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do you think free download of mp3s should be legal or not?

do you think free download of mp3s should be legal or not? why?
No, I think mp3s should cost a few bucks like they do now, it's not too bad. They ought to lower the prices on cd's though. I think that is one of the resons so many chose to download illegaly rather than buying the album.
No, it would just be abused. I only "aquire" mp3s when it is something like I would never buy the CD but kind of want to have the song. But when people constantly steal music, artists lose money. I like buying CDs when it is something I like and it supports bands you like. Legal mp3s would be bad.
steve wrote:
men, i am not going to pay for downloading ****** mp3 lmfao ! if someone tolds me sumthin like ''uh.. 50cent does great music dude, you need to listen to his songs'' i am not going to pay for his ****** songs, i downlaod a few, and if i like them MAYBE i ll buy the album
Yes yes, wait until the artists end up getting NO money and see how much they will produce Wink

What I meant was, one or two songs to check a cd out is fine, where the whole album ain't.
Whe must pay, The singer of the music makes music for money. So if whe download al that shit, they won't make music anymore... So a little bit money is good for them!
I am staunchly opposed to free music downloading and p2ps. I have a friend who is a musical artist and the head of a band. The only way he makes money is off album sales. Every song downloaded is money lost for him - I don't think that's fair and it is for that reason that I purchase all my music. With itunes and the new napster, people can buy just their favorite tracks at a menial cost - what's the big deal?
Well, most of the time, I DL legally. I'll get some steals once in a while, but I don't support it, so no, I don't agree. I think it's good to support the artists. If you don't want to pay for something you like, you never liked it at all.
I think I know why people download music

1. Most CDs aren't worth buying - So you hear a new song on the radio by some new group that you think may be good. You go and buy the CD and find out that all the songs other than the one you hear on the radio suck! Well great, I cant get my money back and cant sell the CD so what now? What happens with the next group that comes along? You think that its not gonna be worth buying the song you want or the whole CD so you find a way around it, and thats illegally.

2. Its free why pay? im not gonna get caught! - Yup, its only free till the FBI is knocking on your door. And it seems like its hard to find out if a song was downloaded but thats totally wrong. when you rip a CD, there is a certain license encoded within the original song which gets ripped out of there and is changed, its easy to find fakes.

3. Its mostly teenagers without credit cards and money - A large ammount of the downloaders are teenagers, big supprise. We dont have credit cards and most dont have jobs yet so how are we gonna get stuff? well people have made it so easy to get music that we do! and its kinda weird

4. The song I want is hard to find - Ya there are people that want some song out of the 70s or 80s thats hard to find in nowdays stores. Songs like "you cant touch this" may seem like a popularly used song but its not like its on the hits section on the music store today, you cant find it. If you look at p2p networks you will find that you can find it in as quick as you can download it.
Yes, IF the person hosting them has created them him/herself and owns all legal copyright then by all means they should be able to freely let people download, copy, or distribute that material.


The balance between the rights of the artist and rights of consumers is complex and volatile.

The companies producing the work of artists should spend more time making their access to the artist's work much more attractive (other benefits, qulaity, bandwidth etc) rather than suing all the napster variants and the public who will always chose "free" over paying.

It is not really "free" (electricity, ISP etc) and the potential long term cost alluded to be the various other contributors to this forum.
Tho i do do it i think it shouldn't be allowed i only d/l music tho that would be impossible of me to getting without a credit card v-v its all anime and VG music...
With today's crappy music styles (alternative, rap, etc..), 99% of the good music was made before the 90's. So.. most of the bands I download music from have already made their riches. Therefore, I feel no guilt in downloading the songs for free.
With today's crappy music styles (alternative, rap, etc..), 99% of the good music was made before the 90's. So.. most of the bands I download music from have already made their riches. Therefore, I feel no guilt in downloading the songs for free.

Pfffffffff. That's a sorry way of looking at things, since the majority of music has sucked since the dawn of time. The music I like though is mostly from the 90's and beyond, with the exception of Pink Floyd.

