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Newcastle United

Hey Newcastle fans out there. What do u guys think of newcastle this season. What are your expectations of them this time round? What do this of the new signings? Well, I personally am still puzzled with the signing of former Inter player O'Martins. Why on earth did newcastle sign him? And for a whopping 10 million. I don't think its makes any sense at all. It's not as if he's really a goal machine neither is he a first team regular for Inter or Nigeria. Oh man, i wonder what is going on in the brain of Roeder. Anyway, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. The 2-1 defeat by fulham is really embarressing. It seems that Newcastle's defense is still pretty screwed up. LOL.
Oh, I forgot to add this. I'm expecting Newcastle to hit a Uefa spot again this season. Anything less than that, well.....we'll be seeing a change od manager yet again.

Well well, Let's hope good old Roeder manages to break the "every season chop one manager" syndrome of Newcastle. Cheers! Wink
Newcastle are a pretty decent team with new players like Duff and Martins. Yet, since Shearer retired it will be a lot difficult for them and we all know how difficult it is in the premiership so, I personally don't think that Newcastle United are capable of reaching the UEFA Champions League. They may qualify for the UEFA Cup though.
Actually, i think Newcastle always get a good squad, but never a good coach. I thought they could do better by signing Michael Owen, but it is really unfortunate that Owen suffers one injury after another. I hope he can get back in shape when he is fully recovered, I don't want to see Owen sinks down to the bottom because of those stupid injuries. So, basically, unless Newcastle gets a good coach, otherwise there is no hope.
Well.. at the summer they did 2 great signings - Damien Duff from Chealse and Obafemi Martins form Inter ( great player!), i think that they have no chance to win the premier league, but they can fight on the Champions, or the UEFA cup surelly.
Newcastle has been a long-time decent team in Premier League, especially I like its fans.

However, with several key player going out, I don't expect them more but qualifying Eurpean competition.
Yep i agree, Newcastle really needs a decent manager. But it seems like throughout the years they haven't really got one. They got Bobby Robson at a point of time, yeah, he used to be a great manager, but Newcastle got him too late, he's already too old when he came to Newcastle. haha perhaps its because the chairman Shepherd is too screw up to pick a good manager. Someone who can employ people like Ruud Gullit and Gramme Souness as Newcastle's manager really need to see a doctor. LOL Smile
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