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Psychopathic Records

Ok this is no bump but i realized and felt pretty dumb when i noticed that i added nothing to this post well here it is. I am into everything psychopathic ICP,TWIZTID,Blaze,AMB,Esham but most of all TECH n9NE so yea if you into the same thing hit some posts up.
Those name arent really the most well known (not that it makes a good band to be well known). And what kind of name is that?
I used to be a big fan of horrorcore.

I listened to the 6 Jokers Cards, had the Twiztid albums up through Forgotten Freshness 3, and the 2 Dark Lotus albums.

In my opinion ICP was the least talented on the label, though Hell's Pit was incredibly well produced and they stepped their flows up a couple of notches on it. I enjoy listening to it to this day.

Out of the Psychopathic crew Twiztid has always had the most talent with lyricism and flow, and their production has generally been top notch. Props to Fritz and Monoxide for making the Green Book bang. Their beats started to get a bit too funky for my tastes on FF3, but I did enjoy Listen & Fucmyself.

I think Esham is overrated, and I'm not a very big fan of Blaze. I did like ABK's first album off of the label.

Tales From the Lotus Pod continues to be my favorite release, Marz showed mad talent and I think their rerelease with ABK was a pretty stupid idea. Dark Rain just didn't provide the same vibe that first album did, it seemed to have less content.

I still check up on every once in a while to see what's going down with the hatchet, but there've been a lot of reports lately of A. Abyss & Violent J screwing people over for money (Mike E. Clark, Mike P, Fritz, ABK, Lavel). Sup with that?
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