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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Ok guys, have you seen this movie already? What´s your opinions of it?

I want to hear what you have to sy about one of the coolest movies I´ve ever watched.
I saw the movie in jap, which I recommend to watch. If you watch the english version I heard the voices are really korny. Anyways if you beat FFVII then you watch it, its good, its amazing. It has a good storyline, if you beat FFVII unfortunately.
its an amazing movie. the graphics are close to reality in my opinion. the story is also sweet, has some cool fight scenes, tho the part where cloud finishes off bahamuth is a bit stupid (all of em boosting him into the air etc.)

other than that i really liked the movie. i also watched it in japanese with engish subtitles, i really recommend you do not listen to the english translation, the voices suck compared to the japanese ones.
Rad Ultima 2
I have not watched the Jap. version of it; I've only watched it in English. I give the movie a 9/10 still though. I loved it! (mainly because of the fighting sences) I kind of wished it was a little longer and focus on a bit more of the characters. Seriously, Red XIII had like one line in the whole movie... Sad

Anyone who has played the game and liked it should definitely watch this movie.
I've only seen it in Japanese so I can't say what the English VA sounds like, but the Japanese is pretty good. The graphics are stunning, personally I think they're some of the best I've ever seen, anywhere.

It had a pretty decent plot and some great action scenes, but like everyone before me has already said; beating FFVII is almost necessary to fully grasp the point of this movie.
tolerance wrote:
I've only seen it in Japanese so I can't say what the English VA sounds like, but the Japanese is pretty good. The graphics are stunning, personally I think they're some of the best I've ever seen, anywhere.

It had a pretty decent plot and some great action scenes, but like everyone before me has already said; beating FFVII is almost necessary to fully grasp the point of this movie.

I think if you've already beaten Final Fantasy VII and watched Advent Children, the next step is to watch Last Order as it gives a more insightful view of Zack and his relationship with Cloud, Sephiroth, and Tifa. I watched it and as it ended I was craving more. If they made a whole series of Final Fantasy VII anime with the same quality as last Order, I'd watch it no doubts about it.
I don't think I would've enjoyed the movie if I watched it in english... there's just something about the 'originality' of it to watch it in Japanese and read the subtitles. Of course, there's always those people who don't like reading subtitles. -shrugs-

In general, I thought the movie was really well done. It was really a good treat for all those fans of the original FF7 game (old and new). The fight scenes never got boring, and the movie didn't feel 'too short', except... maybe a little bit as a whole. I bet tons of fans out there would want more and more and more and more.

I loved it.
it's cool, but not really perfect, the story is a little boring (every japanese anime got the same ending...), and some of the charactors are not well balanced... still... for Fans, that's good~ but for the people who did not play FFVII, they shall feel bad...
The animation are so cool! But the story are too short, and not too good. I wonder why almost all the characters using same mobile?
I saw this movie just after the japanese release.

Well, first I've just downloaded it via net and watched it. Therefore, after it, I was very happy, that FF7 has go a sequel.

Okay, here you are - nice battles, good graphics and CG, nice sound. But the storyline is a bit crappy. It's not that good as game was. But it can't be that there's the same storyline in the 1,5h movie.

It was very nice, but there are few minuses:

- Europe DVDs had Interlaced source, instead of Progressive as Japanese, which resulted in low quality DVD version (for some, like me - it was low quality)
- The Europe DVD played 4:3 instead of 16:9 on normal TV, which is a minus (all other movies are playing correctly 16:9 on my old TV, of course you can switch to 16:9 on some models)
- The 5.1 channel audio isn't worth Dolby Digital EX - because the main effects, sound and dialogue were sent to the center.

Well, you can even say it's an enchanced STEREO because the rear speakers are usable only in some times. Ex. battle with Sephiroth - the rear speakers were in use only for some effects (and not full lenght of that effects either!). It's very crappy surround, which is a big minus. I'm talking about Japanese version. I haven't watched it in English version either, so I can't say, but they are similiar, only the dialogues were replaced with english actors and dubbing.

