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Black Hat SEO

Do you think Black Hat SEO is working?
 25%  [ 2 ]
 12%  [ 1 ]
Working but very risky
 50%  [ 4 ]
Who wants to be always white?
 12%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 8


With my research on Black Hat SEO, what to avoid when I promote my site. I got the following list.

These are the things you guys should not do when you promote your site on search engines.

Here it goes... what I got so far...

- Buying Expired Domains
- Cloaking
- Doorway Pages
- Duplicate Content
- Hidden Text and Links
- Keywords that are unrelevant to the site
- Keywords Stuffing
- Link Farms
- Multiple Domains without Redirecting
- Pages that contant spyware and viruses
- Google Bomb
- Google Bowling
- Scraping
- Selling PageRank
- Using small images
- Spam Comments
- Spam Emails
- Spam Referer
- Spam Ping
- Sybil attack
- Too Many Links
- Using unauthorized software for automatic queries.
- URL Redirection

Anything I forgot to research or something wrong in my list? I hope you guys can help me and add to this post.

...later I will compile White Hat Methods.

mmmmmmmmmmm............... Black hat seo certainly works but it is risky when you are doing it on your business/enterprise site........ But one can try it on domains/sites that are not that important. if banned, one can start afresh with a new domain........

Can U provide us more details abt your research?

- Pages that contant spyware and viruses

does it count as black hat seo technique?
- Pages that contant spyware and viruses

does it count as black hat seo technique?

I can not call them a direct black hat SEO technique but they are certainly there in the checklist of SEs to get your pages banned.

I'll post more about my research later...
This is a trick I came across a month back ( dont know if it is still working, as generally these kind of things get fixed quick).

How to get a link from

A simple 5 step process allows you to put any link with any text from Slashdot to your web site:
Go to Slashdot's story submission page.

Fill out the form and enter a link to your web site in the "The Scoop" edit field. Don't forget to include your keywords in the link.

Use a tool like the Web Developer extension in Firefox to convert the form action from POST to GET. This can be done with one click with the Web Developer extension.

Click the "Preview story" button.

Copy the preview URL and link to the preview URL on one of your pages. If the search engine spiders follow the link they will find a link from to your web site.
Yep, I read about the Slashdot trick as well (on a seo newsletter) and tried it, but it has been fixed since.
yeah it lists url with nofollow.
Hi guyz ,
But how do you find such tricks , before they even die .
I heard that , these last only a couple of weeks , before they are fixed ?

Any tips ?
its working but very risky
since some search engines hate some of the black hat techniques
Very Happy
proto wrote:
its working but very risky
since some search engines hate some of the black hat techniques
Very Happy

not at all, your website can't be penalised for that...........
Its inetresting.... When i started Sk8te Ltd. I was useing black hat SEO, eventually i stopped because i found out that you can get kicked from google. The week i stopped Black Hatting, my traffic dropped from over 400 unique a day to like 50.
Search engines are constantly on the lookout for Black Hat SEO techniques. The bottom line is they stay alive by providing the most relevant results for a search query. They are constantly updating their algorithms to keep the Black Hatters out and the White Hatters in. The last thing they want is to have page one results full of links to sites that have 'gamed' the system. If you want to have a long and prosperous life on the internet, steer well clear of any Black Hat techniques. Sure Black Hat works but not for long. It'll eventually come back and bite ya in the arse.
Its pays , but it is advised to not use them .
Very Happy
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