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True Innocents: Baby's first sentance

S3nd K3ys
On his blog, S3nd K3ys wrote:
Baby's first words.

We're not always sure when (or even IF) we hear them. They're often nothing more than a somewhat indistinguishable sound containing an all too familiar grunt mixed with a known word delivered via the easiest pronouncement possible. It's like thier first steps. It's something we, as parents, tend to remember and cherish.

But what about other milestones? Like baby's firsts sentance?

Aj's first sentance (he's 17 months old) came this last weekend (Labor Day Weekend). I've seen it coming for many months. There have been classic, un-deninable signs everywhere. It started almost directly after Aj learned to crawl; he relentlessly and feverishly sought out and conquered almost every single object that has wheels and could be mounted, both at home and away. If it had wheels, and it could be sat upon, Aj would figure out a way to get his little bottom up there. It hasn't been easy. It's even part of the reason I call him "little bump". But falling over and pulling what ever vehicle he was trying to mount on top of him hasn't stopped him. If anything, after shamefully being laughed at (with?), it's made him even more determined.

He has several toys on the deck he rides, ranging from a big Tonka Dump truck to a skateboard to a three wheeler that he can't quite reach the peddles on. He often mounts the electric quad and jeep, and knows how to make them go, though usually he doesn't mean to. We also have a small (50cc) combustion engine quad we ride around the back yard track. No matter what he's doing, if I hold the quad keys out and shake them, he'll come a runnin'. He knows the difference between those and any other keys we have. He loves to ride and he'll ride 'til he falls asleep. And has. Several times.

Lately I've been letting him control the throttle while I steer and govern the acceleration manually. He'll wind it up 'til we're flying down the back straight first gear pegged (you should hear him laughing as we go, I can only imagine the look on his face), then let off abruptly as we're coming into the hairpin so I can turn, then he'll start feathering it on and off as we come out of the turn and start going thru the esses. He shows real poise and has what appears to be a natural talent. Some might argue that you can't spot talent that early, but I beg to differ.

So i guess it shouldn't suprise me that when we've finished riding, and get off to go inside for a cold drink, he stops, turns and points at the quad with a very clear and audible warning:

"Vrooom-vroom hot", he says. Then he turns and walks inside.
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