You can say - it's better in Stereo, because all speakers are working hard ^^. And that's true ^^.

And DVD-case SUCKS - it almost tore my orginal DVD apart!
If I have to be honest with myself, I'd have to say that it wasn't very good as a movie. The plot was a bit short and confusing, and left me wondering what the movie had actually been about.


The movie uses every good thing the Final Fantasy name has to it, and to the full advantage. Beautiful music, superb CGI, and the characters that we all fell in love with from the game.

Definitely worth renting.
Rad Ultima 2
ashen wrote:
The animation are so cool! But the story are too short, and not too good. I wonder why almost all the characters using same mobile?

I could not agree with you more! By the way, that mobile phone is just a fad in their time. Wink
Hi guys,

Could not agree more with the post before this one...
Final Fantasy 7 : Advent Children is has some fantastic action scenes, awesome 3d effects that almost cause shivers...Damn i just love the Tifa's fight, its fantastic.

BUT, the story sucks pretty hard....well wait....theres actually no story...just a small event happening.
That's one of my favorite anime !

Very good 3D animation, and a good music. The story is in th spirit of the Playstation game.
"Let's play..."

The film............




Enchanced graphic, seeing Tifa's tits in almost realistic cgi graphic.. Shocked
Okay... She not real Sad

The music has inspired me.

AC version of One Winged Angel and J-E-N-O-V-A is well f**king awesome.

I wish there is a ORIGINAL FF7 Movie!! 48+ hours long including random encounter Wink

The story did not make sense. That person just transformed into Sephiroth... And I'm like... "OK..." We can have millions of Sephiroth and Cloud.

The fighting scenes are cool and the graphics are great. I didn't like how they used the FFVII OSTs... It doesn't suit the movie.

This sequel ruins the FFVII story.
I'd say the movie was good, but that's lying.

It was amazing, even if it did lack a good storyline.
The premise was terrible, and the story was pretty poorly written. Very choppy, and a lot of questions were left unanswered. I thought the idea of a "geostigma virus" was random and unnecessary.

And Sephiroth's plan was to use The Planet as a spaceship to travel across the galaxy and spawn baby Jenovae...uh...yeah.

The conclusion to the fight against the bephemoth (sp) was rather lame...let's throw Cloud in the air one after the other. That being said...

The graphics were amazing, and I watched it several times just to see Tifa vs Crybaby and Cloud vs Neo-Sephiroth, as well as Cloud vs Orphans.

Anyone here play Dirge of Cerebrus yet? That Vincent featured game? It got released to the US just recently and is a first-person shooter. Looks really cool, it explores his past with Lucrecia. I've seen some FMVs and I must say, she looks like one ignorant girl.
I think they were trying to fit too many ideas into only a 2 hour sequence, but if you like Final Fantasy, it's worth checking out. I thought the movie was just over the top fight scenes, there isn't much else to it. There isn't much of a story to it, either, as many people said. I did love how there were moments that were originally in FFVII, and they were rendered again, like when Sephiroth tears out Jenova, or when he rises up from the fire. When good ol' Seph comes back, it's kind of confusing, but it works as an excuse to get an awsome fight scene between Sephiroth and Cloud. It was an ok movie, but it was just so fast, and so over the top, that I was mostly spacing out while I was watching it.
I thought Dirge of Cerberus was 3rd/1st person?
I've seen the movie 1.5 times (half of it in Japanese class with Japanese subtitles), and a full time with English subtitles. I'm not a fan of Final Fantasy to begin with since I haven't play any games from it before, so I didn't really like it. The graphics were pretty amazing, and the action scenes stood out, but I was confused with the storyline the most. XD

