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what is beauty??

Very Happy hey!!!!

i would like to ask everyone what beauty means to you all.....
Does beauty mean the external outlook of ur body only???
or its the inner beauty of your heart????

or is it the combination of inner and outer beauty????
is beauty everything????
Question Question Question Question Question

please give ur opinion.... Confused Confused

Most of the ppl. think they are beautiful, even if they are not in many ppls eyes. I went with cute and inner beautiful, yes my wife Smile. That way you are going to enjoy that beauty as long as you live. She's still going to be beautiful at age 80 for me. Beauty is over rated. I blame the media the most. Everywhere you look, get small, small is beautiful, get a nose job, be like Jessica, be like Paris. No, I will not record a "naughty" movie, yet! Rolling Eyes

Stay beautiful
well.. to be beautiful is ... to look like me Very Happy!!

muahahahah.. muahahaha.. ok, I'm joking, I'm not that arrogant, really..

I think that everything and everyone is beautiful, but every person appreciates it in different ways, mostly because all our lives we've been told what "beautiful" is, etc...
beaty is make other think u r nice
Beauty is personality, looks and inner beauty all at the same time.This is a major subliminal message. Please email me if you find it as I think it is really cool. My email address is Anyway Congratulations if you found this as I really did think that no one would ever find it and it would be one of those things on the Internet that no one will ever find like one of those free sites that no one ever visits. Not like ones made on this site they are cool!!! I love this site and thanks for it.
I think that inside is what's most important. Even if someone doesn't have the greatest physical appearance, a good sense of confidence as well as a fun personality can make them a lot more desirable! Looks fade with age but, for the most part, what you learn in life is retained forever.
For me it is the inner beauty of one's heart.No one will look beautyfull if her heart is dirty or urgly.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Very Happy Here in Brazil, tanned skin is beautiful. I'm pale, and I do think that I'm really beautiful just the way I am! Well, my boyfriend agree that pale is more beautiful than tanned skin. I think it will depend on the way you see things. Most people think that I'm beautiful cause I'm such a happy person. I'm also a good listener and loyal friend. Beauty is the union of a lot of factors, which will compose people's preferences.
Every time you smile, you are the world's most beautiful person. To me it's the inside that matters. People who behave nicely do always look nicer than the people who don't . It's the carisma, or something, which creates the true beauty, not whether you look like a super-model or not.
something you see thru your eyes & feel thru your heart at the same time .. i think if you like that.. then its beautifull .. and if you dont.. then its not really it.. i think to be frank, i love god's creation.. so i love girls with good faces, but i hate if they love to play around.. its better to be a friend of a 10 years girl to me if only she can understanding the real meaning of friendship Wink
For me external beauty and inner beauty (such as your personal character) are 2 different things.
So if were talking about beeing beautifull outside, i think a beauty is like someone else said: Making others think you look nice.
I would like to define beauty as something you feel comfortable with. So, a nice looking, pretty girl with cunning attitudes don't come close to what I want to understand as beauty. Look must be average and the character of that person defines her beauty.
Shewolf wrote:
Every time you smile, you are the world's most beautiful person. ....

Shewolf, I love that line! Is that your's or is it a quote? If it wasn't a quote, it should be.

As much as I think that beauty comes from the soul/character of the person, I do think, in MY reality, that it is a combination of inner and outer beauty. It is often a particular physical feature that attracts us in the first place and drives us to get to know someone.

That said, I have noticed a good character easily turns a plain person into a beauty. On the other hand, a perfect body and face become pretty unimportant when the person inside is cold and uncaring.
HoboPelican wrote:
Shewolf wrote:
Every time you smile, you are the world's most beautiful person. ....

Shewolf, I love that line! Is that your's or is it a quote? If it wasn't a quote, it should be.

A bit off topic, I know...sorry

It's not really a quote, but a teacher I once had said something like that;"I can't say anyone is ugly, when they are smiling" were her exact words. I was so much younger back then, and did not really understand the words, but I loved the sound. So I got stuck with them, thinking she was right, and this sentence slowly evolved into this little theory of mine.

And thank you so much for your kind words.
beauty is confidence. if you believe you're beautiful in one way or another than you are. (internally/externally) beauty isn't the size of your jeans, the color of your skin or the number on the scale. it's confidence (but not cockyness) because when you can walk with your head up high, you just shine.
beauty is something that emanates from within. People who are happy and content look beautiful. The calm face and the way they carry themselves, that is beauty. Ofcourse people say being pretty is beautiful, but i feel there is lot of difference. Every body can be beautiful and everybody is beautiful from within!
An interesting question what is beauty? I looked it up in my dictionary, the following definitions were given:
1) The qualities that give pleasure to the senses
2) A very attractive or seductive looking woman
3) An outstanding example of its kind

So if you combine these three definitions you would get a very attractive and seductive looking woman, who gives pleasure to the senses and is an outstanding example of its kind!

Thank god we don't rely on definitions in a dictionary!! I think the inner beauty is of much greater value than just the outside shell. People who feel / are beautiful from within will radiate this beauty to the outside. Something beautiful from the outside but rotten from the inside will be thrown away after the first taste.
If you try to consider my point of view you must be convinced with ! IF only you become glad with the sight, smell, sound, taste. touch or even thought of something, I think there is beauty there FOR YOU !! Have ever you considered thinking your mother is not beautiful ? while others may be saying so, I am sorry to say like that !
I think beauty is on the inside as character and personality. As you get to know someone is a beautiful on the inside they will begin to look beautiful on the outside whether they are actually pretty according to typical standards.
to me, beauty is firstly as seen superficially, is what comes to the eye, external beauty obviously.. but a more profound knowledge of beauty is when u get to understand what's beneath the skin, or anything 4 tt matter coz naturally our eyes r attracted to beautiful things, (and ppl xD) but yeaa skin-deep always matters more
"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
it means different things to different people.
external and internal beauty is different too.
to me beauty = atractiveness
[quote="Shewolf"]Every time you smile, you are the world's most beautiful person. quote]
Like many people alreay said, I totally agree with this quote, too....
Anyone can look attractive with a charm bashful smile..... This is really true...
I think beauty = attractive person
so there can be, "hot face beauty", "cool personality beauty", "athlectic beauty" etc......
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