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Have You Ever Ask Your Friend To Break with Their Beloved?

I had many friends and most of them have problems on their love life. I face several situations, which are friend with their girl friend should normally good and there is just only small misunderstood. Some are which their boy friend treat them in the way they whould not and not good for them, for example the boy friend telling her he is not sure either she is in his heart or not. and some are far distance, unrealistic relationship and many more. and i had ever try to tell them to breakup with their boy friend and recommend them the person they should have. and lastly they really happy together. i think i should not doing this cause it is not fair to another person. but when i see this kind of situation, i can't control myself and i'll tell them what i feel and tell them what is he or she suppose to do.

so have you ever doing same thing like me?? or we can shared some here...
I prefer telling them how to solve the misunderstanding instead of breaking up. Many relationships seems to be unsuccessful but it keeps going with all the good and bad thing all together for long and long time. Of course there's proplems and fighting and missunderstanding but they always come back to each other cuz they truly love each other. So breaking up is the last and I mean the very last solution. I may say so As Islam says so in marriage (You can divorce your wife but it's not recommended as a first solution and you have to try to make it up again between you both) but when i think about it... i find it really good to try to make things up again and find solutions to the missunderstandings between you both before you say "let's have a break" or you just break up without a word. If you break up and you know you love him/her you may not be able to come back and find the way back to his/her heart.

For me, losing my beloved (which i love very much and she loves me and we both know that) because of a single misunderstanding or even of several will break my heart and her heart. and i will sure hate the one who told me to break up cuz at that time i'll find that it was no big deal to lose her and break up with her.

Again, try to advice them and find solutions for them cuz mostly you see the big picture they don't see. Don't listen up for your friend only, listen for his/her beloved too. Listening to one side will make only the half of the picture and will charg you with emotions against the other which makes you tell your friend "You have to break up". Can you bear the feeling that you screwed your friend's emotional life? No, you can't. So don't do it. And if ever somebody tells you break up with your friend, beloved don't do it and think twice cuz once the door is closed you can't open it again. When you step a single step away there's no turning back. You'll lose him/her for ever. You may get back together but the broken glass... can not be repaired the same way it was. I may lose some one telling me to break up with the one I love cuz i know i love her and she love me and may be loves me more than i do.

think, think, think, think and think twice before you break up or tell some one to break up. Try to make it up again and find the solutions, if you see there's no way but breaking up, don't look back and walk away cuz her tears will be nightmares for you.

Am I overwhelmed with love? may be... you tell me.
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