we only live ones, don't we? Enjoy your life!! But, respect the life of others, do it safe!!
mmm, nice topic.

I presume most people do it, thefore most people agree with it Smile
ok, maybe not most. I don't know, I'm just guessing.
I think sex is becoming less and less a taboo thingy in our world, and this is great. sex is an essential part of our life and we should be talking freely about it, and we should do it all the time. but yeah, if a one night stand means you're cheating on your partner.... that's not so good. better talk to him/her and suggest that you could broaden your sexuality by doing things like... involving other people in your sexual life... s/he might not agree, so persuasion sometimes can work, if it's not pushing it too far.

and then you definitiley know your partner, right? you've always known, ideally... in the first place, if s/he is opened to certain ideas or not. I think humanity is gearing towards a more sexual-free world, at least the western world (and everything it touches, hehehe, which is pretty much most of the rest of the world). I see people in the future being more open to discussions with their kids for example, I think many taboos will dissapear as they won't make sense anymore. why keep lieing to your kids, they grow smarter than you anyway, by the time you start thinking about telling them about sex they already know more than you do Smile

anyway, this reply is getting way out of topic. cheers!
Do you feel comfortable having a one night stand? Does the person you are with? Are you safe about it, using protection and ensuring that neither you nor your partner have a disease?

If yes to all a one night stand is fine.

It's different for everyone. I know I could never have one. Doesn't fit who I am. But I know a lot of people who are perfectly fine with it.
Citizen Kane
Sure I think it's okay, as long as both people aren't taken and safe sex is practiced!
I think they're pretty gross, but it's gonna happen to everyone sooner or later. When it does, its usually because you were drunk the night before. But you can't change what happened, but you can choose to never speak to that person ever again, lol.
I'm sure that almost everyone is having one night stand. It's not the best think you can do, but sometimes is interesting. In the most cases people forget about this nights. One night stands rarely become in something serious. In some cases people are having sex for years after that but the relationships are only for sex.
I think one night stands are a wonderful thing. Like someone said above, sex is basic human need. We are constructed the way we are for a reason and I personally don't feel that anyone has the right to lay a lid on it, just because they believe in something that would rather not see sex at all. It's healthy and if it's practiced safetly and carefully only good things come from it.
The one issue that disturbs me is that the age at which it's being done is becoming lower and lower. I would never have wanted to give up my virginity during a one night stand, but I do know of many people who have. One night stands are for those who enjoy just pure sex without any emotions attached to it. Personally I think it takes a while before you really get into it.

Other than that, I enjoy the occasional sex. I haven't had a relationship in a while so I would be very randy now if it weren't for one night stands.
It's OK I guess, as long as long as you're being responsible about it. As long as you're not cheating on someone and practicing safe sex.
Ethics are relative on how each person's been educated on the subject. Certainly if you go to church every Sunday you would tend see it as something negative.
But if you're gonna be responsible, for me it's like any other new experience you go through in life, that you might actually enjoy.
For me one night stands aren't particullarly great experiences. Mainly coz the licor you've taken on that night makes you a little numb, but also because they tend to be also a little awkward.
I've always thought great sex comes from knowing you're partner and viceversa. You know, whether or not that person know's what buttons to push.
scorpiosemotion wrote:
Everyone has and is entitled to their own opinions on the subject. It's really your prefrence whether you are having one night stands to satisfy a need/urge or are you leading the other on? In my opinion they are fine as long as both parties know and accept that it is but one night. If both are willing/consenting then sure whats the harm, being safe is always a smart move....

I'll be sure to remember you said that scorp Twisted Evil
hmmm, i've never been through a one night stand, and I don't know if it's ok. I think that would depend on the person you are, oh and of course on whether you have a girlfriend or not. If you do, in that case I don't think it's ok. Assuming that you don't, whether it's ok or not depends on how you feel. I think it's more about what fits you best rather than whats right or wrong.
One night stands....It's hard to say whether they're a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand they can build self esteem, and keep a person confident in himself during a time when they don't have a steady girlfriend or are not talking to anyone who could become a steady girlfriend, and they can help a person get over a bad break up or an unsuccessful relationship. I know they have helped me personaly to realize how shallow sexual pleasures really are, and that there is so much more to relationships and life.

On the other hand, one night stands can become a very bad habit and make someone become sexualy addicted which can lead to cheating or desiese or just being a slut. Getting hooked on one night stands can ruin some of your future relationships and give you lots of bad habits when trying to build a good relationship.

