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PHP CMS: What's a good one?

I'm thinking about a CMS type thing to use for my website (currently a work in progress) but I know I'd like to add one on.

Which ones do you guys use (scripts-wise.. premade?) or fo you make it yourselves? I haven't looked into the FriHost community CMS project.

Any suggestions?
I like joomla and wordpress perssonaly. There are many posts on this topic. You should really use the search feature included in this forum.

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Joomla should do. it's a good cms system. it has good functionality, tons of add-ons and stuff.. and you can make it look the way you want
Joomla and Wordpress is the best !.
But you can try another good cms like e107 (
u can also try this link on the left menu it has a great variety of CMS's

I second Joomla... I'm using it for one of my sites... Wink
I suggest you to try Joomla. For me this is the best and it's totally free. It has many features and can easly be integrated with Coppermine, phpBB forum, SMF, IPB and VBulletin. It also has a large comunity support and a lot of components to use. In practicly you can use Joomla for almost everything you will want from a web page.
I can recommend e107 with full responsibility. It's very nice cms. You can also try Joomla! it's nice cms too. I think, the e107 is the best one, but Joomla! is very nice too. You can try all that cms's before installing on:
e107 - here
Joomla! - here
X3 Talk
While Joomla is popular, it means you have to have their name on your page. I think the best way is to code it yourself. I have done one using ColdFusion and it works quite well now. Obviously, the mod cons like Polls, Forums etc. are a little complex, but, for just a good page system, make your own. A wiki could also be a path you wish to follow, but, again the problem is their name on your page and the fact that you may not want your page edited, and, potentially vandalised every day.
i give you a list:

- Portals (CMS)
image AIOCP
image BitWeaver
image CivicSpace
image Clever Copy
image CMS Made Simple image
image Contenido image
image DEV
image Dragonfly CMS
image Drupal
image e107
image EcwCMS image
image Exponent
image ExV2
image eZ Publish
image FlushCMS
image Fundanemt
image Geeklog
image Jaws
image JetBox
image Joomla
image Jupiter
image Mambo image
image MDPro
image MODx
image Netious
image OneCMS
image Ovidentia image
image Papoo
image PHP-Fusion
image PHP-Nuke
image phpComasy
image phpSlash
image phpwcms
image PHPX
image Postnuke
image Props
image RunCMS image
image SPIP
image Tiki CMS/Groupware
image toendaCMS image
image Typo3
image Website Baker
image Xaraya
image XOOPS
image YACS!

- Blogs
image b2evolution
image bBlog
image BirdBlog
image boastMachine
image Dotclear
image LifeType
image Loudblog
image Nucleus CMS
image Pixelpost
image sBlog
image Serendipity
image Simplog
image Textpattern
image TruBlog
image Wheatblog
image WordPress

- e-Commerce
image osc2nuke
image osCommerce
image phpShop
image Zen Cart

- Groupware
image ACollab
image dotProject
image eGroupWare
image more.groupware
image NetOffice
image phpGroupWare

- Forums
image FUDForum
image IceBB
image miniBB
image MyBB
image Phorum
image phpBB
image PunBB
image QuickSilver
image SMF
image UNB
image UseBB
image Vanilla
image W-Agora
image XennoBB
image XMB

- e-Learning
image ATutor
image Dokeos
image Interact
image Moodle
image Site@School
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