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What is your favourite RPG

What is your favourite RPG ? Why?
Arno v. Lumig
That would be Tibia. I haven't played it for a long time now, but when I still played it I really had some great times there. Note that I never played World of Warcraft or Guildwars or any other expensive MMORPGS.

I played runescape for half a day, and then I was sick of it. I thing that's one of the worst MMORPGS existing, but who am I, right?

I don't like RPG's very much, btu i like Gothic, its very good game
Where are you, Final Fantasy fans Smile ?
Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1 was my favorite game of all time, but I really enjoyed Legend of Legaia and Legaia 2, since they were so unique with their combat systems.
Final Fantasy fan here too Wink

Had played FF7 and FF8 and love them so much.
It's a close call between FFVII and Balders Gate II: Shadows over Amn.

Both games are fantastic, character development in both games in fantastic, as the story unfolds in each you genuinely care about the characters ultimate fate. Story wise they are both solid, with enough twists in both that you're not sure what's going on until about half way through and then at the end still manages to throw a surprise at you.

Actually, on second thought it has to be BG2. There is no game I've replayed anywhere near as much as that one.
I would say that it is Mafia & GTA. Both are nice & fun, can drive car, punch people on the, I prefer Mafia which has a more interesting story line.
amusic wrote:
I would say that it is Mafia & GTA. Both are nice & fun, can drive car, punch people on the, I prefer Mafia which has a more interesting story line.

Those aren't RPG's, fool!

There are some awsome RPG's I want to try out, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and the Digital Devil Sagas and Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. I still haven't been able to get my grubby little paws on them though.
There are so many, it is very hard to choose the 'favorite', because there are probably hundreds that I have enjoyed very much.

Some of the 'current' faves:
Diablo II
Dungeon Siege I and II
Neverwinter Nights
Baldur's Gate - I and II
Icewind Dale - I and II
Elder Scrolls II - Daggerfall
Knights of the Old Republic - I and II

Some that are a bit older, that I don't play anymore:
Might and Magic - VI, VII, VII, and IX
Planescape: Torment
Divine Divinity
Ultima - all versions
Wizardry - all versions (except VIII)
Bard's Tale - the old ones - not the newest one

But after all that, I guess I have to go back to the one that started me on this crazy hobby, as my favorite:

Wizardy I. I cut my teeth on this game, and played it for hours, and hours, and hours - it was the main reason for me flunking some classes, and not getting married until later in life! I used graph paper to make maps of all ten levels, created me a walk-through (though back then, it was not called that!), and lived in that little world!!
I really liked Final Fantasy VII, but my favorite of all time has to be Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was well-balanced; the levels were complex, but fun; the mini-quests were plenty; and there was just a deep level of gameplay. No other RPG has the style or the gameplay to match, in my opinion.
My favorite RPG has to be Final Fantasy IX.... I think it is the most under rated final fantasy game.
Game Fortress
Well Final Fantasy is always a classic, but I actually like Phantasy Star 4 (for the Sega Genisis) quite alot. It is majorly retro, but it has that classic atmosphere that made RPG games so cool.
RPG wise I love Phantasy Star. That game can get very boreing after a while, but it's got good game play value. FF8 is my 2nd fave. ^^
Rad Ultima 2
Arno v. Lumig,
Oh my gosh, that's my favorite RPG too! It's an MMORPG that looks like a Super Nintendo game, but I played it for years. Smile My next favorite RPG would have to be Final Fantasy 7, and after that would probably be Chrono Trigger.

That sounded a little harsh... Sad
ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery) is definetly my favourite RPG by a long shot, but Neverwinter Nights and Tales of Symphonia also get honourable mentions.
I guess I get to be the one to be first to mention the sheer brilliance of Fallout 1 & 2? Those games were more fun to play than any other RPG I've played before or since, and the writers had an extremely wicked sense of humour that has never been matched in a game.
I'm disgusted at myself for forgetting a few games, litterallu kicked myself when I read other peoples posts.

Zelda on the SNES, KoToR, Diablo II and more importantly WoW.