In conclusion I personaly believe that one night stands are fine, and even good for experiance, but must be looked apon with caution and treated as a last resort to trying and building good relationships with people that you can get close to and care about.
I personally see nothing wrong with a one night stand, as long as both parties are aware that it is just for one night. It's when it is used to mislead another into a false belief that there is a relationship in the future that's when it becomes just plain wrong.
Even though I personally wouldn't ever have one, I don't really look down on anybody who has had one/considers having one, just as long as you're practicing safe sex and it's consentual and it's always a good thing to know your partner's sexual histories, too (since HPV can be transmitted even through a condom sometimes)...but I don't knock it even though it isn't for me. Who cares what two consenting adults do in the spare time, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else? Not me. Razz
What kind of question is that.. ofcoz its ok...
Keran wrote:
What kind of question is that.. ofcoz its ok...

What kind of response it that?...Oh wait I know....SPAM!
A one night stand is fine, I don't think there has to be any reason for it to ONLY be a one nighter, nor does that have to be agreed. A one night stand should be the result of a possible relationship not promiscuous sex, the standard of errr selection should not change for any reason.
There shouldn't be anything wrong with it unless you are currently in a committed relationship or marriage. However, if someone gets hurt in it, then it's not good. Both parties should be fine and ok with having a one night stand and nothing following it. Otherwise it could lead to complciations.
It depends on what you think makes something wrong. For me a "wrong" choice is one where there is a better choice (i.e. a choice that will make you happier).

For me, sex is the kind of experience that I hold as a unique parallel to intense emotional intimacy. By reserving that physical experience for the women in my life that I have loved deeply, I feel it has extra joy and pleasure. If I were to have a one-night stand, it would change that and that's certainly not something I'd want.

So in my book:
Sex w/ someone you love = GREATER
Sex w/ *only* someone you love = GREATEST

If you don't agree with that then you will make your own choices. But for me it is a philosophy that has held court quite well.
Vrythramax wrote:

What kind of response it that?...Oh wait I know....SPAM!

What kind of response do you want me to do? A whole report or some essay about how good a one night stand is? You can't even do short anwsers anymore :/
I dont think one night stand is wrong if it makes both party happy. But dont do it if you already have a partner as it will effect the relationship...
one night stand is awesome... and one should get a chance daily for it.... i mean night parties can lead to one night stand. its okay if u think... n not if u dont.
having one night stand are unethically and morally not correct. but some people do it to forget problems of there own.
I guess it depends on the two people. Everyone equates a one night stand with loveless sex but it can also be something beautiful between two people who have no past and definitely no future together. It may signify a moment that is just right and then it all fades away.
One nightstands are very dangerous things, you could end emotionally confused of totally sorry. I can tell I did it once and.... I wanted to jump through the window to escape after all finished. I haven't had that awful experience before of waking up next to a person you don't care at all. I'm sure I won't repeat it again.

Probably to me sex is so easy to find, so, sex just for the sake of sex, isn't interesting for me anymore.
definitely its ok, as long as you know how to handle that situation carefully... Rolling Eyes
There never seems to be such a thing as 'playing the field' for me, so i've never really had the 'one night' with anybody. It's usuall results in many more times, turning into ****** buddies. Bah, makes my life hard tbh, with the whole human emotion and feelings Sad
What do I think one nightstand? Personally I think one night stand is something bit awkward. As previous posters already suggested, it's not perfect for both females and male, for females it my result unwanted pregnancy, for males it my result personal hate, etc.

However, if two persons insist and agree to make one nightstand, they must think of the consequences of what they're going to do, they must guarantee all the outcomes of that action.
My Wife went to her company's Christmas Party, A couple of younger guys from her office fancied her, after a few dances with both of them and and more drinks than she could deal with she ended up in their room together, they knew she was married,They did everything to her.
Unbeknown to her they had set up a video camera where all of her actions were filmed.

She came home the next day tearful, with hickies on her, we had a row.

She gets a very good salary, so it wasn't a case of her just leaving and moving on.

She is pressurising me to move to another County where she could get a transfer but I would have to change companies.

My attitude is that she was big and ugly enough to get herself into the situation then she should be big enough to get her self out of it without us having to upsticks and move across the country.

Brick wall Brick wall
I think one night stand is only about the making love of it. It's only the pleasure for that moment. Nothing is better than true love Confused
nivre wrote:
having one night stand are unethically and morally not correct. but some people do it to forget problems of there own.

I'll try to ignore your grammar...

First of all, who are you to pass judgment? There is nothing "unethical" or "morally wrong" with two consenting adults having sex just once. If there is clear communication, and understanding on both sides, what's unethical about that? Neither party is hurt, both parties thoroughly enjoy their evening, and life goes on. Just because you don't agree with it doesn't make it unethical or morally wrong. A moral wrong involves harming someone else or yourself. If no harm is done, there is nothing wrong with it.

