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Telephony problem in Win XP Home

Da Rossa
Hi, I urge to get this issue solved, I'll appreciate every bit of help.

I have a Motorola V3 cellphone, and used to use it's software, motorola phone tools, easily and with no problem. Someday I decided that I didn't need it anymore so uninstalled it. Ok. Now I need it again, and for my surprise, after the installation I get a very annoying, non-explanatory message "Telephony interface cannot sucessfully start".
Ok, I didn't know what it was, so I reinstalled, searched the registry, scanned with antispyware, antivirus and everything just to be conscience-clean. After several days, today, I reinstalled, the installation worked fine, but when the program was beginning to launch, that same f********** message showed up, and I realised it was not about the motorola software.

'Telephony interface' addressed me to the control panel, "telephony and modem settings" (or similar, my OS is in portuguese). I identifyed it: I couldn't even open the telephony settings under the control panel. The message: "Cannot open the control panel "telephony and modem settings", perhaps you'll have problems to launch the telephony service." And that's all.

The Windows help contains NOTHING about this. Sad

How to fix it?
I need my program working asap, will I have to call the MS Support or is it easy to fix? Thanks!!
Have you checked windows-services if there is a service for telephony and if it's running? Perhaps the service has been disabled by accident....

To find out: Startmenu -> Execute -> type "services.msc" <enter>
and search for "telephony".

I just looked up my entry, it's running and set to "Manual".

Second chance is Device Manager. Which interface is your cellular connected to (USB, etc)? Look up the Device manager if this interface is up and running.
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