There was something about the way the characters were rendered in 3D that bugged me too, but I can't quite explain it.
(#2)GREATEST MOVIE EVER, ive had the Jap version with subtitles since mid last year, and the movie is worth whatever you may pay (mine was free). The Story, with its already complex characters go more indepth into the storyline, not to mention some awesome @$$ fight scenes that make you sya "HOLY CRAP. WOW." A favourite scene of mine is the motorcycle chase inside of the tunnel. GREAT MOVIE

I have tried to watch Advent Children three times now, and each time I have managed to fall asleep somewhere in the middle.
I completely agree with many of the comments above, the visuals are stunning and unmatched by anything currently available. But to be honest I think there is such a thing as too real.
I far prefer the cartoonish style of Appleseed and GITS2:Innocence, the stories are a little more challenging as well.
I did only get half way through FFVII on the PC so perhaps I'm missing some of the point, it is pretty ho hum. I think the movie relies on the Game to make you care for the characters.
Regardless, I think this thread has inspired me to go back hand have a fourth try to get from start to finish.
To be honest, I was a little unhappy to hear that they were going to add onto the story of FFVII. I really liked the game, so I just had a feeling that anything that they tried to add on to that wouldn't be as good. And I still felt the same way after watching the movie. Maybe if I would've been more excited about the new stuff, I would've liked the movie better. But for now, I will just pretend like the movie didn't really count in the FFVII world.
I saw Advent and the last Order and I am craving for more. I really enjoy most of the FF games and would love to see FF7 for the PSP. Cant wait for FF12....
I Love Advent Children! I have seen it more than 5 times and I just can't get enough of it. mainly because I love the soundtrack, I love the characters and I love FInal Fantasy VII. there wasn't anything that gave me the idea of a bad movie ^^ at least it was better than the previous final fantasy movie >.< you know, the spirits within. What does that movie have anything to do with final fantasy? seriously? Confused
i love to watch it..i loving it ( Sorry to McD)
do it got other than the advent children of any final fantasy series... i mean is movie only...
just want to catch up with my Final fantasy Admire Girl friend.... ( Dont tell her ... Heheh)
What I don't understand is that this movie is neither Anime, nor a Comic, so why is it in the Anime and Comics forum? Shouldn't it be moved to Movies and Television?
rightclickscott wrote:
What I don't understand is that this movie is neither Anime, nor a Comic, so why is it in the Anime and Comics forum? Shouldn't it be moved to Movies and Television?

Uhhh it wasn't animated? I'm guessing by your definition, the latest Appleseed film wasn't anime either?
I don't liked it.
I saw that subbed...
I was expecting for a beautiful Aerith, not Tifa or whatever...
Actuality, i liked the fighting scenes, that was the best part, but the fight between Cloud V.S. Sephiroth sucked, but it could be the better one...
The characters were really similar of the game, i saw chocobos, etc, at all: The fielity to the Final Fantasy VII was incridible.
This is also one of my favorite! The graphics amazes me, I could just pause and stare at my monitor all day! I've never seen such perfect graphics before so yes, this is one of my favorite movies :]
Ya, FF VII Advent Children is best movie ever, but if you didnt play it before, it could be a bit difficult to understand.
This is an awsome movie, I dont even have to watch it to get chills (of course i have watched it... many.... many.... times) It has a great story line and everything! The graphics are amazing and it is made so well! I really actually love this movie!

Now FF Sprits within, i think was definetly not as good as this one but it was gettin there.

I actually went on vacation this past weekend and was lookin for FF VII Advent children stuff and found a Cloud + Moto statue and it was awsome!! I have to find it online somewhere for cheaper though....

Clouds wolf emblom he has on his clothes (the one near his left shoulder) sparked the idea of my tattoo Smile I know it sounds dumb but its pretty cool.....

