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Stairway To Heaven - Satanic Subliminal Messages?

Subliminal Messages - intentional or coincidence?
 55%  [ 10 ]
 44%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 18

As most of you probably know, Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven is pretty much the greatest song ever created. If you disagree, please visit then check just about any top 100 rock songs etc..

Several years ago now, it was reported that if you played Stairway to Heaven backwards you could make out 'satanic messages'. Using the following flash demo you can play the portion of the song forwards and backwards to decide for yourself. The clip is 100% genuine.

My question to you, intentional or coincidence?
I can't believe it, that is one of the most amazing things i have ever heard. I am going to test have to reverse the song myself to truely believe it.

Whats got me thinking it was intentional is that for one, they are probably the most musically talented a band will ever get, and second the lyrics in foward motion are quite strange "its just a spring clean for the may queen"?

Truely amazing!
the first time i heard this song i was freaky, gave me the chills,
i think its intent... becasue the songs got wierd lyrics. i even tested it out by saying the lyrics into my sound recorder. and it sounded freaky.

try it yourself
I think it's intentional... the way he sings and pronounces words is different than when he normally sings.
There are very many songs with some "back messages" here are examples
At one point I was fascinated with backwards-masking, and I think I know a bit about it now. That is entirely coincidence. Most backwards-"masked" songs are really a nasty coincidence. This song is no exception. Plus I like Led Zep and even if they seem kind of out there I don't think they would do this. Just a thought.
Its intentional, you can tell because the words make absolutely no sense at the part with the subliminal message.

Now the one thats really tricky is "Another one bites the dust" by Queen.

Check it out here:
I don't like the queen one, didn't convince me at all. That sounds like a coincident to me. and also it is much shorter than the zeppelin one.
i find it funny kinda...i think it could be a coincidence but it was probably ment to be like that :/
but lots of things on ABS is probably fake Rolling Eyes
so i'm not 100% sure...
I'm going to have to say intentional partly because he does pronounce things very oddly and party because Jimmy Page was completely obsessed with satan and the occult at the time. I can't imagine this being a conicidence really. It just seems very creepy.

No denying the greatness of Zepplin though
bah, I tried it with a cd and an old vinal, and it doesn't work with either. It only seems to work on the internet. Rolling Eyes
No way that was intentional. It's a great song and there are many ways to look at what the lyrics mean and many make sense. The words backwards don't even sound much like the backwords lyrics but because you're reading them while you're listening to it, that's what you hear.
I would say intentional also. Both of them were obsessed with the underground new-age satanism movement of the late sixties-early seventies. Stairway is the best example out of a handful of songs with reverse messages by popular artists at the time. Its still a damn good song tho.
I really dont think that it's the same clip backwards (about the Zeppelin song). Anyway, since I have the song, I'll locate that part of the song, and play it backwards and see if I can spot it... however, I think it'll probably be fruitless.

I haven't gone through the Queen song yet, but I'm out of time right now, so I'll do these things tomorrow, and let you know what I found.
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Growing up I was a huge fan of Led Zepplin.
I felt I needed to listen to at least 1 Zepplin song a day.....really. I was surprised to find out how many other fans felt the same way. I'm now a Born-again Christian now and really not much into Zepplin now.

That said I've never put much stock in backwards masking and feel the majority of christians' opinions about rock is a little off. Maybe it's because I was a "head" for so long and took great offense to people who didn't know me or what I was into to preaching to me.


Anyone who says Led Zepplin isn't about Occultism doesn't know Led Zepplin. Jimmy Page was up to his ears in satanism, he lived in Alister Crowley's house for crying out loud! Plant was obsessed with ancient British Hisory and religions. Many of the songs he wrote reflect this.
So, I guess to just answer the question, I must say I think it was intentional.

A very good book on Zepplin was Hammer of the Gods. It goes into great detail about how Zepplin started. Jimmy Page's band , The Yardbirds, basically quit. Jimmy Page was stuck with scrapping up a band to fullfill contract obligations.
It goes all the way to the last concert they performed. (the name ecsapes me, but it was a benifit concert inn the 80's with [I think] Phil Collins drumming for the late John Bonham).
What struck me was how this band was on the top of the world for so long and had the rock and roll world world in their hands.
Then through many tragedies (Robert Plant's near fatal car accident, the deaths of Bonham and Plant's son among others) they just fell apart. Kinda sad when you think about it.
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