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Python via CGI - A personal triumph

Python via CGI on FriHost

I know that the topic has been addressed elsewhere. With this said there seems to be some confusion as most of the addressing of this issue consists of a blend of mod_python and CGI info; something that is deeply confusing for a noob(or at least was for my feeble noob mind). To hopefully help anyone (as dumb as I) who has had problems with this, I have created this brief (and ridiculously elementary) tutorial. I concluded my problems initially were with A)combining mod and cgi info in my attempts or b)sequence and completion of all these steps(or lack there of).

Needless to say, I finally got my Python CGI working. I, of course, cannot take credit for it as I have read many, many articles (onsite and off) tonight. It has been a night of mistakes to say the least. But alas, this has passed and now I have an executable Python CGI script.

I am apparently not yet savvy enough to use the mod_python method. To be quite honest I had a hard enough time with the CGI which is supposed to be really easy; so I will be learning to crawl before I walk.

If you are interested in the step-by-step then here you go…

(note: Everything can be done from within your DirectAdmin file manager from creating the cgi files to editing and permission settings)

Step1: enter a cgi-bin directory of choice (either create a new sub-domain or go into a public directory you already have available).

Step2: Open up your favorite syntax editor (I personally like Crimson) and enter the following:


# Required header that tells the browser how to render the text.
print "Content-Type: text/plain\n\n"

# Print a simple message to the display window.
print "Hello, World!\n"

Save the file to pythonTest.cgi

Step3: Upload pythonTest.cgi to the cgi-bin director that you are working in (Step1).

Step4: Set your permissions for pythonTest.cgi to 755 (executable) – can be done via explorer, your ftp program or DirectAdmin file console.

Step5: Open up Firefox (or your browser of choice) and enter and press enter! - Of course you will need to replace yourName with your frihost name and also replace yourDirectory with the directory you are working in (Step1).

Step6: Start writing python web-apps (I guess, I ain’t there yet).

In my case, as I think is everyone’s case who is using Python via CGI instead of mod_python, there was no need to have anything within my .htaccess

I have yet to get the hang of mod_python but I hope to as I have read that it is much faster. However, this will be down the road, my python writing is currently nowhere near a level of complexity that will require increase performance.

Hope this helps someone.

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