Later all!

it's awesome movie, love the music, graphic and animation. The storyline is rather too short ( Maybe I enjoyed it too much ). I would love to have some more fightings that involve materias and summons as well.
Yeah Cloud didnt use materia at all...... I may be wrong but I didnt see it at all, but Kadaj and his gang used it..... I think they did a good job on this movie and they should continue makeing movies like this for the big FF fans....
I've saw this movie. This movie has so much quality.
I've seen AC as well and its great, even the voices are quite good I was surprised, and I just love Reno in it hes so great!
I really like the way Cloud used his sword, more over on the final battle. I guess, because this movie focused more on Cloud, so I didn't really see other guys' actions apart from Tifa. Would love to see more actions from the other members and of course, more challenging and terrifying battle againts Shepiroth. No Chocobo scene is shown as well. I hope there will be movie like this for Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest, toerh version of Final Fantasy, especially Final Fantasy 3, Chrono Trigger Smile
you can say "lol" but i was not playing or watching Fianl Fantasy before. When i saw this movie me mouth went down Razz and big WOOOW. I like the moment when Cloud if fighting with monster in air when everyone is help him to jump to monster.
Ive seen this movie around 4-5 times already. Very nice CG I have to say, very pleasing to the eyes. The best CG actually that I have ever seen so far. The story is a little shallow, but its the fight scenes that really shines specially the last one with Sephiroth (the best FF villain ever). This movie is pure eye candy, a must see for any FF fans out there, hope they make more of this kind of movies, how about a Vincent Valentine spinoff since this movie focuses mainly on Cloud.
I loved this movie, though I do have to admit that if I wasn't already a big FFVII fan, then I probably wouldn't have gotten as much out of it. The story didn't really explain any of the character's pasts, and it kinda just jumped into everything with a brief explanation of what had happened, not the people that were involved.

I did like the appearances of other characters as well, and do agree that it would have been nice to see more of them. Such short appearances for such important characters... didn't get to see as much of them as I would have wanted, considering how pretty they were...

Plus, the graphics were awesome. I loved the fight scenes, especially the one with Tifa in the church... just beautiful.

But I do understand why a lot of people may not have liked it, because if you aren't a FFVII fan, then it won't make as much sense, and you don't really care about the brief character appearances that are supposed to be so shocking.

It's really just a movie for fans.
Heart Ticket
Reiji wrote:
Ok guys, have you seen this movie already? What´s your opinions of it?

I want to hear what you have to sy about one of the coolest movies I´ve ever watched.

Final Fantasy 7 : Advent Children best film i've ever seen!!! along with Silent Hill but thats a completly different story. The graphic of the film rules the story line rules the characters own!!! I was waiting for its release a year before the Uk release, the night before it came out i couldn't sleep! lol sorry i'm a Final Fantasy Maniac.Very Happy

There's also Last Order on Youtube for those FF7 fans. It's the anime that explains everything before Final Fantasy VII. I watched it about four times before I was satisfied.
It's an amazing movie, i think that squaresoft did a good job in the animation, the history could be something odd, but seeing again all the old friends of FF7 and this time in a better animation, is priceless.

I least that's my opinion, and i hope it would be the opinion of all the real fans of FF7.
i like very much!!
it is my favorite animated film!
very good!
is very be maked!
Rad Ultima 2 wrote:
ashen wrote:
The animation are so cool! But the story are too short, and not too good. I wonder why almost all the characters using same mobile?

I could not agree with you more! By the way, that mobile phone is just a fad in their time. Wink

I'd like to add that maybe Nokia [those were Nokia phones, right? Or am I just a Nokia zombie? XD] earned a bit of product placing. Usually, these products would pay the movie producers a handsome amount of cash in order to get some good "product placement" in films. I believe this advertising strategy has even crossed over to video games. Wink

To get back on topic, I absolutely LOVE this film! People who have never reached the end of FF7 would have a hard time getting the plot, but as for us old-timers, this film is just pure awesomeness: the fight scenes, graphics, the fast pace--simply perfect! Razz

I also loved seeing how they beat the cr@p out of Bahamut. In the video game, we're so used to "waiting for turns" that if you think about it, is quite ridiculous. The Bahamut fight scene beautifully illustrates how the "waiting for your turn" concept happens. I think it's just brilliant!