"but some people do it to forget problems of" their "own." This statement, while entirely true is completely misleading. By phrasing this the way you did and placing it directly after your first statement, you are implying that anyone who has a one night stand is doing so because they have problems. I believe that a more accurate representation would be that "a small percentage of those who have one night stands do so because they have problems." Most people who have a one night stand do so because they find nothing wrong with it and they enjoy having sex (who doesn't?) Some of them might be the sort who don't pass up any good opportunity when one arises.

Let's just make this clear. Not everyone who has one night stands does so because they're trying to "forget problems of their own." I'd wager that *most* don't do so because of that reason.

Try not to pass judgment on those who do things that you don't agree with. People don't have to agree with each other all the time, and that doesn't always mean that one is right and one is wrong.
I dont think there is any problem with a one night stand, but I have never had one, nor do i plan on having one. I have friends that have multiple one night stands in one night, and i dont think any less of them. I DO think less of them if they treat these women without respect...

Mickle, i have no clue what i would do if i were in your situation... i could only speculate, but that is all it would be...
yea i think it's perfectly fine. as long as you are protected. it's for fun, go ahead and enjoy, as long as you don't have a bf/gf already....
I never understood why it has to be just one night. I've had them. I've also had a list of booty buddies. I have no problem with it. Some people have urges or just want something different. There's a sort of thrill behind it. Most women don't like doing it though. There isn't much difference between love and sex with them. I'm not saying this for all women so don't go bashing me. Just from my experience, they don't want to let go. I have two coworkers right now asking why I don't call them. It's because I told them I have a family life and they are not to interfere with it. It was strictly sex and to only reach me for that, not to talk on the phone about how they're feeling.
Having a one night stand really depends on your own moral judgement. I'm not going to lie, I've done it before. It really doesn't matter at all, so as long as you know that it's your own sexual pleasure derived from it and it really isn't much of anyone else's business. However there are some precautions to make (protection, etc.) but so long as you are aware of it then you are willing to do whatever you want to receive sexual pleasure from another. Even if it's considered "taboo" or anything other than that it doesn't matter. It is 100% up to you.
caroline wrote:
if you're female, definitely not - you might get pregnant XD

if you're male, still no - my respect for a guy would die a horrible painful death if i knew they had a one night stand. even if nobody would no, it's not ethically right Very Happy

hi carloline i agree wid you to some xtent... i m from india and here it's consider wrong... well but i agree if both parties know its just a nights stand... both are comfortable... and they practice is safely... so that neither is affected with it.
Personally from a distance it would appear not to be the ideal situation. Too much too soon is not always good for a relationship, but probably would depend on the circumstances. Sometimes it happens, people needing one another. Think it can be both good and bad depending on the circumstances.
One night stands r so wrong. dont b deceived. its not exciting and its stupid. dont want to b all judgemental but if u must have it, make sure u are protected. its totally unneccessary. DONT DO
Da Rossa
What's the big deal? Since it's between consenting adults, using condoms, both seeking adventure and joy, also with the proper respect... think about it.
i think personally, one night stands are only rlly acceptable if both parties are consenting and both are not in a relationship. after all there is nothing wrong with some fun while single Wink

however saying this, through past experiences they can have more of a mental effect on you then you may originally plan for. for example one of my ex's, i still liked and things happened, which i thought maybe could be the start of us getting back together. however he called it a 'one night stand' and well that was that.. Sad

so basically if its all just for fun, then fine go ahead enjoy yourself. just try and think it though first.
if both parties feel the same and think the same about casual sex, great. make sure it's safe for both.

i personally feel that for me there has to be more involved then pure physical attraction - sex doesn't just happen with my body but also with my mind - and it's so much better if both are in sync.

One night stand is wrong when you have one. but if not just be careful with it you might get STDs Shocked
Da Rossa
i think personally, one night stands are only rlly acceptable if both parties are consenting and both are not in a relationship
Yeah I forgot the most important part. Do not scr*w your relationships up!
One night stand has nothing to do with love or feelings. It's only about sex and mutual attraction.
As long as neither person has any ties, and they both enjoy it, then I don't see why it can't be a good thing?

I've had quite a few, and even though after a while, they do become quite boring and hollow Sad
20 years ago, there was no copulation before marriage,

These days, it is socially acceptable tocopulate whenever.

To put it simply.

if you want to go out and get laid, you can go out and get ;aid and that is socially OK
Da Rossa
I think 20 years is too short time.
raginggenerals wrote:
20 years ago, there was no copulation before marriage

About 40 years ago there were the Hippies though and free love reigned!
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