Still stand by Baldurs Gate II, although the first time I played KoToR that almost changed...
Hmm I'll categorize my favourites:

Final Fantasy
Zelda Minish Cap (JUST MINISH CAP)
Golden Sun 1 and 2
Dragon Quest
Kingdom Hearts (Favourite of them all)

If Strategy RPG games count:
Warcraft 3
Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation
The whole Super Robot Wars franchise
Fire Emblem

Diablo 2 and LoD

Currently Playing:
Riveria its interesting.
Bahamut Lagoon
Sid Meier's Pirates if it counts.
Rad Ultima 2 wrote:
That sounded a little harsh... Sad

I've said much worse things than fool before, besides, I was just showing how stupid he was.

ABYSMO! I've been looking for the song in your signature since forever, that was one of the greatest Mr. Show moments ever.
My favorite RPG's are: Ferentus, Anarchy Online, Oblivion, Morrowind, Knight Online, Turf Battles, and Ashon Chronicles:Freeborn (a game i'm working on and has been tons of fun to do Very Happy)
I used to play final fantasy a long time ago on my ps1...but now its disappeared for me....that reminds me i want to play that came soon.
Diablo II is NOT A RPG. It is Hack 'n Slash.

I like old RPG games.

Fallout and Fallout II -> They resurrected the RPG genre. Second was technically better, but i like Fallout more.

Arcanum -> This game is the best RPG i have ever played. This game sets you free. That's all i can tell you about Arcanum.

Baldur's Gate I and II -> The awakening of the Bioware! Best game that consists of FRP elements...

Fable -> It is not a RPG at all, but i can't deny that it was a good game.

Diablo -> Oops, not a RPG Smile Never liked it, though...
Console Games:

Final Fantasy
Legend of Legaia

PC Games

Warcraft DOTA
Fable was definitely an awesome game, as with all of the Elder Scrolls series. Most notably Oblivion.
Chrono Trigger, its awesome
and the final fantasy series
i like

The star wars games (inc. Knights of the old republic)

Enter the matrix - path of neo (its that an rpg??)
My favorite games RPG is Septerra Core Warcraft III Region of Chaos and Frozen Throne. Starcraft and Brood War.
Manofgames wrote:
Enter the matrix - path of neo (its that an rpg??)

No, no it is not. However, The Matrix Online is an MMORPG, so look around for that if you ever get the chance.
Conqueror, Conqueror, Cooooooonquerrrror rlz =)
Final Fantays VI(III for us Americans) hands down! It is definitely, by far, the superest rpg ever. Razz M&L: SuperStar Saga rocks alot, though.
rightclickscott wrote:
Rad Ultima 2 wrote:
That sounded a little harsh... Sad

I've said much worse things than fool before, besides, I was just showing how stupid he was.

ABYSMO! I've been looking for the song in your signature since forever, that was one of the greatest Mr. Show moments ever.

Man if you loved that episode, you should see the movie they put out, 'Run Ronnie Run', IMO its the funniest movie I've ever seen, next to Yellowbeard anyway lol.

Now, back on topic, I am looking forward to buying NWN 2 like nothing else. So much games and so little money lol. I loved the first one to death, particularly all the modded content out there and the new toolset sounds amazing, not that I'm any good at modding games lol
Kalés bergsförbannelse
this game I did when as a school work. It's the best of them. Kill enemys find stuff. fun! =)

no I was joking. That was my game but it isn't the best. Diablo perhaps hellfire. But I also blay Tibia.
Baldur's Gate saga
Final Fantasy
Fallout 1,2
Neverwinter Nights
Divine Divinity
well...i like diablo....and it is exciting
I've just started playing Morrowind and I'm already hooked. I thought it was a little too easy to become very rich and powerful in that, then I came across the more difficult adversaries and pricier items...

If anyone has any tips for that game (that aren't cheats) then I'd appreciate them.

I've also just got the Fallout trilogy at the same time which looks promising, although I haven't had a chance to get into those yet.

In all honesty I haven't played any RPGs in a while though.

My old favourite was the original Deus Ex, which is fantastic.
Jakob [JaWGames]
My favourite RPG games are easely the Zelda series (if they classes as RPG.) The Zeldagames I likes most are Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker.
Now I am really seeing forward to Twilight Princess.
Im sure MANY will agree with me when i say.... Final Fantasy VII is the best rpg ever. Not only did the story delve into a new genre of fantasy but it was just outright a perfectly made game. The battle system was flawless, with its beautiful display of spells and creatures. Summoning CGs were also amazing (bahamut The plot was well developed and always kept you interested. I can't think of a better game to represent the RPG world.
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