I hope that they make another one!
I laughed when the guy stepped in the water and then farted it all up, and then he turned and told the children to get in. It still cracks me up to this day.
But I actually like the anime movie that came with the AC dvd that I got. That was really sweet, and the animation was super smooth. I like how it gave more background to Zack and Cloud's escape.
FFVII Advent Children is very nice, especially for die hard FFVII fans (me Very Happy).

Unfortunately, in Europe they released interlaced PAL DVD, although two disc special edition, but still - there isn't Last Order (in USA there IS Last Order, so why not here :/). And because of the interlace, quality sucks. It's DVD9, but it has some serious interlacing in some moments - that's a big minus! And what's more? I have a 700mb DVDrip from Japanese DVDISO - and it's better in some moments than my DVD.

And for Dolby Digital 5.1 EX audio - it's not perfect. Rear channels got only music - there are a very few moments, where rear channels are getting pumped up - I think it's also a minus, although small but still...

But if you don't care about audio or video quality - movie is very good, has interesting storyline and good battles. It's just very very good - I suggest you should watch it!
I liked that movie... Especially the battle scenes but some of them are not thrilling I suppose...

Still, I love it. Haha ~_o
JC Denton
A really goodlooking movie. The story on the other hand....Well, I didn't understand much of it. Since I havn't played FF VII myself, a friend told me the basics of the story. I understood some stuff with only the movie though. But I don't kinda like a movie, which you must play a game to understand.
I saw it in both Japanese and English. At first I was estatic because it was Advent Children! The movie that was to be watched. But the more I thought about it the more I thought that it wasn't as great as people made it out to be. There was just too many flaws in it. No explination on exactly what the relationship of the SHM was to anything except "Clones" or something close to that sort.

As good as the graphics were I still have to say that it disappointed me. I was really hoping for more of it out there. And the ending fight with Cloud and Sephiroth. Rediculous. It shamed me since there wasn't very much to it. All it was was childplay between two rivals and didn't last very long.

I guess I will have to admit that the graphics were good, even better than that, but the story line... it didn't do it for me. Sadly to say. It is still in my collection though, and I do watch it every so often.
sadly to say I HAVNT SEEN THIS!! =( about 2 months before it came out, i put a $5 reserved on it at EB games for the UMD version of it. (thats the movie for the psp) ... and about a month ago...(yes so over 1 to 2 years later) i finally went down there and got my money back from the reserved.. i never went down and got it... i totally forgot about it acutely.... and now i still need to see it.
Haha people can say a lot of things about AC >w<

I loved the graphics, seriously, but there's a lot that I wish could have been implemented in the movie, tho I guess the implementations I have in mind would make non-player watchers even more confused than they probably already are XDD

Well, at least it might mean some of them would put a bit more effort in getting to know the characters and story rather than going "OH MAY GAWD VINCENT! SCREW ME NOEWS!!!" and suddenly getting all upset when they learn about Lucrecia and go "OMAYGAWD YOU DIE WOMARN!" and stuff like that >w>
No, seriously, it happens <_<

but gawd <3

Someone mentioned about materia use, and I really wished they did more things with the materias too >w< Hell, it was soooo lightly featured in some scenes that I didn't even know they WERE materias (like the balls that the little girl was playing in the church? crap can't remember her name)

And the appearance of the other characters and all!!!!


was that her only purpose making an appearance? >_>
and poor cid and cait sith and all the rest too >w<

Tifa was awesomest. I couldn't say more. Aerith looked far too plain, and this coming from someone who doesn't even like Aerith and broke into a laughing fit when she got stabbitied by Sephy on the back 8B RedXII's fur is just... I could almost touch it *_* Sephiroth... oh, sephiroth... he made me want to cry T____T He looked like a paedophile who had not slept in three weeks T____T doesn't anyone else get that impression too?

