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Hi there,

After a while working on the themes and tempelates on my new site, is the site now as good as finished. There still many ajustments to make, but in isn't reason to advertise it, almost to get help with few things from other forum members.

The site has been builded on the Xoops 2.2.3 framework, wich is the next Xoops realease as soon the Xoops team has finished all the bugs.

Include the standard modules:

System admin v 2.13
Private Messaging v 0.1
Extended Profiles v 0.1
News v 1.4

Have I choosen following modules:

CBB v 2.2
MyAlbum v 2.84
XF Guestbook v 2.22
SF SmartFAQ v 1.04
WF-Downloads v 2.05
WF-links v 1.03
Liaise v 1.25
piCal v 0.51
PopnupBLOG v 2.1
Polls v 1.0

and I'm troubling with:

Site Statistics v 0.45
Web Stats v 2.1

(As soon that I've updated above modules would it be marked above with UPDATED and date where I did update)

At the moment do I working with the topmenu, that would be uploaded withn' the nearst days.

I would appreciate any comments, tips, hints and ideas.

Hi there,

Just a little notice to these who would visit the site. My mainpage did crashed last week, and that means that I had to rebuild it.

Therefor would the mainpage be updated asap as soon I'm finished, and then would I also ad some changes as follow:

- A new logo banner
- A new menu system
- The main window as Iframe
- And new bottons set

I would advice on this topic as soon I'm ready.

Thanks for patience.

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