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FakeWorld Website

quick rundown of the sites purpose. it is a community based around the dislike of fake people... you know the people that say one thing to your face and invert their words later. or just live in fakeworld itself (using mass drugs, getting lost into something unreal and unhealthy for them).. this place lets you let off steam about them.. there is a good forum about them and also open discussions.. its not fully finished, so some of the links on the main page wont go anywhere, but id like some suggestions as for what to do to enhance the site.. the forum is the main project at the moment.. its open.
I don't like the plain dark background of your site.
ok, and . . . usually a critique comes with a suggestion.
that is a nice overall design, but your choice of colors hurts my eyes.."sorry", although I think a bit of darkening on the white and/or red will do the trick, or lighten up your background just a tid-bit... check out my website that is still under construction. You can take some ideas from that.
point well taken. i see what you mean about the contrast issue. i will prolly change the text color. was there any issues with the IFrame ? like when you click on TOS or aboutFW does it show up in the middle and loeave the rest idle? ive only tested it on my monitor, and was jw.

Too dark for my style. You should really set <center> </center> on it so it get in the middel of the browser. That would be better in my eay.

Kind regards:
I had a small problem with the iframe... check it out in these screen shots...
hmm well i think it might be your browser or something for the IFrame issue because it seems to be working fine for everyone else, but i could be wrong, ill tinker with it later. also i meant for it too be offcenter.

id really like it if you guys would check out my forum seeing as how its the main feature of my site in total..

thanks for the suggestions.

Arno v. Lumig
The forum doesn't work for me... It won't load.

About the layout I think the background is too dark. You may want to create a gradient that goes from dark-grey to an a-bit-lighter-darkgrey. This usually looks a bit better.

Also the text is a bit too white, you could make it a bit greyish, or aliceblue...

You are also using lots of tables in your site. You're right if you say: "it looks good, so why bothering?", but you must know that tables are not the ideal way of creating websites.

Other then those points the layout is rather good.

I don't know if you're doing this yet, but maybe you could set a cookie so people have to click they agree with your terms only once. It's easy to do, but does make you a bit more user-friendly.

Nice job,

Edit: I found another error. Look at the screenshot
I like the layout, but the background is boring.
Nice job, 7/10.
hahaha im terribly sorry for that extremely stupid error, but its kinda funny. i shall change it once i have the time. thanks much for the good eye.

Very good but the design is bad Sad

And the site isn't legal i think that
Hey nice, your webpage looks really nice at the moment. I like the black and white idea. Havn't yet tried anything on the website yet though. But the design is pretty sweet. Hope that i could create something like that. But i don't know anywhere near enough HTML to do it. Very Happy
Nice webpage, i really like the contrast between the black and white. I didn't really do anything on the page yet, but i do like the layout and design. Keep up the good work. I don't anywhere near enough HTML to create something like that. Very Happy
very interesting intro you've got there...
Perfect Dark Very Happy

I like it but can you make it strech?
Well, you have some shiny collors mate there, I don`t like that combination is like a stupid thing that website. Well and the name of it is not shiny but is suppose it works Smile) if you can get it on the top and make some money with it!
coreymanshack wrote:
I had a small problem with the iframe... check it out in these screen shots...

I still get this frame problem ;(.. have u even considered trying to get it fixed.. because i'm sure someone running the same display setup as me(highly likely) will see the same thing i am... and to reach out to all of your consumers they will want to see the site in full as everyone else sees it...
sorry about the frame prob, im still trying to fix it.. i tried a couple of things, but they actually messed it up for my pc screen res. im looking for a stretch solution for iframes, but im not finding one. because iframes are set by actualy nums and percentages only apply to constricted tables, which are not there.. if anyone can help that would be much appreciated not be just me but by everyone im sure.

oh btw, it is a legal site. last time I checked, voicing an opinionation against someone in a nonphysically threatening way is in the first amendment. oh, and its not just dedicated to the flaming of fake people, look at the forums and you will see.
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