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free design Tip!!!!

Ok well in my searches i have found alot of programes.One that stands out the most to me is Bluevoda it is mostly a drag and drop program that you can download. Here are some of the features.

1.add pictures
4.upload button

They also give you a page to creat free banners also 100's of templates for free also thousands of free buttons they have a tec support team if you need ne help all for free but thats not the best part if you just feel like useing the program to make your page and you already have a host they give you the html code to everything on the page all you have to do is copy and paste it and BOOM! page is done the only thing you would ever have to pay for is if you want your pages registered with them in a .com thing you would have to pay for that sorry about the no periods or sentence brakes but i will work on it this is just they way i write the website can be found @ go and check it out if you have any questions on the program you may ask me in a IM or a private messege i don't mind helping at all.
thanks for the tips this may help me with the website i am creating. do you know a good place to get a copy write so that no one can steal my stuff? for like songs and my website itself
2 things first i don't believe that frihost will let you you use copyrighted material if thats the host you are useing second make sure you own the songs before you put any copyright on your site and as of right now i don't know of ne but i will go and check it out for you then ill send you a PM with the site info.
i do own the songs i just want to get the rights so no one can copy them becoues of the site i am making is for my band i am making big Devious Riders and i am making my own company with it so if i do play the songs on the site i wanna have them copywrited so no one could steal the lyrics and make it there own.
i can understand that i have been looking but haven't found any thing yet as sson as i do i will let you know.
no offence but bluevoda sux.
Its stupid, whers the time of REAL designs? and coding?

BTW. you need to pay when you want to get your webpage..
AND you need to host it on their own hosting service...

Why do you think its made for? to make it FOR THEIR OWN SERVICE...
I agree with the above, if youre not going to code your website yourself, where is the fun in it or the achievement you get? If you are going to use drag 'n drop, you might as well just use a template
Yeah, I totally agree. Drag and drop programs are pointless... that was like this site HomeStead site i used once when I was like 12..

My advice: stop using drag and drop programs, because you'll eventually need to grow up. The faster you do, the better you will get at ACTUAL web design.
...and dont use templates too. That can make your page more apealing.
I know now i will not use a template.
Woah wait, whats wrong with templates. I mean I use templates, beacause I have the hardest time creating my own, but when I get them I just use the layout and create my own graphics and script all myself. Is that what you mean by using your own template?
Templates are good when u begin, I guess. I tried to make my site from scratch, and still i'm not getting any good ideas.

My site
is currently just bare, only the forums are open.

Maybe I'll start with a template and later modify it as I go along, and when I'm ready - create my own...

Rolling Eyes
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