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phpBB styles for FriHost

Frihost uses a phpBB with the SubSilver theme as default.. Id really like to see alternate themes to choose from. I use AcidTech and its really a great color scheme and Id love to see Frihost forums using user specific themes that they can use. its just an idea, and I dont know if that would or could create any security holes in your phpBB setup, but overall its a decent idea.
I think that this should be a suggestion:


A list of things you shouldn't suggest (because we will never add them anyway or are already working on it):
1) Adding subforums to this forum.
2) Adding other language forums. It's more than enough for now and I won't add new ones.
3) Advertise with pop-ups.
4) Putting a banner on your websites.
5) Separate announcements, stickies and polls.
6) Asp on this server.
7) Changing this forum from phpBB to IPB/SMF/any other board system.
Cool Removing ADS from this forum.
9) Adding New Skins / Templates to the forum.
10) Quick Reply
11) A shoutbox or chatroom
12) A shop to sell more Bandwidth or Space using FRIH$
13) Arcade / Games on Forum
14) Post reporting system
15) Paid Hosting
16) Exchanging FRIH$ for Points / Trading, donating or receiving Points.
17) Transferring from the Directadmin server to the Cpanel Server or vice versa
1Cool More user ranks.
19) Upgrading PHP to version 5
20) The addition of an 'Auto-installer' on Direct Admin
Indeed, this is more of a suggestion that a support query.
Also, this is on the list of things not to mention.

great, im glad its on your list.. now a second question. why is it ON that list?.. i belive what im trying to get you to answer is WHY is it non-optional?
That's been answered too...

The reason is that the current skin has been custom modified to fit Frihost's forums.
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