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Sonic the Hedgehog

I was wondering who everyones favorite Sonic character was, Mines Tails Very Happy
I of course like Sonic...

I love the sega genesis sonic games. Those were real fun!
My favourite was Sonic himself, but I like all the characters from the original Sonic Games. Once the Genesis passed on, the Sonic Games went down the hole. I have all the original games in cartridge form, inclusing a few for the Sega Master System, all the ROMS (Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear), and am play Sonic Mega Collection Plus on my computer, which has all the Genesis and Game Gear games, and some extras. Ristar was a fantastic game,

Once Sonic went 3D, the games weren''t as good. Mario made the transition well, but Sonic didn't. They are both platformer games, but different types. Sonic just doesn't work in 3D. At least not so Far.

All this Sonic talk has made me want to find Sonic CD for the PC. That too was a great game!
I wish they finished Sonic 4 for Genesis. they had to friggin cancel the project and go for the newer system Evil or Very Mad
Man, I remember when the Genesis was still pretty new and came bundled with sonic the hedgehog... I got it for my birthday or for Christmas or something and was soooo excited. I called my mom at work every time I beat a level I was so excited.

I think my favorite character is sonic himself, maybe tails though. Knuckles was cool too. I really liked Sonic for the GameGear... Man Surf Ninjas was a kickass game too. I love this forum, brings back so many memories Very Happy
well i start with
shadow the hedgehog
sonic and
well amy is annoying but when u ply with her shes really kewl and fast for god sake when i was playing sonic riders and playing as shadow and my cousin bet me bad with amy rose like omg and plus i just think shadow is the kewlist out off them all coz hes got attitude and hes dark i love everyone dark like on the dark side and y i like sonic....i dont know really its tht hes the main person i mean hedgehog of the game and if u ppl like tails its just like u like being smart and all of tht crap tails maybe smart and all but hes gotta be gud same with all the other like...eggman tht dumbass hes just toooooooooo annoying man always showing up when i dont want him too by the way i wanted to ask is shadow a syborg because i played and finished sonic heros,sonic riders,shadow the hedgehog and sonic adventure 2 battle coz in the end of SA2B he gives his life for those earthlings rite using chaos control and all with sonic and umm thts all i cant really say about this rocking game its just tht i hail sega and sonic team for making this kewl game...ok tht it cant think of anything else lol Razz ok bye Very Happy
No Shadow is not a cyborg he is a anthromorphic hedgehog created by GUN and shadow has turned out to be alive after all and now has his own badly made game Crying or Very sad
I guess I stopped playing too far back cause I know nothing about shadow or amy... hmmm?
Sonic and Shadow FTW! Got to stick with the hedgehogs.
Sonic himself is pretty cool - although knuckles was alright too.
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