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Ganesh's Tapestry Pieces

Wondering why there were no tapestry pictures here. Anybody in the forums interested in tapestries and embroidery kits?

Here is one effort of mine, after it was framed. I did this 4-5 years back:

Please give me your feedback on it!
Here is another I made around 10 years back. Photo quality is a bit blurred, can't help it Crying or Very sad

Your comments are invited on this one too!
This is one piece that I made in December 2005. Completed it in a record time of two weeks! Worked day in and day out to complete it, because I had to get it framed before I left town! That was a tight deadline indeed! This is the biggest piece, though not the most complex, that I have worked on. Hope you guys find it good!

A cartoon character type tapestry piece that I had done around 11-12 years back! Am not a very big fan of such pieces now. Though big in size, as you can see, it is not too complicated!

This is the first embroidery piece that I ever worked on! Did it when I was 11 years old, and have always been fascinated by embroidery since then! So much work, yet the result is long lasting and so beautiful ( that is for you to decide Very Happy ) to look at!

Are displayed below. Please pen in your feedback to these pieces of art work in this thread! Thanks a lot Smile

Yacht at Sea

Boat in the Sunset

Apples on the Tree

Trees on the Beach Sands

The Pier

Fence and the Sunset

And the latest one, which I completed a few days back!

Net time spent: 72 hours spread over 29 days!

Your comments welcome Smile

It is named Cartload, and it is a common scene in Asian villages.

You can check out the way I worked on the kit at my blog:
all i can say is ............. WoW! Very Happy
(had the dots to kepp you going Very Happy )

I really like the first 5 or so, then it kind of peeters off with the cartoon characters. but that's just because I don't like your taste in subject. Very Happy

I do however, think that the style in the first few, and last few is absolutle spectacular.

I like the third one the best, I like the nice warm colours you've used.

how long did it take you to learn how to embroid?????
so so wonderful tapestry.....

really so Good .. i like all of them

especially the cartoon train and the beautiful dog ...

you are so skillful

Thank you so much for your encouragement Smile

I started out with embroidery when I was 12 years old. Used to watch my sister embroider tapestry pieces and learned from watching only.

In any case, these kits are more of patience-testing rather than skill.

I am right now working on some cross-stitch kits which come out more beautiful, but are unfortunately too time consuming. Will update this thread when I complete one.
I worked on a cross-stitch bookmark piece recently. The design was from CharlesCraft, and only the blank piece and design printed on paper was provided with suggested colour codes. It took me around 1 month to finish it (cross-stitches are much more time consuming compared to satin stitches).

Here is the pic:

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