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LOUD Noises when Starting Comp

When I turn on my computer, i get this LOUD noise from the box. I think it is coming from the fan, but I am not sure. But then after few minutues or so, the noise goes quieter and eventually no noise is coming out.

But if i shut down the computer and start it right away, no noise.

but if i shut down the computer and wait half an hour later then turn it back on, YES noise.

so i was wondering if anyone know how to fix this?
Hhhmm, I had that problem to. I just cleaned the fan and the noice was over. Maybe you can try that. If that doesn't work, try to clean the fan in your computer. But be really carefull, because you can damage your computer if you do something wrong.
You should diagnose the problem by unplugging a few components at a time and see what could be the problem. Here's a few ideas :

- Fan
- Hard Drive
- A loosely secured component
- ...etc

If not, then it might be the speaker that's attached to the case that's making the noise. Some component might not be working correctly with the motherboard.

There's a lot of problems that it could be. I recommend you to check out :


Good luck with it. If you do find the problem, please keep us updated. Smile

- Mike.
Proberly a fan, put your ear near the source and find out what it is.
hi, i got exactly the same problem. I turned open my pc and it is the fan on my graphics card. (It's a GeForce 4 MX440 (yeah laugh Razz ))

I went to some seller in my neigbourhood and he said it's alright as long as it turns, it's only when it doesnt make any noise anymore that you should start worrying Wink

So i'd say, turn open ur pc, and make fun in there.

I dont have a fan on my video card. This computer has been about 5 years old, I am pretty sure it is coming from the fan. But cleaning the dusts doesn't seem to help. And I am not that good with computer...another other help i could use? thanks
have u tried yelling at it? :Plol
*edit* posting drunk makes spelling mistakes rampent Embarassed *edit*

Spyder wrote:
This computer has been about 5 years old, I am pretty sure it is coming from the fan. But cleaning the dusts doesn't seem to help.

With respect... with a computer over a even one or two there is a very good chance it is coming from one of the fans.

Computers tend to gather a lot of dust from any room... especially if it is one of the main used rooms of the house (smoke/dust from fireplace etc.)

Cleaning the dust from the fan itself may seem ok, but have you actually cleaned it from the bearing itself (this is what will be making the noise) i.e. the pin in the middle of the spinning section.

To be honest, you may find it easier to spend a couple of quid replacing the fan than trying to clean the actual problem, however, do spend some time on your open pc, making sure that the sound is coming from a faulty fan (open the box, and turn it on, it should be obvious where the sound is coming from if you listen closly) before replacing an part unnecessarily.
Spyder wrote:
I dont have a fan on my video card. This computer has been about 5 years old, I am pretty sure it is coming from the fan. But cleaning the dusts doesn't seem to help.

I can understand. Wink

I had a pre-owned pentium non-mmx until recently. (must have been atleast 7-8 years old)
the cpu fan on it needed a boost (a flick by the finger was usually enough) to get it started.
and just like you said, my fan also worked well when it was warm.

so I'll say, it's most likely the cpu fan that's creating the noise.
you are lucky, atleast your fan starts on it's own !

you can try to find a cpu fan that fits (you can still find one in some shops if you are lucky) or remove the cpu fan (just the fan, not the heat sink itself), and tape a case fan it over the heat sink.

remember, there are always chances of damaging something, so so it only if you are sure of what you are doing. (and ofcourse, do it only if the cpu fan is indeed the culprit)

best of luck
i can't find the cpu on my motherboard for some reason.

I have this big rectangle box that has a fan attached to the back, like I can see the fan from the back of my that it?

I really dont want to break anything or even upgrade this computer, cause it's really old so there is no point in wasting money to upgrade
The box is called a Power Supply, or a PSU. It supplies power to all the components of the computer. If the noise is coming from it, REPLACE IT IMMEDIATELY. A short-circuit or problem with your PSU can cause your computer to fry (literally). There is a CPU on every mobo, on some old ones it does not even have a heat sink and just looks like a large black chip on the mobo.

Anyways, it sounds like you need a new computer. I would reccommend getting a friend that knows tons about computers to help you assemble a computers from parts ordered from Pricewatch is the single best place to order computer parts; almost everything is cheaper than in stores and usually has free shipping. Using the parts from there, I was able to easily assemble my computer for under $350.
this loud noise has been present more than 1 year. And yet nothing happened yet, still running smoothly. It's just that I want to get rid of the noise. I am trying to avoid wasting money on a new computer =/ so
hey man first of all, everyone is on track here, the problem will be in your fan

heres some little suggestions

1. Tighten the screws thats holding your actuall FAN in place
2. Remove your fan, clean the blades, clean the entire fan
3. Very Carefully Wiggle A Few Things to see if their loose or not

or if your computer illiterate it could just be that your computer is Thinkin a whole lot and vibrating cords and plugs and stuff against your side walls, fan, and other components i had that problem once, my computer would be thinking like crazy on Boot-Up then i took some things off my Start Up Programs, then it was fine i just had about 3 plugs hitting knocking around in it..

Good Luck with this man Hope This Helps you
I had this problem it was just the amount of dirt on the fan was making it hit the edges but stopped for someone reason after a while, hope it helped.
Yes, probably the fan. Like the others said, maybe it's just dirt. Maybe you can clean it with a cotton bud (hope that it's the right word;) ).

If you have bad luck, it's the sleeve/ball bearing of the fan. Had that a few times because my computer almost runs 24/7. The little fans on the graphics card or chip set spin very fast and seem not to be made for a long lifetime. Especially if the computer is cold they make this noise. That's typical, I had this with 3 or 4 fans already.

Just make sure, that the fan always spins after turning on the computer. If the fan doesn't spin, because of dirt or broken bearings, it's motor overheats and it dies. Then the chipset doesn't get cooled anymore and probably also doesn't like the extra heat of the burning fan. High risk that you end with dead hardware.

Happend almost to my GeForce Ti-4200. But it survived and so I attached a new fan and now it works again. Does look a bit strange though. Wink
As I have observed, you said that everything works perfectly except for the noise. So if you'd ask me there's no problem with the PC but the Fan or the P.S. (Power Supply). These things are relatively very easy to fix. It doesn't need a PC pro. Or maybe, if you're not observing carefully, one of the fans (CPU, chassis fan or any other fan) maybe obstructed by a metallic or plastic material (like wires) which gives such a whirring sound. Do you know ceiling fans - they give bad noises if they get tangled up with wires or any object which maybe really unpleasant to the ears. So its' also nice to properly install your wirings or properly arrange them inside the chassis. If you also know about Magic Fleece - it's a nice inner covering for the chassis to dampen and eliminate unnecessary sound. Wink
I used to have a computer that buzzed so loud that could not fall asleep as long as that thing was on. The problem with my noisy computer... was the processor cooler pretty much. So I had to replace it for $12 which isn't that bad.
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