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What does everyone think about this bundle game coming out with HL2 ep2? It looks awesome to me, and I can't wait to get it! The concept of a 3d puzzle game just seems really interesting to me. You can watch trailers on steam, then hit me back with your thoughts.
That game looks friggin awesome. The new generation of puzzle games...FPS (first person solver?) *shrugs* Laughing
There is already already already a thread about this...

But anyway.. I like the idea. I'm sure it's gonna be fun Very Happy
Steam rocks, good stuff, this Bundle with Epis 2, Portal, and Team Fort. 2. is going to be a sweet bundle. the old puzzle games were tons of fun. The newer FPS games had the gay jumping puzzles, finally Halflife 2 came out with some good phisics puzzles, now Portals will hopeful finally get the puzzles as good or better as the old games.
i've seen it and i must say it really looks fun as h*ll, i really like the possibilities of the game, specially that if you make a portal beneath you and on the roof you will be stuck there "forever" Very Happy
ForceRun wrote:
Steam rocks

Are u sure u didn't mean to say: STEAM sucks?
Its killing my machine for sure.

Back on topic: Portals concept is cool, though i'm more into brainless action Wink
ForceRun wrote:
Steam rocks.

I'm hoping for no more than a $30 price on this bundle. It's obviously more than EP1, but I don't want to play $40-50. Plus, some people might want just one of those three (weird though that might be) and not want to pay for all three. But expect $27 or $36 preordered.

Anyway, I loved Narbacular Drop and look forward to Portal. I think a lot of people will be disappointed due to incorrect expectations, but it will be a good side-game. There's talk of a multiplayer Portal in the future, but they haven't decided whether it will be competitive, cooperative, or whatever. They're also looking into incorporating the tool into the main HL storyline, but considering how easy it is to break in an uncontrolled world, I doubt we'll see it in Gordon's hands in it's current form if ever.
I repeat Steam Rocks, i have no idea what you are talking about when you say 'Its killing my machine for sure. ' It runs smooth on even old computers, auto-updates for the latest and greatest, and you can Download your games, can I get a woot for steam.

As far as cost for the release it won't be as cheap Eps. 1 but should be under $30 is what the PCGamer podcast said.
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