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Black Books

Hi Folks,

Anybody seen this show? Just wondering the general thoughts of fellow frihosters...

I have seen the first season and with the exception of the first episode, i thought it was pretty damn funny.
I havent heard of this what station does it come on. I would probably tune in to see what it's all about.
Picked up all three seasons on DVD the other day. It is a great show, quite neatly fills the gap that Father Ted left.

Series three was far and away the best in my opinion.
yeah, i heard the third season was the better of them all.

the first time i saw the show i didn't think too much of it, but after a couple of "character building" episodes i was right into it
Black Books is so funny!
I think there were only 3 seasons, but the one that always sticks in my mind is the episode where they housesit and drink all of this incredibly expensive wine from the cellar Smile
It was originally on the BBC in the UK and ABC picked it up awhile ago- I don't think it's still on.
Some of Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey's stand up clips are available on youtube if you want to see more of them.
yeah i just finished the second season and it was pretty funny. that one you mention about drinking all the wine was pretty funny, but then again what episode is there where they don't drink copious amounts of wine?!!!
Yes, yes, that is true.
In their contracts, the actors probably had to agree to having a glass/mug/potplant full of wine superglued to their hand for the whole shoot.
Doesn't sound like such a bad job, does it?
i'm thinking they probably get quite twisted during the recording of the show - that looks like real wine to me most of the time!

i also like the whole idea of him owning a shop but not giving a fook about seeling anything! contradictions are always funny!
lyddi8 wrote:

Some of Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey's stand up clips are available on youtube if you want to see more of them.

Bill Bailey's stand up is literally the best thing in the known universe. Bewilderness is the best stand up show i've ever seen. Not been in a position to afford the Dylan Moran DVD yet but have heard it is also good.
This is a great show. It used to be on at a strange time of night. I believe it had a cult following and i'm surprised it wasn't given an more prominent slot in the schedules.

Agree strongly with the post above, Bill Baileys stand up is hilarious, especially his bit about the Techno version of the BBC News theme tune.
Yes Yes its good
what a great show. every minute is hilarious. dylan moran's character is my favourite, he makes alcoholism seem almost acceptable. my hero. and karen from will and grace.

the best. Very Happy
Its a good show, i love dylan moran as a comedian and bill bailey is also great, they are both great artists in their own right so it was a surprise to see them work well together in this type of format.
Captain Fertile
I like this show a lot but ahven't seen many episodes so I guess if I can track the rest down I have a lot more fun to look forward to. Bill Bailey is great!
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