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Acne guide

Many people are worried about Acne and they are trying to use different methods to alleviate acne. But they usually don't try to educate themselves about Acne. Some of the methods may even worsen the Acne.

80 percent of people will get acne outbreaks between the age of 11 and 30 at some point. So stay calm as stress could your acne worse. Read more about it.

People find acne embarassing and emotionally distressing. How much people know about Acne?

When I got Acne, I have read through many sites and I have followed their advice. It was very useful to me to take care of my Acne. It is very important to get information about Acne as much as possible to be able to take care of it. To read more about Acne, go to the following site.
i personally have been suffering from acne for 6-7 years now. i guess being careless with your acne can really come back and bite you at your privates (lol im only joking). But on a more serious note, i feel that whomever starts getting their first few pimples it's important to treat it seriously with the help of a dermatologist. Soon I will be going to the dermatologist myself to get some of the strongest medicine available (legally) to treat my acne since i've lived with my acne for a few years too long.
Thanks very much. Very useful. Thanks for this Very Happy
Acne, Pimples, Blackheads, i got then all! but strangely they seem to grow on my back and only rarely on my face! seriously!! i've been wondring why this is so since im in high school! Shocked
Thanks for the links ive kind of got my acne under control now but still want to like finish it Razz so fo that the info is pretty useful...thanks again Very Happy
I'm within that age... And If I don't have Acne... Does that make me abnormal? Rolling Eyes
One great suggestion I have for people with acne prone skin is to was with Epsom salts. My daughter had terrible acne until I came across this tip on the internet, and since she started doing it on a regular basis, her face is cleared up incredibly. It takes about a week to see any great improvement, but onece it starts, it is amazing to watch. It also loosens stubborn blackheads and makes them easy to get out.

Just mix up a tablespoon of epsom salt in 1/2 cup warm water, and wash face with it about 2 times daily. The results will amaze you.
epsom salt does work sometimes ^^

I'm on my last month of Acutaine. It's a pill you take everyday, for and average of 6-8 months. My acne went basically completely away within the first 2 or 3. The only downsides is that is has some pretty big side effects on some people, it mutates babies if you get pregnant with it, it dries you out ALOT (so much chapstick), and you have to get blood taken and sign a lot of papers. It works though Wink
NooBix wrote:
I'm within that age... And If I don't have Acne... Does that make me abnormal? Rolling Eyes

It makes you lucky Smile

I've been thinking of getting medication like Acutain also, how much does it cost?
Try using a solution of witch hazel and lemon juice. About 5 parts witch hazel, 1 part lemon juice.
I use that whenever I have a spot Smile
There is some pretty useful information on this site....but there are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, which kind of puts me off.
thanks for the helpful guide. i personally have to wash my face twice a day or else i'd get a break out the next day. i also use a cleanser that doesn't make my face feel tight because that only makes your face feel dry which will make it produce more oil to make up for the dryness.
i once got poison ivy on my face, and had to use calamine lotion to clear it up
in the process i noticed that my acne was removed as well

i have been using it daily and it works wonders, i havent seen any side effects, like i know that some treatments do

also some medicated dandruff shampoos when used like a cleansing scrub can clear all acne on your face immediately, but they tend to leave the skin very dry
there are really good simple information on this site. thanx for sharing your find
i personally have the same problem. acne sometimes can make you emotionally stressed. especially when you have no choice but to stay late at night, when stress level is pretty high, i would expect a pimple in my neck the next morning. its just disappointing. although, i already know much of what is stated there, it just keeps popping. i hope i can cleanse my face from acne! Confused
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Benzoyl peroxide works very well for me, and is relatively cheap when you compare it to all the branded creams out there. The only bad thing is that it bleaches fabrics, so I really need to be careful about it coming into contact with my clothing. My friend tried it, though, and it just made her sensitive skin really dry and peely, so it's not for everyone.

I'd never heard of the Epsom salts thing - I might give it a try.

Can anyone recommend any good salicyclic acid products?
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