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i'm in college right now at NYU and if my AIM client is on, my work level drops. anyone else does that happen to you?
Funny how distractions do that to you, yes. I have Trillian and until recently couldn't even turn it on if I had work to do. Now I have given so many people the "I have to do my homework, I can't talk you or play right now" excuse that most of them don't bother trying anymore.
Funny how distractions do that to you, yes. I have Trillian and until recently couldn't even turn it on if I had work to do. Now I have given so many people the "I have to do my homework, I can't talk you or play right now" excuse that most of them don't bother trying anymore except during the summer when I at least have fewer classes.
Easily distracted people kills grades.
I used to use AIM alot. Pretty sure it got old on me, cause I hate it now. It sucks. Takes up so much time. Wastes time. Conversations started being the same as that last. Anyways, I'm not sure if my grades have gone up since I stopped using AIM.
I have no problem with AIM, mostly because it tends to annoy me when I'm using it so I just ignore it. However, if my email account, Frihost (I should totally be doing homework right now!), or anything that slightly amuses me is within viewpoint, my level of productivity drops. To study effectively, I can't be on or near a computer. It's not just a case of being easily distracted either. Most of my friends feel this way (with different programs).
Liu wrote:
Easily distracted people kills grades.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Unfortunately, I'm one of those easily distracted people Cool
I find when I want to get something done (homework, art, or otherwise), it's in my best interest to just turn off all instant messenger programs (and sometimes the Internet itself.)

Otherwise you get people IMing you and you stop and respond, and end up in a conversation... or four (Wink) and waste all your study time chatting.
All distractions actaully make you pay less attention which in turn makes you work less or slack off. The only thing that really makes me distracted is everything. Very Happy I can like not do homework without Techno playing im my room though. (Unless its History in which case i have to try really hard to remember the stuff written on the pages not the lyrics of some song) I bet if there was no such thing as video games, i would have a 4.00
I'm easily distracted too. But it takes so much effort just to overcome that obssesiveness over something. For some people, it work the other way around. Instead of them trying to fix it by avoiding usage of AIM (for example), they use it even more till they just get so tired of it.
It doesnt matter what program is on my computer - I usually find that any social application can steal my focus on work. Thank god they have restrictions on the computer at work!
Star Wars Fanatic
I used to use MSN a lot, and it shot my grades down, recently I don't even go on at all. And when I do go one, I have tons of people message me, so it is near impossible to get work done.
Easily distracted people kills grades.

i agree xD

i can work perfectly fine with AIM on, as long as i'm actually working Razz.
ok so when i try to sign onto my aim which i have never had trouble before when i press enter to sign in it keeps me on the home of aim with an erreor message that says settings error before sign in so of course then i cant log in how do i fix this.
I wouldn't blame it on AIM, any distraction can drop your work level if you aren't disciplined. For instance, I'm supposed to working on homework right now but as you can see I was distracted.
How stupid would you have to be to turn on an im client when your about to do homework. You KNOW people are going to try to talk to you 99% of the time. How hard is it to wait until your finished to turn it on
I turn on instant messenger, check email, surf the internet, watch television, etc while doing homework. You just have to have the ability to decide that the homework is important. If you don't want to do an assignment or aren't sure how to get started on something, etc. you will probably find some way of distracting yourself.

I guess some people solve that by taking away their favorite distractors and sometimes that is what you have to do. But for those that are distracted by instant messenger, why not just put up an away message that indicates that you are doing homework. Fewer people will message and those that do have no right to expect an immediate reply! That way you can choose to ignore it for a while and then come back to it when you're ready.
yes, i use to have my aim client on all th etime when i was in college. it was awesome. chatting with friends from back when and just doing work at the same time. the java applet was the best tho, cuz you couldnt install the real aim so i used the java one all the time. i think they ended up blocking it though before i graduated
Yes, aim does kill your grades Razz. MMORPGs moreso though!
Ah, man, AIM is worse than sleep deprivation. When AIM is up, work just kind of stops existing. And then all of a sudden it's 3 AM. The only solution is uninstall.
I'm definately like this when it comes to doing homework - though usually its MSN or some Halo 3 to distract me from doing (what is often pointless! Wink ) work.
I'm generally good about revising for exams though - cos its more important I guess
I've always wondered about this- "If I didn't have aim/computers/video games, would I perform better?" and so I tried thinking about what it would be like if I lived in something like the 19th century. Would I work harder, because there would be none of the aforementioned distractions? I don't think I would. There's always going to be some sort of distraction or the other, depending on your situation- aim just happens to be a modern one.

That being said, aim is pretty ubiquitous- even though there are other distractions, it's so much easier to get distracted on aim, just because it's so easy to sign on.
haha, I have the same problem frequently, I tend to just set my IM client to away, or invisible while i'm working on something. That way I can still see who comes online and stuff, and I don't have to worry about getting bothered by people I don't want to talk to Wink
sometimes. but most of the time i just close the message if im busy and continue my work.
If you're going to work. Work. Don't chat. If you're willing to be distracted, then go for it.

Grades are about natural comprehension vs. work put in. Some people can skate by using half their attention for class and half for meaningless banter on through instant messaging. It's all about knowing yourself and your limits of distraction.

I personally like to zone out into what I'm doing, so if I'm paying attention, I am throughly, and if I'm not, then I'm zoned out into my distraction (reading, internet, movies.... never IM's.... hate 'em).
Do not try to be absent-minded, otherwise you will end up with schizophrenia minded Smile

Instand message is not that addictive but try to log off when you find you are suffering from being online chatting all the time. If you are online just to receive messages you friends may send you and never reply (as I for some time have the habbit), use a cell phone instead, because it is much politer than not replying instant messages when you are online.

What's more, if you are really gonna chat online, take it as a reward when you finish all the homework and schoolwork and extra work that will make benefits for your grade. Then you will chat happily online and not worry about the terrible aftermath of the grade killing. Otherwise you will not have fun chatting while worrying being even worse in math, physics, right?
bigdbag wrote:
i'm in college right now at NYU and if my AIM client is on, my work level drops. anyone else does that happen to you?

I experienced quite the contrary. When AIM is on, I converse with my friends about the homework and actually get it done quicker. Then, we move on to more important, AIM-related things... Razz
a message.
AIM, IRC, and MSN kills my grades.
Let's not just focus on the negative.

Paying attention in class, participating, and being curious helps grades.

Do those and you're sure to do well. Do aim or gaming or whatever you do when your not trying to absorb something new. The best students I notice are the ones that desire getting something out of the class and put that kind of effort in.
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