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this thread I wish everybody talk/discuss anything about negotiation.
One of many important thing in business is Negotiation.

I love to watch the 'scene' of negotiation,
people talk inteligently when in negotiation.
your business depend on how you negotiation.

this 'tactic' already help me to save a lot of money.
the idea is taken from a book I ever read
(forget already its title^^ something called like Negotiotion... )
which teach people how to Negotiation.

Never be the first when offer the price (if you're buyer/seller). try hard to force your opponent to do(open) the price first before you.

you may already set the price in your mind which allow you or your limit when buy/purchase something. but never tell your opponent first that you will buy it at this price. because the price he offer sometime will surprise you which far below your target. believe this.

and remember always act like "you're not satisfiy with the price you purchase"
H there:

Thanks for the advice. What about if you set a very hig price! You might set a very high price so that when your opponetn bargains you he will take it lower but still it will be a high price and you will be able to proudlly say: Done!

In that case it will be wise to state the price first! don't you think?
this can work when buy something from the down street store but surly not for a company work. cuz in that case your opponent will just say "Sorry, we don't have a deal here. Good bye" . Negotiation is a whole science and there's 100s of books in this subject. and the main idea about it is to make your opponent he's making the life time deal with you and he can't and won't find a better deal anywhere else and mayby anytime else. You need to make him beleave that you are offering the best price for the best service he can ever get. Now if you are the opponent (the one who will pay and get the service, you have not to show that you like the deal and come up all the time with negative points in the deal or product. And if you have other opportunities from other companies that beat his offer (at prices or service and products quality) you can succeed in winning the negotiation but you'll limit yourself to the offers and opportunities you've got earlier and not yet you are satisfied with and that's why you've looked for another place and came to this company. So if you choose to limit your choices to the offers you got from other companies you have to show that you prefer another offer for a point or two. Your opponent will try to settle the deal and agree with terminating the negative points in his offer. Start with the next offer and mention a positive points in it which your opponent doesn't offer you and try to make him settle them too. In this case you'll get the best service or product for the best price you can ever get. But watch out... most of the negotiators know these tricks and might just say "Sorry, we don't have a deal here, Bye" nad make you beg to settle the deal as they want it.

There are my 2 cents... Smile
Negotiation or sales skills.

In my experience as a sales professional and small business consultant. That negotiation, especially in regards to price, very often comes to percieved value. When someone sets a price they do it because the have a percieved value along with the service or product (even companies) They do not some people don't negotiate because the price goes fits to right.....sometimes if you go too low you lose the deal because the price makes the person think that the percieved value is lower.

In my opinion you should set your price, based on the value that it has to you then tell the person if you think their offer is fair, and why or why not.

I agree. I remember reading somewhere about a price bracket in negotiation. Below this bracket and the deal will fall through because the seller thinks he is losing out, above this bracket and the deal with fall through because the buyer believes the price is too high. I suppose within the bracket you just have to get creative...
then the idea it to find and determine the limit of this bracket.
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