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give me feedback

check out my website
give me some feedback. What do you guys think?
I've tried making it clean as possible and will add some content soon. Is there anything that you guys would like me to change?
the layout and top banner is very nice but change the body text font to verdana so that it gets smooth up.
the font is not so good the buttons are nice, and the fourm is also nice
Yeah, the top layout is definitely nice. Interesting topic... though I'm not sure how many are that much into calculators Wink
Dear linexpert
Your site designation is very elementary. You have used just too cold colors, black and white. This would lead visitors to tire and to exit. Additionally you have not fitted your site for SEOs.
PRO: The site is very simple and clean. I like. It already has some good content, and looks like more content is being added shortly.

CON: Forum -- i'm anti-forum, unless the traffic supports it.
Con: I'm an algebra teacher. I spend lots of time removing games from TI-83's, because irresponsible decide that they would rather play super bounce out than work on systems of two equations and two variables. Perhaps it would be good to add a disclaimer, or two... (Not responsible for serving your detentions, yada yada).
First off, you should tell me what is a TI-83???
thanks all for your feedback, i'm going to respond to each of your comments.

jayzee, i'll change the font as soon as i get all the content added. I'm just having a little trouble doing that with dreamweaver right now.

tamilparks, as i said above i'll try changing them as soon as possible

OldmanJ, i tried making it simple as possible. Trust me there are alot into calculators.

plato, i don't know if i agree with you. I personally love the simple layout and the black and white theme.

benjad, i didn't want to have a forum but had to add it anyways so that users have someplace to ask questions. I don't want everyone emailing me with questions. I remember the days when my calc teacher took away my 83 Sad I'll add a banner that says something like i can't be held responsible for detentions or something. thanks

Jaan, ti-83 is a calculator made by texas instruments that is used by alot of highschool kids and also many college kids. It's a graphic calc and i love all the things you can do with it. Google it or go to wikipedia if you want to learn more.
The site seem good.
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