Anyway, I do think it's ridiculous how much the record companys/RCAA/whatevers get SO mad when people pirate music, when they're asking such ridiculous prices for CDs. I think the problem isn't MP3's....I think the problem is music sucking. Same basic thing goes to video games, etc.

So I don't think MP3's should be legal...but maybe the prices of CDs should drop? Because I believe in supporting the artists. And if a band only makes one good song...they probably just aren't very good at all.
Of course it should be illegal. What if you were writing a software package for the web knowing that you'd get paid depending on how many people buy the software? You certainly wouldn't like it if a buncha kids went online and downloaded the program for free.
i thinks if the mp3 is ilegal or no...

the people ever download or ripped is CD.. why because for collection . but still the music make great music the people buy the cd...

And in my city no there is good CD , them i download music that i cant buy:( this another problem and is good for the mp3s.

see u later... Razz Razz Razz

PD- sorry my english is bad SadSadSad
well... i get my music from a mixture of sources... mainly ill buy off napster, cause usually off an albulm ill only like 1-2 songs, so why go to the store and pay 15 bucks when i can pay 2 and legally get what i want? also with napster, if theres like 15 songs on the albulm and i like them all, i can download for 10bucks, which beats going to teh store and paying 15+ bucks for the albulm (plus with the price of gas nowadays add some for driving to the store Wink)

sometimes songs arnt on napster so ill download and wait until napster gets the song... or if im low on cash ill download and buy from napster once i get my paycheck Wink

i also borrow music cds from friends and will copy over to computer or upload to my mp3 player
surgikill wrote:
Yes, IF the person hosting them has created them him/herself and owns all legal copyright then by all means they should be able to freely let people download, copy, or distribute that material.



I way of speaking that approve you
Hum... i think that isn't ilegal... until cause the cds are very expansive...

mp3's could cost few buck, when it's all free so where the authors get their money ? and artist also, it's not a problem spending few bucks to download mp3, it's normal...
WOW Alot of people posted redlies to this Very Happy I would say that it should be lega and not cost anything but thats only because the only time I download them is to preview them to deide If I want to Buy them, but people abuse p2p Networks Big time. Basically if an Artists wants more people to buy his album they should have smashing hits as every track, people with dial-up wont waste time downloading the whole album!
Joe Cool
I always get a set of Mp3 albums of the band I like in my PC >>> Never ever think that they illegal or not. It's my music and i deny any pay ^o^
i think it doesn't matter anymore. I feel really bad for the artists, i know they lose profit and so on but i mean cmooonnnn. you can't stop EVERYONE from downloading and pirating. it's already ILLEGAL and you know FOR SURE, MILLIONS STILL do it!!!
[b]yes i think it should be legal because if there is music u buy that u dont like u cant just get your money back....and yes it may just be a few bucks but a few bucks on one song will eventually get REALLY expensive...specially when u have as many Mp3s as
It's very hard to stop illegal music downloading but i think it should be like now.. cost just a few bucks. They resently closed the best cd store in town because there is so much illegal downloading Sad Sad
downloading mp3's should never be free if not the author wants them free. If they should be free we shouldn't the food stores give away food for free?? And why can't everybody work for free so that noone will ever get money? Making music isn't easy! It's HARD! you put a hell lot of effort in it. Same with games. you know how long you work to make ONE GAME!??? YEARS! And then everybody just downloads it instead and you get nothing for YEARS OF WORK. Trust me, I make games in my spare time and IT TAKES TIME! Same with music. IT TAKES A HELL LOT OF TIME. People who wants legal mp3 downloads are extremely lazy and spoiled.
I download and buy... if it's some random few songs i just download it... if there is a cd i want i buy it... i don't guess that is a bad thing.
In Holland downloading mp3s is legal... because the applicable laws date from the time people recorded songs from the radio on cassette tapes! Blank CDs (and blank tapes too, I suppose) have a sort of tax on them to compensate this. Uploading mp3s is not legal, however.
That's stupid. What if I never buy CDs but download all my songs anyway? I think we are going to have that in Sweden too, but still not have it legal to download mp3s. Sounds really stupid. All of us needs to pay because of a lot of people do it. But not all. I never download illegally, but I buy CDs. Shall I pay extra for that? And actually CDs aren't that expensive as you say!!!!!! I've seen the prizes outside Sweden and I can tell you that because of the swedish taxes it's 40% more expensive in Sweden than in other countries. And it's still worth the money, no doubt about it. I mean, many of my friends get twice/three times as much money a month as I do from my parents and I still have enough money to buy a CD a month if it's not one of the more expensive. In Sweden, a CD is approximately 18,77 Euro.
i think it should be
I don't think it should be legal unless the artist/label/those responsible make it legally available for free download. I've been paying for my music online recently and I have never been happier to do so. Very Happy I still buy the odd CD, mainly special or limited edition ones.
I think the current prices on Cd's should be lowered instead... paid downloads are fine as they are. I don't pay for my downloads, but I buy some cd's if they are on discount. I only buy 'em on full price if I have already heard (and absolutely loved) the album, or if I'm lucky to even find it at all. The current 20+ for one CD is killing my savings.
I don't buy CD's either.
First of all, I think the prices are too high (do note that I rarely buy anything), which I think are caused by the investments companies have to make in putting copy protection on them and to (partially) compensate the losses suffered from illegal downloads. And most CD's just have a few or just one song that I really want, so that discourages me from buying it as well.
'Best of' CD's on the other hand might be well worth it, especially if extra's are included on it which can't be downloaded (posters, booklets). If companies would make some sort of points system (like Nintendo has with its games), it would make buying CD's instead of downloading the contents illegally more attractive too.
Second of all, I don't need to buy CD's anyway, as I can listen to them on the radio for free. And if there are songs that I really want, I can download them from paid download sites.
Nutteloos wrote:
I think the current prices on Cd's should be lowered instead... paid downloads are fine as they are.

