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London, first time will be...


Maybe some of you could advice me some things due to my staying in London for couple of days... It's quite a big and cool story, but a moral from it is: Write, write to authors! Smile

Just recently read a book by David Freeman (site: 'Emotioneering in games' and well, one chapter moved me, or so, as much that I couldn't resist writing to him and actually I did it. To my pretty amazement he replied, but not only this. He invited me to his workshops Beyond Structures in London, starting at 23 September. And not only this... far better, because for me they're for free. I have just to pay for a flight and accommodation, but I did it already Smile So cool, but well it'll be my first time in this city.

So I hope to hear some advices from those of You, whose been there Smile

That'll be something. Can't wait to it Smile
That's so awesome! congrats! Have fun in London! Would love to go there someday. (my son's name is London actually lol)
you should definitely go see Trafalgar Square. From there you can see Big Ben, walk down to the Houses of Parliament, on the way you pass the horse guards. Then go to Westminster Abbey.

Also, go to the British Museum. They have tons of cool stuff there. You could probably spend a week there. Also the British Library has a really neat exhibit of old books.

Walking around the old city is also very interesting, although most of the buildings only date back to the 1666 (?) fire.

Probably the most fun thing I did when in London was going to a pub each night for dinner and some beer. I talked to several people and had fun watching soccer (football) on TV. Plus, pubs are fairly affordable, while the "restaurants" tended to be high end. Everything tends to be very expensive.

That just scratches the surface... have fun!
realise that it's more expensive than you could imagine! Don't plan to eat every meal out (there aren't cheap hot dog stands everywhere like in north american cities where you can get a quick bite). Bring sandwhiches with you and drinks in a bottle! Also, London is big. Plan your days in advance, so that you don't keep retracing your steps going to different places!
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