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Belgian musician built a party because of 9/11

Stubru Freak
The readers of the belgian De Standaard newspaper couldn't believe their eyes when yesterday's edition featured a quote in which Daan Stuyven, singer of the belgian acts Daan and Dead Man Ray, declares that he has had a party to celebrate the death of the victims fallen in the WTC disaster on September 11th, 2001. Stuyven: "When the first plane hit the WTC tower I thought ' finally!' and got some beer (...) the americans got what they deserved." The first reactions from people we showed the words was of disbelief. We quote Angie S. from New York: "I can't believe that an artist like Stuyven can be such an absolute idiot. If this is his way of being a 'tough' guy, shame on him. Hundreds of innocent people died there and he is just thinking how he can celebrate... sick bastard!"


What do you think? Doesn't he have a point there? Shouldn't we celebrate that America got shown what it means to be attacked and lose thousands of civilians, that America got shown that you can't just rule the world and bomb everyone who doesn't agree, without being punished?

Is he a terrorist for saying that? Would you still consider buying his new CD? (It's scheduled for release in October, and I'm certainly gonna buy it.)

Just some numbers:
9/11: 3'000 innocent civilians killed
Iraq war: 45'000 innocent civilians killed

So I also would like to reintroduce the question: who really is the biggest terrorist?

Artwork by him:
I'd like to introduce a number here, too. The total number of innocent civilians who died during WW2 NOT including the holocaust (Which for some strange reason, certain unnamed leaders deny ever having taken place.): 37 million

Let's see, 45,000 is 0.12% of 37 million, in a war that's been going on for nearly as long. Plus, I'm willing to bet that at least three quarters of those were civilians targeted BY THE OTHER SIDE INTENTIONALLY. The US government is not to blame for the civilian deaths. We're to blame for being complete idiots and screwing up the invasion completely, going in without international support and under false pretenses, but the civilian deaths are in a very large part not out fault. Terrorists target innocent civilians. 9/11 was a terrorist attack. It was the most deadly terrorist attack in history. Iraq is a war. It is probably one of the least deadly major wars in history.

Here's another number for you: 620,000

The number of american soldiers that died in the civil war. 3,000 is... 0.4% of that. That's right, the number of soldiers that died in Iraq is a miniscule portion of the amount of soldiers that died in the civil war. In the battle of Shiloh alone, 3,800 soldiers were killed and thousands more maimed. That's more than in the ENTIRE IRAQ WAR.

The Iraq war is one of the cleanest major wars fought in the history of the United States, or indeed the world. I'm not saying it's a just war, it isn't. I never supported the invasion of Iraq. However, we have taken EVERY effort to minimise deaths and it has worked.
Stubru Freak
There is this great way to minimize the deaths of a war, it is not to start the war.

I never said 45'000 is a lot of deaths for a war, I just said that it's a lot of deaths.

Your theory, that 45'000 isn't a lot because it's a war, and 3'000 is a lot because it's terrorism, doesn't make sense.
What's the difference between a war and terrorism anyway?
That wars are fought between official countries?
That war kills more people?
Give me your reason, and then look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Whenever Palestina attacks, it's terrorism, when Israel attacks, it's war.
You know why? Because Israel is sponsored by the US.
yeah, you could celebrate the fact that american arrogance got a dent in it; sure. But out of respect for the death of 3000 innocent people you don't go throwing a party. That is immoral and completely out of place.
Anyone with an open mind shouldn't have this litle respect for human life.

Daan is an idiot.
Agreed, Daan is an idiot. Personally, I think Bush is the bigger terrorist here..but at the same time I don't see how you can celebrate civilian deaths no matter what country they are in.
You can celebrate when Bush dies but there is no reason to celebrate the deaths of 3000 or 45 000 people...
Those people had nothing to do with terrorism or war so it is stupid to celebrate their deaths.
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