I agree with that. I buy CDs from the big department stores (Aussies would've heard of them) like Big W and K-Mart, and occasionally from JB Hi-Fi. The prices there are good, more often than not under $20, which is a decent level IMHO.

I prefer to keep my music on the legal side of things. Wink
Slightly off-topic, but in relation to the post above me: the same goes for manygames, including the one in my signature Wink
Seeing as I'm not a singer/rapper whatever then heck yeah. But, if I was a singer/rapper/etc I wouldn't want them to be legal. I'd be poor. Boo .
I know so many musicians from when I used to work in a musical instrument store... And i think the majority of them all agreed that we really needed a lot of reform in how music is sold, distributed and copywrited. I think we are in a very interesting era at the moment were we see a lot of bands getting to the top not because they have been signed up to the biggest label but because they are thinking innovatively with how the sell themselves and distribute their music. These bands have found other ways to earn their money... perhaps not by selling the music but maybe through advertising or merchandise or other things like that.
If selling your music to the movie industry or the advertising business is the way to go for the 'new' musician, I fear not many good ones will be left in a decade or so. The only thing keeping some bands up are people still buying their CD's regardless of whether or not they already downloaded it, and I think many bands simply refuse to associate their music with a product or movie.
I think they should be reasonably priced depending on the market and economy. However I see the option to charge for an artists' musci is indeed up to the artist. Some artists like to give away free songs, while others like to keep their music closely guarded. I don't think music should be totally free, otherwise there is less incentive all around to make it and what ends up happening is the only people making albums are people who are already so rich they don't care about losing money if they happen to. Let's face it though, there is a clear stratification between major label and independent, and unless you've got a huge financial backing you're not going to sell anywhere near a million records. Most artists can barely hope to sell 20000 in a year. You really can't go into the music industry thinking you're going to be a millionaire. Basically what I'm saying is if you're an artist, you should be at least happy that people want to download your music. I always hear people saying, "I got this friend in a band at home and like I wouldn't want people stealing their music cuz like they wouldn't make any like money", well newsflash, crappy local and garage bands don't have to be worried about people stealing their music and should just be happy to have some sort of following at all. Any regional artist these days doesn't push albums as much as they do shows and really can't afford to. The real money is in merch, ticket sales, radio play and soundtrack royalties. So leave it up to the artist, it's really a tactics call.
Never thought of it that way
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