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What Do You Do When Your Beloved Cry?

Everybody cries... includding you and me. but when my beloved cry, i'll feel like i want to love her more and treat her better, hug her, kiss her. i won't feel sad but some kind like i wanna take off her sadness and show her there is someone still loving her.

I not very understand about girl and i'm interest to hear from guys or gals who want to tell about what will happened when girls cry and what they want...
When beloved cry, it doesn’t matter whether girl or boy. First I will try to share his /her said thing. I will try to discuss on those If possible I will make her to forgot those thing, for that I will take her to really nice pleasant place like parks then start talking on her said issue and slowly diverting her mind on some other happy issue. In that way I will try to make her happy.
I'm a guy. When girls cry? uhmm...... I really don't know why. There are many reasons for a person to cry. All I know is when a person cry, I can imagine their feelings. I just don't know why. It seems like I am that person crying. Well especially if the one crying is very close to me. Like my sister and my girl friend. I just don't know. Whenever they cry, all I can do is to make them feel that someone (me) is there to comfort them and to listen whenever they want someone to talk to.
there's an old arabic saying "women become more beatiful when they cry" and what meant is when women cry we (the men) see the weakness of women and their need of emotions and a warm hug and the need for a man which makes you feel like you are the only one to help her getting over what made her cry. When women cry they show the true personality they are and makes you think and feel (specially if she's your girl friend) that she's the best and the most sweet and cute creature you've ever met.

....... hey i can keep talking for ever this way... let's see what you think.
Yeah, it hurts when my girlfriend cries. But really, I'd rather call her and tell how much I love her, than sit here telling all of you how much I love her Razz
When she cries I just give her a hug. If she is ready for it, she snuggles and we just are quiet and there for each other. If not, I give her some privacy, while trying to let her know Im there if she needs me. With other women I was different, but this is how my wife and I have come to deal with those tough times.
The first thing I should do is to hug him and tell him that everything will be all right. Than if he wants we may talk about his problems. And after that I may say something funny or surprise him with something.
If all this does not work I will try to run away. It's boring when someone is crying for hours Mad . And in this cases the sex is not important. I have seen both man and women crying
I don't know really. I think that when anyone cry, no matter who, Its time to be serious. Unless shes pregnant and shes crying every 5 minutes.
Subsonic Sound
Drop everything else, and do whatever I can to comfort her.

There's nothing more important to me than her happiness, and the sight of her upset physically hurts me.

Fortunately, most of the time she just needs to be reminded that someone cares for her, that she's not alone... and an intimate hug and a few well chosen whispered words can remind her that she means the world to me. Smile
make her happy ??=)
I would try to comfort her, but then I'd hold her and let her cry. Emotional crying is good for you. Also, I'd let her know I care about her and that if she ever needs to cry or talk about something I'll have a shoulder open. ^^
Citizen Kane
What do I do when my GF crys? I wrap an arm around her and hold her tighly. And I listen to her. I don't speak, I just listen. nothing more. because that's the most important thing to people, that if they are sad, someone listens. And if your partner is the most important person to you, he or she should listen. Not agree or disagree, listen. And try to understand.

I don't need my GF to know there is still someone loving her. She already knows. I tell her everyday and (more importantly) SHOW her everyday. By ackowladging what is important to her (but also to me) and by showing her respect (but also haviong my own opinion).

A lot of men don't understand fully how women think. Pretty impossible too, since we are men and think (and feel differently). An attempt to try to understand women is a nobel thing to do and brings you and your parnter closer together.
S3nd K3ys
Point and laugh??

Oh, no. Wait... hug and console. Yeah. That's it. Wink
let them cry. then talk to them after they calm down. You only gonna make the situation worst talking to them when they are emotionally "high".
"You just don't understand!" -- no sh!t, cuz you not telling me.
The main point is to listen, and resist offering a solution or "trying to fix things", as there will be time for that later.
Hugs usually fix most problems in regards to crying. Sometimes women just need to cry--they don't always need you to say anything or comfort you, and rarely ever do it because they want you to fix their problems, they just need someone to be there for them, no questions asked. Ask her what she needs from you right now after letting her sob a little bit, and see if there's anything you can do to cheer her up or if it was just a temporary burst of emotion that needed to come out. Then try to empathize, and just be kind, and hold her (or him, I guess.) Just be there, at least. That's all anybody really wants I think.
just listen to her, so that she will cry it out. Crying is not that bad always. After a while, try to find out the problem which caused her cry. If you can find yourself helpful to her regarding those problems, that would stop the crying... But for the time being when she is crying, just listen, be there, and be calm yourself.

it happens... take it easy.... and tell this to her too.
i used to hate it when my girl cries. I believed that i wasn't worthy of her tears. 3 years changed that. I found that girls cry way too much. Too much that it's somehow transformed into blackmail.
I hate to say this but I also cry with her when she cries. My heart breaks when a lady cries in front of me especially if they're close to me (my girl, girl - friends, my mom, my sisters).

What I do is to make them feel better. Hug and kiss them usually.
Put my arm around her waste and let her lean on my shoulder.
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