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Suggestions for my layout

Hey guys, ive been working on my layout for my site, I filled in the links for my articles for now just to show you how it would look. The yahoo links won't be there, they will be links to my news that i write. I want to here some suggestions on the layout of my index page. Heres the two pages i want you to check guys, its different layouts bascially.

Layout Number 1-
Layout Number 2-

Please note, neither of these layouts are complete, they are a work in progress,any suggestions would be helpful.

PS Dont post about the links on the left pointing to dynamicguide ect, I know this, I know how to change it, not worried about that right now. So please, give some suggestions, Thanks!
The only difference that I see is the addition of the 'top headlines' in the second layout. Is that all or am I missing something?

Anyways. I would recommend not putting your headlines in italics. Bold is enough.

I like your idea of the 'top headlines' thing, you just need to style them a little better. Check out A List Apart. They have the headline for other topics and then a little teaser of the article. You should think about doing the same.

The only other thing I can suggest would be to look at a newspaper. You site is basically a sports news site so look at a newspaper and get some inspiration in terms of layout techniques. Basically they are layed out in a grid system, a foundation of graphic design. This 5 part detailed article might also be of some interest to you if you are having some troubles with the layout of the text.

Good luck.
i would make the banner more fitting in the design itself Smile
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