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Crank (2006)


I just finished watching this movie, and it just makes me wanna be in a gun fight, or running from the cops! from start to finish, action. This movie is a must see for adrenaline junkies, or for anyone who likes action. It starts out were Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) gets poisoned, by some chinese niggaa and the only way to slow it down before he can get to his doctor is feed his body adrenaline.
I was about to start a thread on this, thinking "noone else EVER knows or cares about Crank, surely it's not been done yet", and Lo, here it is!

Absolutely number 1 in my all-time-favourite-films chart. As much as I like action films, they're not really my favourite genre (normally just chuckaway fun). And yet Crank is just the best film ever.

It's not too long (87 minutes). it's SO much fun, it's excitement from literally start to finish, and it's funny to boot. It won't win any awards for story, but the ridiculous high-concept [it's like speed but with a man] makes for a guaranteed hoot. I knew it would be fun (a premise like that, it had to be), but I was shocked at just how awesome it really is.
I liked the movie for the mindless streaming aciton it was, but I don't think I'd ever put it on my favourite action movie list.

I think this movie appeals to every video gamer, and every geek who wishes he could be the coolest thing in life. You've got these rip roaring scenes with action and violence, with a man who can seemingly recover from ANYTHING (I'm thinking of the moment when his doctor friend says "Take a quarter of the shot" referring to the epinepheren, and then he takes the whole thing and the doctor says "you sonofab*tch, you should be dead) And then, he happens to have a cover story like "Video game programmer" with a girlfriend who's hot in that sweet sixteen high school kind of way. It's like watching a high schoolers wet dream. And just wait til after the credits, you'll see how much of a video game the movie truly is.

So yeah, the movie is stupid and ridiculous, but damn it was cool.
this is such an awesome movie, like said previously, its just fun to watch. i think its something about jason statham. he comes out with some pretty sweet movies (Transporter 1, 2 , War). I plan to see the one he just came out in not to long ago about the bank robbery.

but from the moment i started watching crank i was hooked. the whole fact he needed to keep his adrenaline going to stay alive just added so much to the movie. forcing him into some rather interesting situations just to stay alive. great movie.
The movie was good, if you don't care about a story behind it, it's just for adrenaline.

And even when I tried to not think about the movie as something to enjoy I didn't like it, if someone wants a movie that got high speed all the way through then this is perfect for them. And haven't you guys heard that the second comes out now, and he is alive. How he managed to survive that fall is unbelievable, it would have broken all his bones and everything else in his body.

I liked Jason much better in the transporter, at least there it's more of a story besides all the great action, so I'm glad I only rented this movie
I just watched it Thursday night, ironically before the second one came out. It was pretty good. Although I would like to see the second one, but I am underage. Sad
I have to say that I actually really enjoyed the movie. I found it to be "different" and I like to be able to see movies that are like that every once and a while. I really like how the movie started and right away it was action packed all through the movie. It didnt have a boring moment in it at all and it kept you on your toes. I really liked that in the movie. I think that they picked the perfect actors for it as well and the plot was fun and adventurous.

I have to say that I cant wait for the next Crank to come out. I plan to go to the movies to see it and when I want to see a movie in the theater that means that I am really excited about seeing it.

I just hope that it doesnt let me down when I finally get to see it.
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