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My site - aka Dark Circles under the eyes suck

Hey guys

I have dark circles under the eyes and I am sure many of you do too. Some of you will just say "get more sleep!" but for some of us this is not possible because the dark circles are due to other problems such as inhertiance.

I know lots of people search for this daily, and that there are lots of bogus creams about the place. It is a huge matter for some people and it can have drastic effects on self confidence. But, as much as I searched, i could not find any kind of forum to discuss it on.

Hence, was created.

Have a look at it, i know its a phpbb pretty standard website but check out the ad placements (hosting is funded by advertising) and see what you think. Also if you guys want to sign up and join in if you (or someone you know) suffers from this problem then feel very welcome.

I am also thinking of creating a main site to go with it, maybe a portal of some sort. It's only been around a few days but its certainly taking off quite well with those who have found it!

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

hmm. the template is standard and broeding, and honestly, why would anyone need this site?
You really need to do something to make your site more visually interesting.

I sort of agree with warallthetm. Who really needs this? I mean more power to you if you get millions of users but I don't know if there is a need for a forum on this topic since a quick google search brings up tons of info on the subject and all of the things you offer in your forum.

Plus, I think your site might do better if you could attract some professionals. Like doctors. Have them write articles or answer the questions especially if the circles under the eyes are from a genetic/ medical reason. You don't want to get sued by telling people home remedies.
Hi guys thanks for the replies

The reason the site is there is because while there are loads of resources there is no way to contact other users to see if the methods have worked for them. Also if you see how many acne forums there are it is ridiculous, so why not one dark circle one? It can have just as much of an effect on self esteem as acne.

As for the skin, I want to keep it simple. Like frihost, that is still simple, but it works, and that should be fine.
Hi ,
Change your phpBB template. Please man Embarassed
rafifaisal wrote:
Hi ,
Change your phpBB template. Please man Embarassed

done Smile
Hey great work. I love the template. Which one is it ? ?
rafifaisal wrote:
Hey great work. I love the template. Which one is it ? ?

Aphrodite Blue
Clear, functional but what do you think about giving one or two more colors?
MirekB wrote:
Clear, functional but what do you think about giving one or two more colors?

Hmm, I think if i were to change the look then I would probably add some pictures on the sides, although getting the pictures will be hard so when i got some ill put them up. I dont want it to be too colorful that it distracts though.

Thanks a lot for your input Razz Smile
Hope you take this as constructive criticism:

- Site is very visually unappealing
- Top of site and header are also unappealing
- Layout is very sprawling and distracting
- Colors are not the best
- Overall look is very boring

My first visit to the site would be the last no matter how interesting the info might be to me.

My suggestions would be to redo your layout, something a bit more compact that still displays the necessary info. Add some sort of color to it, make it more visually appealing. Redo you logo and header to be more dynamic. The logo could use a better look and maybe center it at the top of the page.

Sorry if you took any offense to my suggestions...I only meant to give you honest feedback. Hope you'll take something from my post and maybe work to make your site a bit more appealing!
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