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magazine advertising

Hey, I have just started a magazine. and am finding it difficult to secure advertising, is there anyone in here involved in the business? I was wondering what kind of kickbacks/discounts are normal for repeat advertisers and so on, also is there anything I can do to make the offer more atractive to potential advertisers, like an online version or something
thanks for your help, danny.

What kind of magazine is it? Are you approaching advertisers directly or through ad agencies? What is the circulation of the magazine? I've been in ad agencies for 15 years ( in India), so for what its worth perhaps I can give you my two cents worth if you can give me a few details of the mag.
I really recommend getting B. Ann Bell's "How Not to start a magazine". I bought it as PDF and found the investment to be well-worth it. It covers some of the problems you've mentioned already along with what kind of realistic goals you need to have. If you've started the magazine (is it print or just online) and you don't have enough advertising, you might be too late. Sadly, it's something you really have to set a lot of time and energy aside for before you even put out your initial issue. Only other choice is to start with very strong distrubition and subscription!
You know I agree with the last post, Almost every magazine these days lives off of it's advertising many magazines are actually given out for free because they make so much money from their advertisers for example FHM, Maxim and other mens and fashion life magazines, I think the correct route to go before even investing much money into starting a magazine is securing as many advertisers as possible also make sure to secure advertisers that would actually be interested in reaching out to the target consumer of your magazine ie. apple for a computer magazine, For an advertiser to actually want to pay to advertise in your magazine they have to feel comfortable in their investment meaning you need to approach them with a business plan and make your magazine appeal to them, because at the end of the day your magazine is gonna be marketing their product and if a consumer doesn't approve of your magazine i don't really think they'll care for the ads inside very much, hope that helped.
What type of magazine is it? Do you know the details (demographics, psychographics, and readership) of the magazine? Are you targeting the businesses or potential advertisers that would also need to communicate with the people who read your magazine?

There is usually a 15% discount for ongoing advertising. At least with all the magazine that I have ever had to get a client to advertise in.

You approach it the same way as any other business really. Your product is your ad space, who is most likely to need this space? Why advertise with you and not someone else? What do I need to add value to this, if they are balking at the price then they are not seeing value.
I ran my own electronic magazine many years ago in the days of the good old BBS. I released it monthly and it was aimed at BBSers, so it contained articles mainly related to BBSing. In the last section I had my classifieds in the shape of ANSI ads.

My advertisers where SysOps and users - no advertisers from the outside. You have already received some good advice here. You obviously know who the magazine is aimed at, so now you need advertisers that want to reach that same audience. Haul out the yellow pages, dop research on the Net, heck hire a advertising rep if you can.

Running your own magazine can be fun, but there's a lot of work in it too!
wasup? i use to be the art director for a lifestyle magazine, also i was a ad sales rep for them too. First off, like the others asked, what type of mag? online or print?

securing advertising takes a lot of patience and hard work, the best thing for you to do is have someone who can sell themselves and believe in the magazine. Having a great magazine makes it easier for you to sell advertising. The circulation, the look, the quality, the number of pages, the region, how many times it is printed, your marketing, the number of magazines you print, all play a crucial role in securing advertisement. I dont think there was a magic bullet that secured any ads i sold, but the ones i did well on, basically i targeted smaller mom and pop shops that pretained to the magazine, and i told them that our mag printed 30,000 issues a month, 12 times a year. at the standard 2.5 readers per magazine, it equals to 70,000 readers that your ad is reached, if you sell a full page ad for them (again it depends on what type ur mag is) lets say 1,500 bucks an ad, thats not even a penny per reader you are reaching. if you compare that to printing 400 colored flyers and stamping them in the mail, costing you at least 100 bucks, which would cost you 25 cents each, and you wouldn't be reaching nearly as much people. they do the math, 1500 bucks = 70,000 potential customers, 400 bucks = 500 potential customers, the key word is potential, and crap like this really worked. sometimes to get the little guys in the magazine, we gave the big corps free ads, or 75% off the price just so the little guys feel like the mag is more legit! there are tons of ways, to get advertisers
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magazine advertising
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