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brand managment

its all about brand managment, you could sell near anything with the right brand managment. there are great examples of brand managment in our world these days and most of them done correctly work really well.
jsut taking up space sorry team.
I think this post was intended to be a reply for the "Magazine advertizing" topic above. Please a moderartor move it to the propper place!
I don't think it was, he's merely trying to inspire debate about brands!

I think that it's a sign of good Brand management (BM) that more people recognise ronald mac Donald than George Washington. Basically it's there to artificially create demand for a product, and it has been proven, repeatedly, to be very effective!
I totally agree with that.
you could sell near anything with the right brand managment.

The thing is brand management is a very tricky thing.
here in Egypt we prefer to buy everything with a well known brand name or some spesific brand names. If the product (whatever it is) has no good or popular brand name it's a bad product or just this one is better even if the other brands are good or highly demanded world wide. For example we prefer to use Nokia Cell phones instead of Siemens, Alcatel, Sony, Sony Ericsson and all the others brands. Selling the name sometimes is more important than the product itself....

And yeah you are right bogger...
I brand is built on percieved benefits, image, and consistency. The reason that we choose one brand over another is that the brand speaks directly to us. Building a great brand is easy....consistent messages.

What is hard. Is choosing who you want to buy your product. How your product is different and what benefits it carries over competing products, and whether they match the answer to the first question, and the type of image that you would need to project to get the "GREAT" brand.

A great brand of cell phone for a teenager who is constantly looking to stay in touch with his/her friends, is different to a great brand for a business looking to mobilize their office, is different from an older generation that want it for security in case they get lost or break down.

That is the secret to brand....

To steal a quote....if it were easy everyone would do it.

All the replies in these forums are textbook. It's clear that the majority of forum members are students in here (which is not surprising, who else has enough time to deal with the inactivation notices). Brand management is likely to become obsolete as quickly as it became en vogue. Marketers move away from trends once their tactics become common knowledge. The very idea of marketing, to inform or remind people of your product, is rendered fairly ineffective when consumers can see through your ploys. So move on to the new wave (for the next year or so), viral video and blog product placement.
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