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one last wish?

as its a general thread, lemme explain..

In a situation when YOU know YOU are gonna die & Someone comes & asks YOU, whats YOUR last wish..

what would YOU wish for?

Note: you are gonna die nywy Wink


well i will ask for one last COOKIE ( i love cookies) kekeke Laughing
To fufill my dream of becoming a horse, at least for the time I have left.
Who knows, perhaps I would still be one after I die?
Hm...tis an intriguing question....if I was gonna die anyway, I'd surgically change myself into a woman. Just to see what it's like. But more realistically, my final wish would be to know all the secrets of the world, especially what really goes on in Area 51, going under the assumption that it does exist. That'd be cool.
I'd wish to not die.....

i'd want to do something that would make me remember by all.
I'd wish to die quickly Wink
I'm held captive in my house, gun to my head, barrel pointing to my brain. The enemy loads six bullets into his gun. He release the safety lock on the gun and smiles at me. He looks hard at me, and asks me...

"Any last wishes?"

And with all the courage coarsing through my veins I refuse to look him eye to eye, hold onto all my dignity and take my last breath. And all of the memories of my past life come flashing before my eyes, unterrified by the theif's presence, and I say

"I will always love you son"


Nothing matters more to me than to remember my life's worth and hope I did the right think, hold onto my dignity and respect my death as a passing. It is too late to wish now, just let it be.
I'd wish for a glass of cold black beer Very Happy

My favourite Very Happy
i will wish for a chilled lassi (a drink made from curd) and aloo ka parantha (search the net for it... dont know its english)
Blaster wrote:
I'd wish to not die.....

@#$! you beat me to it!

I always thought it funny in the movies when an executioner asks if the guy has any last wish. "Yeah. Don't kill me!"

Seriously, I would probably wish to know if there is actually life somewhere besides Earth, and where.
just let me see a person whom i love. It's already enough.
my wish is to get into heaven rather than the damn hell. i think atheist will never believe the existence of haeven and hell. getting into haeven is not a easy job. to many requirements in islam Rolling Eyes
I wish my family members will be healthy and happy always.
I'd wish to have a few more years of enjoyable healthy life and then die very quickly when I'm asleep
Answer is dependent of time wish asked. I wish to have a fish in my dish right now.
hmmm, what would i ask for eh?Something plesurable, and a quick death-painless death. Like 4 beautiful women, and beeing killed with a sleeping-death potion... But, if i could, i wouldn't wonna die... Razz PLZ>.........
Don't kill me:( i am innocent.... SPARE MEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I would said

"I wanted to kill the most handsome man in the world, but i found that suicide is not a way to solve problem... "
if i was given one final wish and that wish would be respected and completed it would be:
shoot urself, before u shoot me. Laughing

but seriously, it would be something like:
dont let anyone see u kill me

the trauma of seeing the one and only me die would drive them ocver the edge. Very Happy
What kind of situation? An instant death, like, someone is pointing a gun or I'm suffering from an incurable disease?

If it's in a situation wherein I'm suffering from an incurable disease and I still have some time left, I'd wish to go to places I've never been yet, or have a gathering with my friends (a goodbye party...)

If it's a situation wherein someone's going to kill me right that moment, I'd wish to tell my loved ones that I love them all and keep living.
Is "world peace" allowed?

If not, then it'd be "forget I ever existed".
I would wish to relive all of the best and worst moments of my life. For the simple pleasure of feeling alive.
I would wish for a "do over" of my life. That way, I could show my love to those in my life who were good to me especially when I did not realize it until it was too late and I could screw over those jackasses that screwed me over.
I wish I get easy death...
Unless I can ask for "infinite wish before you kill me", I would ask for the chance to take a final prayer to my Lord, God, and Saviour; To thank Him for my life, and to help those who will be affected by my death to be comforted by You. To be able to have a "Final prayer" in my life would be really cool, imo.

I wish I could turn back time and recreate history.
One last wish? Well, I suppose I should say that I hope the rest of the world could live in peace but hell, that's too girly and besides, this is MY last moment!

No, I'd ask for a 24 date with Brad Pitt (girly, I know, but I don't expect a guy to understand!) and to die painlessly is what I'd want!
Last Wish!!!!
I think It would Be Like I want to live some 60 years more.....
Though If God would not provide me with this wish, I would wish that the person whom I love would know The intensity with which i love them be it My Parents( No need as they know as good aas i know abt them), my Friends aand my Love interest.
maybe... wanna say 'Hi' to the girl of my dreams.. tried for almost 4 months by now, couldn't even say hi.. maybe someday or maybe as the last wish Laughing Laughing
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