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Internet connection problems

We are having problems with our internet connection. We got broadband a few months ago, but a lot of the time, when the phone rings, it cuts the connection out. We have a wireless router - Netgear. It can also cut out randomly through the day. Could this be a fault in Netgear, or could it be our ISP at fault?

Many thanks,

If your wireless phone is running on a 2.4 ghz frequency ( as opposed to newer 5.4 GHz) it will short out and interact with your router sometimes because they both run at 2.4 GHz. Suggestions=move the phone alot farther away from the router or buy a new phone that runs at 5.4 GHz. Very Happy
I don't know NetGear routers very well; I use Linksys myself, but I think the basic concept is the same. Try changing the router's channel. With Linksys it defaults to channel 6, and so everyone has a router on channel 6 and they interact with each other. Also, this changes the frequency slightly, which may fix the problem of the cordless phone interacting. I don't know how many channels the phone takes up, but changing the Netgear's channel just might do it. Read the manual to find out how...I don't know for sure. Usually with a Linksys you type or depending on how your router is configured, and this loads a web-based config screen where you can change settings.

If you need more help, I will try my best to help you.

Good luck,
Who mentioned wireless phone?
Read the original post!
Anyway if you are on ADSL make sure you have ADSL filters in your phone line to the PC, otherwise this problem may occur.
We have filters on every phone socket. We do have a cordless phone, but that's kept downstairs and we hardly use it because the battery is temperamental. The NetGear router is upstairs. Apparently, my dad rushed in and bought it, so it's not the best of models, since it was cheap. I guess, you get what you pay for, so maybe it's because of that?

I don't know what you mean by changing the channels. What does that do?

By the way, I'm trying to find this out, because no one in my family will. So, thanks for your help.

I would call the ISP, they all have support lines???
Try configuring your router, in IE. default username is admin, pw is admin or 1234. Check the idle timeout settings. You can also set which frequency/channel its on for wireless, or turn the wireless off.
P.S. try googling ADSL troubleshooting/connection cutting or w/e
otiscom wrote:
Who mentioned wireless phone?
Read the original post!

Oh, oopsie.

Just a quick Google revealed:

A brief page on reducing interference:

A detailed thread on reducing interference:

I just heard "when the phone rings" and assumed cordless...

Good luck.

Try hooking it up without the router, if the line still disconnects, then the router is not the problem (although my guess is that the router is the problem)

If the problem happens without the router connected, then call your ISP and tell them to come fix it, because it's their problem. If the problem is in the router, then replace it
Filters are often the cause of dropouts for ADSL. Do an isolation test (unplug all the other phone devices off the line and leave it like that for a good few hours). You won't be able to make or recieve calls but you can try and rule out where the problem might be. It could be a dodge filter or something not filtered. Anything that uses the same phone line must be filtered - this incudes your alarm system if it uses the phone line and also foxtel digital if you have it.

When you have a dropout do you lose sync? (Does the sync/ADSL light go out?) Also if you turn your modem off for 5minutes and turn it back on does that connect you back up? Do those things and have a chat to your ISP, it could be a problem at the exchange or your house wires if it isnt a problem with your filters.
This may or may not be helpful, but I had the same problem a few months ago (different forum).

According to somebody on there, "Every time a phone rings (sending some 90~ VAC through the phone line) it reboots something in the modem causing you to lose the connection. "

I believe it could also be due to the Attenuation in the line, but I can't remember the limits at the moment. I believe it should be below about 55 dB, which you may be able to find on the 'Status' page of your router.

Also, if you're wondering how I fixed mine, I don't really know Razz It oddly just seems to have fixed itself. If it gets too annoying, try having your ISP replace your router Smile
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