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Backup Programs..

How often do you backup?
 25%  [ 2 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 12%  [ 1 ]
 25%  [ 2 ]
dont backup at all
 37%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 8

Which backup programs do you use? i think its time i started to backup since my brand new 3week old hardrive died on me Sad
Drive Image XXl-last freeware version BCArchive and i used Acronis True Image.
I backup every six months. Nothing on my harddrive is crucial enough that isn't already online. I use regular data DVDs and copy selected folders from My Documents after having gone through the rest of my hard drive and pilfered all the data/configuration files that I'd want. I use whatever burner software I'm using at the time. It's crude but it's just enough for me. I don't backup most of my videos though. I can redownload most of them since almost all are machinima.

I have been insanely lucky with my HDs. I have used only three in the last eight years because none of them have died on me. (4.3gb, 20gb, 160gb [current]) I thrash 'em too. I'm constantly at around 85% usage and deleting/downloading/creating files (video rendering, photoshop, torrents, downloading videos). I hope to buy a new computer in 2007 before this one dies.
I have been using abd trying different backup programs, but has yet to find an ideal one. At the moment, I am using the backup wizard that come from Windows because it allows you to do incremental backup. The thing is it doesn't allows you to extract files that you want from the backed up archive. You have to restore the whole backup in order to access the files that you need.

Can anyone suggest a backup program can do incremental or differential backup and allows you to selectively extracting files that you want from the backed up archives??
i thought all backup programs allow you to do incremental and differential backups Confused
I usually "back-up" with synchronX, a free software by ClickTeam. I usually back-up the book / movie script I'm writing.

Not much else to back up though. I usually back up to my thumb drive. once finished, I burn the file to CD-R.

That's all.
NuniPio wrote:
i thought all backup programs allow you to do incremental and differential backups Confused

But do they allow you to extract only the selected files within the backed up archives, without restoring the whole bunch? A bit like the way we drag a few files out from a zipped file without unzipping the entire zipped file.
I just got a really good freeware backerupper. Its called "Cobian Backup". It came with my PC Pro subscription, but is freeware. Give it a go!
{name here}
I never backup my PC. There's no crucial data that I don't keep on paper(personal info), CD(software), or a memory stick(pictures). I 7z a few things on some floppies and those end up as my backups.
Well it seems like i have never felt the need to back up my hard drive . It was just when i was changing my hard drive . I wrote my data on CD's and then copied it to the new hard disk. Well my Hard drive has never crashed and hope it wouldn't in the future as well. Yeah it was once when my brother foramatted C: and my data was gone and then i was left with nothing on hand so its now a common practice for me just not to put my data on the partition with the Operating system because it gets formatted occassionaly.
i recently just set up a raid on my server.. its nothing special but i keep all my more valuable data on there such as pictures etc.. anybody else use raid?
Raid is good if you have so valuable data changing and increasing everyday. You dont have to think about backups anymore, all you need is the raid array with parity. Even if one hard disk fails, you can get all the data from the others.

I have only one hard disk, and I have two data loss incidents, not due to hard disk failure, but due to some other causes. Anyway data loss is loss itself. After that I bought a DVD writer, and backup all my data every week. This is a good way to keep data safe.
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