Voice actor wise... I did have a bad impression of Tifa's in one of the trailers. Where she goes "Nigete!!" ("Run") to the little girl (Marin? crap. almost got it.) I thought she couldn't shout >_>

She doesn't seem so bad in the rest of the movie tho.

Oh noes, now i really wanna watch the movie again >_<

I miss Tifa D;

okay i'm done ranting XD
I only ever saw the original version with subtitles because i downloaded it before it came out but i loved it! I definitely recommend seeing any foreign films/tv shows etc. in their original language with subtitles because although dubbed versions allow you to pay more attention to the movie itself, they often sound cheesy and just aren't as good. It's worth it to have to watch a movie twice to get the big picture (once to read the subtitles and twice to watch more of the movie itself once you understand what's going on, lol).
I've watched it 2 days ago again - and I still think it's a great movie! Just look at the great animation, and sound. I love characters voices - in japanese 5.1 EX. It's great! I also think storyline isn't that bad as critics says. I loved the game - and I love the movie. And it isn't only about fighting.
votd wrote:
I've watched it 2 days ago again - and I still think it's a great movie! Just look at the great animation, and sound. I love characters voices - in japanese 5.1 EX. It's great! I also think storyline isn't that bad as critics says. I loved the game - and I love the movie. And it isn't only about fighting.

I love the game as well, and the movie was really great. After watching it I just keep hoping Square Enix will make more movies that answers a lot of mystery behind Final Fantasy VII. I rather not have to buy a PSP to learn more about Zack and Sephiroth. At least we all learned that Square Enix does have movie making talent... and we can all just forget about Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within... *cough*
Final Fantasy: Spirits Within just sucked. It bored me after something like 15-30 minutes. Plot blown to shit, screenplay wrote in toilet, and hundreds of hours spend to model Aki's (or whatever her name was) ass and breasts. Just poor job.

I can't wait for FF7: Advent Children Complete, but it's announced for first quarter of 2008 or something like that. New scenes and the whole movie in HD! I can't wait. And maybe they'll give out new sound in like 7.1 or TrueHD? We'll see ;].
aaaa...very cool graphic n fighting style but i think it cannot beat CG from west like lord of the ring,fantasy but very real...

Final Fantasy F VII Advent Children,it still looked like cartoon but it ok cause i very like it fighting motion technics...
i like the effects in all FF movies Smile ive seen a few one on a psp and someo on my computer but ive never seen VII.. but i will see it soon ^^
Personally, I REALLY liked Advent Children. Some people have been saying they found things confusing, or that characters' backgrounds weren't explained enough, but the movie was made for fans of the game, so why would they tell us loads of stuff they already know? The movie mostly assumes you've played the game and know the characters and their backgrounds.

Anyway, moving on from that: I honestly loved this movie. Not every little thing is explained, but I don't think that was a failing of the writing, I think that they left certain things unsaid on purpose, so the viewer could draw their own conclusions about certain things.

I loved the animation. I downloaded a fansub just a few days after it came out in Japan, because Squenix reneged on their professed "worldwide release" to make most of the world wait until months later, but I honestly like the fansub better than the official sub, particularly because the fansub doesn't insert ridiculous, unnecessary accents for some of the characters, which the official sub/dub does. I'm sorry, but Cait Sith is NOT Scottish, full stop.

I'm going to second the recommendations to see the Last Order anime - it's good, and definitely worth watching. So far, the only North American release of it has been in the Limited Edition Collector's Box, so you're probably better off downloading it, unless you want to buy the LECB, which is more expensive. The LECB also includes postcards, an English script, the Advent Children novel, and the DVDs have more extras on them, so you do get more bang for your buck, so to speak.
When I play it on DiVX It was laggy O_O
actually I like that movie.
Currently downloading it right now from what i heard it was a really good movie.
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