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Okay, my computer has a problem - always have to re-download

Sounds weird, but I'll explain everything!

I downloaded this program called flyakite. When I downloaded it and screwed my computer up! (Plus it was on It made my Windows function and act like a MAC OS X, and I mean act and function! But I've fixed the acting and functioning (okay, not using those words anyone in this post.) But what is wrong is whenever I download something it always stays as a download file. I've tried fixing it but it never works. I've tried System Restore - didn't work. Should I call Dell and ask for the CD that deletes everything and makes your computer act like when you first bought it?

Help is needed!
If you want your machine to look and act like a Mac, why not buy one and stop downloading crap that screws it up?

To get it back to 'normal' you will have to buy a Windows OS from a retailer.

Dell won't be interested.
What do you mean a "download file".
Acting and functioning? Do you like have macphobia?
Well, if you don't wanna blow $200 on XP, get a copy of Linux. (, Try getting a registry cleaner or something.
Cheers myte.
Jaan wrote:
What do you mean a "download file".
Acting and functioning? Do you like have macphobia?
Well, if you don't wanna blow $200 on XP, get a copy of Linux. (, Try getting a registry cleaner or something.
Cheers myte.

Yes, I do have macphobia.

Where can I get a Registry Cleaner?
Don't bother buying a new windows installation: use a third party harddrive wiping program (such as killit), then use your system disks from the manufacturer.

As for system restore, in my experience, it never fixes anything. You should make real backups on a regular basis.

As for your chances of fixing this problem, I don't give much for them, but try this: Make a new username for the computer and log in there. There's a chance that this program is made to affect only the user that installed it.

As for a good registry cleaner, either use spybot search&destroy, or do it manualy (backing it up before you start).
ocalhoun wrote:

As for system restore, in my experience, it never fixes anything. You should make real backups on a regular basis.

I've had system restore fix quite a few things. You just have to understand what it does, when to use it, and when to not bother with it.
Usually system restore is really only good for reverting changes in the registry. Problems like malware are only going to be (usually) made worse with a system restore.

Unless you are talking about system restore in Win ME which really never did fix much of anything Wink

NEVER turn system restore off! Even if you don't like it. The reason I say this, is because if you ever have a corrupt registry, you can usually easily recover from it if you have a retail (or Dell) version of XP, other OEM versions are usually toasted if the registry corrupts..BUT if system restore is turned off, then you will have no registry backups to restore, and you will be looking at a nuke n pave of Windows.
why do people try to turn their pc into a mac...if you want a mac buy one... that is ridiculous...if you don't want the way the pc functions and looks then don't buy one. how does that make any sense at all. people are cheap and lazy...that is all their is to it. i am not ragging on anyone specific...but i work on computer support and this is the main cause of all problems in the company i work for...people want their pcs to look like macs visually and all it ever does is cause problems. i have now barred all admin priveledges from all users. tired of reimaging computers every day...never have time for anything else.

ok i am done being bitter
I imagin that you have Dell computer with out CD-OS-restore
The question is DO you lost the CD-REstore ? Or Simply You dont buy it?
When you dont buy it, Some Dells computes has a REstore utility in the hard disk taht is activate by a Fs keys so ask for support in Dell and go head making test even if you want to hide a PC to after a MAC Face because be courios is the fuel to get kwnoledgments.
But be aware always could be something wrong.
Call Dell, get the cd... restore it to the original settings.. just a quick format. You don't have to tell dell "I did this this and this".. just say "I need the cd to restore my computer" and give them your info. If you know how to do it yourself, all the better.

Dell doesn't care what you did. They'll send the cd. I don't know if they charge. You should have gotten the cd when you bought the computer.
Flyakite isn't easy to uninstall, but it seems to be possible. Your computer still functions, but has some problems? Then maybe it's possible to uninstall. Try google-ing for 'flyakite uninstall'. There are some helpfull sites, but therefore you need to know what exactly goes wrong on your computer when you try to uninstall.
But, if you can get the cd from dell: reinstallation is always better than uninstalling. Uninstalling leaves traces. The only problem from reinstalling is: Exclamation MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE SOFTWARE YOU NEED ON INSTALLATION CD's Exclamation
(sorry for shouting. But a lot of people still seem to think Word comes with windows or they can copy it from another pc or they don't need to backup their documents before reinstalling)

Good luck! And next time: when experimenting, take a pc wich you don't need and from wich you have the original cd's or use vmware.
But don't stop experimenting. You learn from it and it's fun.

One last comment for the people who wrote: "why not buy a MAC if you want your pc to behave like one" : because it's fun trying! Just like it's fun playing with other software, just to look what software you like the most and then in the end maybe you buy it. Or not.

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